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  1. Yep. Just close your eyes and visualize. Or you can do it open-eyed, in wonderland or irl. So, to put it blatantly, use your imagination.


    You're not supposed to be able to see him, that's known as imposition, which is arguably the most difficult part of the tulpa creation process, but not necessary (Imposition is optional). And you fear that it's not actually your tulpa speaking, but only you. The act of consciously speaking through your tulpa with your thoughts, is called parroting. The general consensus around here is that if you're not 100% sure it was you parroting, then it's your tulpa speaking. Look at some guides on vocality, and anti-parroting methods.



    Thank you so much for the answer!!! It's exactly what I was looking for! x3. Thank you!


    I'll look at that link now!

    I guess people have their opinions on labeling their tulpas as imaginary companions, though it feels you probably use "imaginary friends" as a concept lower compared to tulpas. I'd say they're on their way of being a tulpa if you're willing to go through personal development with creation, and such.


    Yep! Pretty much. Obviously Tulpas are a life time commitment but it's not often that you'd hear your own imaginary friend speak back!

  2. I "met" Eli in my freshman year of highschool. Where I would just pretend someone was next to me and talk to him. But one day I was having trouble solving a math problem, and he solved it. I'm not sure if he's an imaginary friend developing into tulpa?


    I've been trying to force him, but I'm not sure what I'm doing right or wrong. Do I just close my eyes and visualize him or something? I looked at the FAQ but nothing there helped me, nor did the forcing threads.


    I've already visualized Eli, he has red eyes, they change into blue often, light greyish skin. But I can't see him. I can hear him but I'm not sure if it's really him or just me talking to myself.

  3. I'm called Krystal.


    I've had my "Tulpa" for awhile now, and so far I think he's sentient, has is own opinions and thoughts. I'm having trouble visualizing him. He's a great companion and I love him very much.


    Though I'm not sure if it's really him speaking or just me talking to myself.