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  1. http://pastebin.com/4d5emBQP Here. These helped a lot when we were working, so we made one.
  2. I have two questions. The first, whenever I go to my wonderland, my point of view shifts in jump cuts frequently. I don't know how to remedy this, I try looking through "my eyes" like you would view the world in real life, but eventually it shifts to 3rd person view, and occasionally birds eye view. The second problem is that I have trouble keeping my tulpa inside my wonderland. I don't know how exactly to put this one into words. I can see the form itself consistently, if it's just visualizing the form, it's like looking at a 3D model. The problem is that when I put the form in my wonderland, she doesn't feel quite there, there's some presence from her form inside the wonderland occasionally, and outside I can feel her as pressure. I also see multiple views of her at once, all blurry and stacked on top of each other. Sometimes even multiple hers at once, though that might just be multiple views of her. Also, my wonderland is a black void with the door from the Twilight Zone and a box if anyone cares.