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    >Why H, if you don't mind me asking? Sherlock Holmes and Dr. House, as well as influence from L. they serve as the base for the personality, but i'm doing my best to assert that i'm not looking for a carbon copy, just ballpark similarities in traits. the logical progression for the next inquiry would probably be something like, "motivation for choosing these characters?", and this is fairly simple. they're rational, observant, calculating, objective, analytical, and honest minds; making them ideal for 'scientific', psychological spelunking. i want to see how much further a tulpa-embracing mind can 'bend' from a 'plain' mind.
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    i started with my tulpa, named "H", about 2 days ago. i've already got the pillars of the personality down, and already have the visual image/shape down as well. i would suspect i have, at most, 5 hours of moderate to heavy concentration, and about 15 more hours of mild to moderate concentration. plenty of pressure --and duration of pressure-- on/in my head, which is what i'm gauging mild-moderate-heavy off of. however, the last two times i tried to heavily meditate, my tulpa has been VERY "detached", kind of like it's really upset or miserable. this is peculiar compared to the experience i've had (albeit, relatively little experience). assuming i've got the concept that "being convinced = being conceived" understood, the most i can do is try narrating, offering support and encouragement, and hope that the future experiences are less unfortunate. i am a skeptic, as i have no knowledge of empirical evidence of tulpae, but i'm also bored and have nothing to do for the next few weeks. therefore, i'll be devoting a large amount of time on development of my tulpa. i fully expect that it is possible that i can get sentience and communication within the next week or two. also, i plan on conducting several experiments and keeping extensive notes, and will be "publishing" them on this forum. any advice or interpretation of these recent scenarios with my tulpa? also, does anyone have any experience with drugs' influence on their tulpa? these questions aren't the point of this thread, but it'd not hurt to get help and information. after posting this, i'll do a seach for the latter question, but i'd love to hear anyone's stories/experiences. thanks for everything, Tulpa.Info forum. (: p.s. depending on how fast this thread moves along, i'll probably describe my tulpa in my next post, and/or just append it to the OP.