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  1. Well, im male, 17 and my tulpa, eve, is female. She acts like she is about 14-16 years old
  2. Tulpas themselves are a very strange thing. They are so deep and not many people even know of them. Yea.. I made myself a tulpa because it is so deep and misterious
  3. My tulpa is fully imposed and id really like to prove it to my best friend. I will try this out
  4. So, alot of people were very suprised when I told them that i have imposition in about 2 months. Now I want to ask you if some of you have imposition and you got there by mistake? Eve, my tulpa, imposed after a while because i was talking to her and imagined her walking byside me just like i always imagined a fully imposed one. After a while i noticed, that i dont to that anymore by myself. From that point eve were there 24/7 and now i can feel her with all my senses. Do you have something similar?
  5. It is hard for me to discribe, she feels like a soulmate because she's way closer to me than just a friend
  6. Eve Thats a pretty common name i guess and it is very easy to remember
  7. Well, i never ever got any headaches and i even see my tulpa. And you just started in the first place, so dont worry and go on ^^
  8. Well, i mostly force passive, i mean just while doing other things. Most things i do and still talk to eve are for example: -chores -Video games (mostly relaxing and not exthausing games) -singing -walking home -waiting for sure And way more..
  9. When im in the IRC chat for example i usually just write what eve says in [brackets] But i dont mean in the forum, i mean in real life so eve speaks in place for me with my body, you know? But in chats for example what she said right now: [hey guys i'm bored while arctic has school] *sigh* actually i try to entertain her even if im busy. Anyways, is that understandable or should i give a hint in the forum like you do?
  10. Hello, my name is Arctic First, i want to excuse if there are any grammar mistakes, english is not my primary language. Please forgive me every foolish mistake i make. I already have a tulpa but i just registered here today. Eve, my tulpa was "born" on the 5th February 2014 and i started forcing like one and a half month before. The funny thing, which most of you won´t believe, is that Eve is fully imposed. Yea... i have an imposed tulpa after about two months since she started talking to me. I didn´t just only talk to her, right from the beginning i imagined her to just be there, walking with me, but not talking at all. One day, i was walking outside on a nice and sunny day. I was basicly talking to her, like always. I forced about 4-5 hours every day, mostly passive. In one random sentice i called her cute. Suddenly she stopped and said: "im not cute". You should´ve seen the look on my face, in the first moment i was thinking i did this on purpouse. I´m a Brony, and Eve once had the form of the Character "Derpy Hooves" but now she has her own longer red mane and the same body color as Derpy. Alot of people in the German IRC section are very surprised or even jealous that my tulpa is imposed that fast. Some, of course, think i lie. I could be a total liar, but that wouldnt help me at all or make me happy. Im just so happy to have her, i talk alot and also sing alot in my freetime, she always listenes to me and gives me even advices what to do better. I think i was able to do it that fast, because i really believed in it to work. I always felt like someone was listening to me, even if i knew im talking to literally nobody else than me. We are trying to do more than just cuddeling at the moment, i want her to try talking through me so Eve can talk to my friends or even switching. It feels so amazing having her, but sometimes she feels like a ghost. I feel everything, i even smell her, but when i put too much pressure on her my hand goes though her, i guess that´s normal. Sometimes she interacts with my enviroment, she once kicked off a glass of water. I was stunned, blinked twice and the glass of water was still there. Im sorry, i guess im going offtopic. Well, that´s me and Eve Hope to hear from you all soon ~Arctic