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  1. Ooh, rock me Amadeus. Amadeus, Amadeus, A-madeus Amadeus, Amadeus, A-madeus Amadeus, Amadeus, oh o-oh Amadeus
  2. Ly finds the whole horror genre to be trite and predictable, while i love everything horror.
  3. Lyranon Humour

    You win the thread Fede.
  4. Have both, live the dream! Who says it has to be a GIRLfriend anyway, i'm quite happy with my same-sex relationship, and it's all because of the tuppers.
  5. Don't resist, you'll feel so much better afterwards
  6. Just accept it when it comes, sex with tulpa isn't that bad. It's the most emotional thing you will ever experience.
  7. I agree with Jimmy here, nothing wrong with the gal.
  8. I like some hipsters...
  9. How averse are you to anthro characters?
  10. It is inevitable, the idea has been planted.
  11. The flappityfloo? I call hiatus and the suggestions starts pouring in. Yeah, Pleeb is right, you don't want those mental pictures eroded into your brain.
  12. If you asked Ly the answer would be no. But i know better.
  13. Thread goes on hiatus until something noteworthy happens.
  14. Apparently Ly has matured a bit since she awoke, that's a good thing i guess.