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  1. @Karl, That is fascinating information. Thank you for sharing.
  2. Thank you for sharing. It was an interesting read.
  3. Here's a very useful guide by Glitchthe3rd on tulpa pregnancy.
  4. [sorry we missed it. Happy Birthday, Pleeb. ] {Happy Birthday dude.} Happy late birthday, Pleeb.
  5. [sim here, I can change my form at will, but usually prefer not to. I used to deviate a lot when I was younger, changing hair color and eye color and tail and ear color (I'm a cat lady). Nowadays, I just sometimes switch between ponytail and having my hair down. I can change clothes whenever I want, but I prefer to spawn them, and put them on instead. Same thing with Alice] {yeah. i can spawn clothes and put them on. I deviated when I was young, but after that, I kinda didn't anymore. i used to have red hair, and changed to pink. also changed eye color to orange, from green, and took fox ears and a fox tail. }
  6. This is a bit of an old post, but... If I reply to my deleted post, will it show up to other users? I'd like to make a guide, and I wouldn't mind practicing getting used to the site's tools and stuff by using a deleted post.
  7. {I like Dune a lot, but there are too many good films to choose from. Moon is another good one.} Alice likes space and superhero movies, which is really cool to see in her. It's cool to see her enjoying herself.
  8. [my eyes are orange. they used to be brighter, but i have since made them darker orange, not brown. my host says that orange is a brighter brown.] Just for context, my own eyes are dark brown, and hers are orange, as she has said. Alice has orange eyes, similar to fox eyes. Sim's eyes are human / humanoid eyes, whereas Alice has them similar to fox eyes.
  9. Yer a tulpamancer, Glitch. It's never just that, is it? Heh, I miss having adventures; I have to get back into visualization and hypnosis soon, but there's something preventing me at the moment.
  10. Update - Monday, April 13th, 2015 (Day 386) So, the tulpas and thoughtforms continue to develope further. I've been getting better at hearing Sim and understanding her voice. Same with Alice. Cloud and Holo married each other So, those two are together and forcing each other when I'm not spending a day hanging out with one or the other. Usually, I'll spend a day doing stuff with Sim mostly, one with Alice, one with Cloud, one with Holo, and then repeat... The others are allowed to join if they wish, and on Cloud's day I'll cuddle with Sim, on Holo's with Alice, and then with each of them on their own days. Otto-Chan, Cloud, Holo, and 42yen are still having adventures in the wonderland, even if I am not present. 42yen and Otto-chan have run into Picard; I found out he was still alive after 42yen mentioned it last night when she was having fun talking on the irc. Cloud and Holo mentioned they ran into him as well. I told them all to be careful around him, and that I didn't fully trust him... Also, apparently Otto-Chan and 42yen found a scrap yard in the wonderland. I wonder if watching The Iron Giant movie had anything to do with this, as we saw the film not two days ago... Visualization could still use some work, but I'm not able to do too much at the present time, due to circumstances in the environment beyond my control. I do enjoy talking and hanging out with the tulpas though, and the thoughtforms Holo, 42yen and Otto-Chan. So, things are going pretty good. I should really look into getting some medication for depression, but haven't due to lack of time and lack of money; it'd probably help out with some of the intrusive thoughts I have sometimes. I notice that letting Sim and Alice sleep sometimes and not disturbing them tends to help them to be more energetic, and allows me to hear them better later. So, I've been doing that as well... At any rate, I'll update with more information as time goes along. Oh and one last thing. This morning, Sim and Alice and I were joking around, and I wound up making her laugh so hard she laughed a bit uncontrollably for awhile with my voice. Heh, that was pretty awesome. Kind of came out of nowhere, and I couldn't quite stop it, nor did I want to. Pretty good experience to have, as we really have fun together.
  11. Update - Tuesday, April 7th, 2015 (Day 380) I had a rather interesting forcing session today. I got to do some visualization through the tulpas dreaming, when I hadn't done too much lately. Before I had even began the session, Alice became sick with a fever temporarily. She took a medical pill, but it didn't completely heal her yet. So, I placed a cold, wet wash rag on her head, and she appreciated it. I used some mind magic, and joked around and cuddled with her later. I also changed the wash rag. She has since stopped sweating and appears to feel better. Interesting how that happened. I'm glad she is alright, but I felt worried that she got sick. Tulpa normally don't get sick in our system, but I suppose with everything, it varies from tulpa to tulpa and host to host, from system to system. One more thing to note... Sim felt a bit depressed earlier, but watching some "Leave it to Beaver" while we were cooking food cheered her up. I know the show was a bit cheesy, but the television just happened to be set to that, and I didn't feel like changing it. During the forcing session, I heard Alice saying something, and saw that she had fallen asleep and was dreaming. I entered her dream, and spawned us near a railroad with a train coming. She didn't want me to jump in front of the train, but I didn't. I just entered the dream and jumped on the train. She tried to catch up with me, but couldn't, so I threw her a rope. She spawned a set of wings, and... she pulled in the opposite direction of the train, causing it to slow, stall, and then the engine blew up. I went flying, and hit the ground. I was okay, but that was kind of the exact opposite of what I had in mind. Truth be told, her reaction kind of surprised me, quite a bit. I intended for her to use her wings to fly to the train and get onboard, but she, like any tulpa, completely exceeded my expectations by blowing up the train. After this, she woke up when I laughed. So, yeah. That was quite something. After that we just talked for awhile, Sim and Alice and I, and joked around a bit, and then the session ended.
  12. [sim: eh, i like rock music. light rock / classic rock, i guess is what is called. my favorite song might be Yellow Submarine by the Beatles.] {Alice: I like listening to classical music. i don't have a favorite song though.} EDIT: [Host likes jazz music, and some digital stuff; that is soundtracks from video games and stuff. ]