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  1. Hey, thank you Stevie. It’s funny, I thought I was skimming a little too much and not putting enough detail in my posts. Also I love your profile picture. [align=center] Movement Two: D.C. al Coda. Theme 1: Dal Segno al Coda [/align] Huh, so where was I? Something about self-dissipation. I was going through a long period of depression with a dead end job that I hated, friends that I hated, no love life, and no prospects for the future in general. In short, I was alive just because I now had a tulpa that I had to care for. I guess you can say that this wasn’t a good time in my life.
  2. This will be a very short post. I just wanted to inform anyone that may be keeping track of my progress report that I will not be able to post regularly for a few more days. It's been quite hectic with school, and this music festival that I've been helping with. In addition, in two days I'll be traveling halfway across the country for a performance at a pretty renowned performance hall with a select few in my college music program. I will resume posting after I get back, however. I'm sorry to leave you at such a cliffhanger, just bare with me for a few more days if you can.
  3. Welcome to the forums TU. Don't worry about posting a lot of text, that seems to be the norm around here for a lot of users. Your post might get more answers in the Q&A section of the forums, because this might get buried. I would suggest posting this there, too. I'll be brief here, but to me that sounds like it could be at least a start for a tulpa. It's the general rule around here that tulpa are autonomous and sentient and created by thought in a person. If your thoughtform (general term for something that resides in the mind) fits this then I would consider it a tulpa. As far as y
  4. Movement Two: D.C. al Coda Coda, what can I say about her. She’s incredibly sweet and caring first and foremost. I’ve never heard her talk bad about anyone, well maybe about me, but that’s different. She’s just as stubborn as I am, so that can be fun at times, though most of the time she tends to be right all the time. She has a great sense of humor, and generally very lively and fun to be around. I swear I could go on all day, but no one wants to read that. Well, Coda might actually. As I stated before, she took the form of a red Navi, basically a glowing ball with wings. She eventua
  5. First Movement: The Early Stages. Theme 2: Possession and Deviations Possession. This is only reserved for the elite tulpamacers with a ton of experience, right? Not from my experience. There was some vocality and communication at this point, but nothing reliable. We started anyways. Take that, conventions. We read many guides on this topic and talked to our mentors about it. We basically decided upon a symbolic color system. I picked blue and Coda chose red. I would meditate deeply until I felt completely focused. I then visualized the body glowing blue. I repeated to myself that this me
  6. Well, Tri said pretty much everything I was going to say. I will add that from what I can tell, the only real difference between an accedental tulpa and a souldbond is how they are viewed by the host and the thoughtform themselves. Tulpas are made in the host's mind and solely reside there, they were created by the host consciously or unconsciously. A soulbond is seen as a person or character that is suddenly able to contact a host in some way. They are the character, the host didn't make them. They identify with any backstories associated with the character as their own past. That's my interp
  7. J.Iscariot, I think you misunderstood me. I do not doubt my tulpas exist, not anymore at least. I know for a fact they are there. I just wonder why and how. This is a purely academic pondering. I wonder the same things about myself. How do I exist, how do I know I really exist? But, I'm still here. I'll always be a brain inside a meat-suit no matter what I think. Questioning life does not lead to misery, it leads to better understanding. If I were to stop questioning things, I might as well be dead. I would be mentally dead at least. I also, meant "impossible" in the eyes of most people. M
  8. First Movement: The Early Stages. Theme 1: First contact and doubts Where were we? Right, so I had my plan and I was sticking to it. Talk constantly to something and hope it responds back. This was not very hard to do actually. I had already had a habit of doing this when I was alone. I would talk or make a joke to no one in particular, an imagined audience or listener. Kind of like I’m doing here. Only now I had changed my mindset to believe that this listener can actually respond. I even had a personality in mind for the listener this time. The question at this point was how to let
  9. Haha, that's awesome. You're welcome. My tulpa can be a smartass, too. I was looking through my old posts on reddit, because I was going to share with you what Coda first said to me. It was something cheeky that caught me offguard and made me laugh. It was so long ago that I forgot the actual words, though. I couldn't find it, but I found another part of a conversation that I posted about a year and a half ago. I think if fits here. I was having a lot of doubts at the time because we started progressing more quickly, and I worrying that I might be parroting (talking for my tulpa), or just fool
  10. I'm not going to vote in this poll. This seems to be a touchy subject, and one that I don't feel can be simplified. I feel like tulpas reside in the imagination in a sense, especially in the beginning stages. They are real, but they aren't at the same time. Perceivable to the host, but basically overactive imagination to outsiders of the system. It's like someone singing a song that they know very well, but you have never heard before. To you they are just singing a few random and strange words, but to them there is a drum beat, chords, maybe a melody or vocal accompaniment. To them, this song
  11. LinkZelda, I meant naturalistic in a vague sense of, basically, things that have better answers than, "it's this way because it just is, or because magic." I'm not very well versed in philosophical terms, and apologize for that. I just meant that this website is more about psychological schools of thought than believing in magical things. And of course by magic I mean, "The practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature." As far as your Sciencism point. Maybe it has been seeping into the forums, to be honest. I know I tend
  12. First Movement: The Early Stages. Yes, all the titles are going to be musically themed. Enjoy that. So how did I start? It’s been so long that I can’t remember exactly. I basically asked everyone I could on IRC for advice. I read so many guides that it’s not even funny. Finally I ran into someone that went by the name bloodykitten, I think. It was something like that. He gave me some of the best advice I had heard thus far. Read every guide you can, forget everything you just read and make your tulpa. I took this to mean to relax. Don’t worry about finding the correct step by step p
  13. I just wanted to say that I would love for the scientific method to be applied to tulpamancy, but sadly I don't know of any practical way of doing this. Any debate over tulpas are ones of philosophy, be it metaphysical or psychological. I guess I'm just failing to see your overall point here. It's obviously over the recent debates that have been happening on the forum, but are you saying that these debates belong in the meta section? I mean I don't know if any real dogma can be imposed here with the nature of this forum. The obvious exception being that we must use a naturalistic approach to t
  14. Hello and welcome to my Progress Report and god help you. After all this time I never did make one of these so this should be interesting. I don't honestly expect anyone to read through all of my rantings, this is mainly for me. A journal of sorts written for an imaginary reader. If you are reading this, then maybe you can take something away from my experiences, or maybe just be amused briefly. Take out of this what you wish. You might be wondering about the title, chalk it up to cheeky pretentiousness. I case you didn't already know, an opus is a great work made by a master composer/artist/w
  15. Well, I'll go with the general theme here. Music is pretty important to me, being a musician and working towards a music degree. As for Coda, I'll just let her talk about it. Music? Who doesn't like it? lol. I think I react to it like anyone else, it makes me feel different things depending on the songs. How much does it mean to me? Well, huh. I don't know how to answer that. It's not my life, and I don't over-analyze it, not like Ayre. I like to listen to it mainly for the emotions and for the message of what it's saying. I don't care as much about the chord progressions, or counterpoint,
  16. To me this seems to be a question about concentration and mindfulness mainly. Do your tulpas help you live more in the present moment, in other words. I don't know if I am correct in assuming this, but I'll answer it this way. I was born with ADD, as many have been. My thoughts have always been a jumbled mess. To elaborate, my mind is always racing and jumping from topic to topic in and endless storm of: questions, pondering, worries, ideas, future planning, introspection, daydreams, etc. In short, most of the time it's not calm, or just observing what is going on around me. Eventually I was a
  17. I answered "No." I have no need anymore, but when I started I did what I'm going to refer to now as quasi-parroting.
  18. I like the recent string of polls, J. I voted for, "My tulpa feels completely real to me. I don't doubt at all, and we have a good relationship and esteem in the other." But I wanted elaborate on this more. I'm not exactly sure on what the term "real" means here. Is she sentient or a separate mind, is what this question might be intended to mean. She seems completely real to me, but I also admit to the possibility of her only seeming real because she could be a well made and implemented self-delusion. I've done a ton of thinking on this topic lately, and I've come to the definitive concl
  19. Great, I'll pm you and we can talk about it more.
  20. Thank you, I checked out the first one. Great stuff. I have to ask, are you interested in continuing these? If so I would like to help out with what I can. Maybe some intro music, transitional music, or a theme song for it. I feel like it's lacking in that area.
  21. You're welcome. So from my experience when Coda seemed to stop halfway it was because I was afraid that it was actually me thinking. It was probably me attempting to block out extra noise, but her thoughts getting caught up in that blockade. Yes if you keep at it, you will be able to communicate more clearly and effectively. As far as the whole you and the tulpa talking at the same time phenomenon goes. This is just what I think, but I'm no doctor, psychologist, or expert on the human brain. The words that we hear that are know as mind-voice, are not the actual thought; these are the represent
  22. Nat king Cole, great choice. You gotta love old jazz. I loved his version of Don't Get Around Much Anymore. I'm going to go ahead and post some metal, however. One of my favorite power metal bands, Symphony X. [video=youtube] And the mystical potato head groove thing.
  23. Sorry it took me a few days, but here is a paper I mentioned. It's written by Dr. Samuel Veissière. He is a "Visiting Professor in the Culture, Mind, and Brain program at McGill University, where he is affiliated with the Department of Anthropology, the Cognitive Science Program, and the Division of Social and Transcultural Psychiatry."[1] You can read about his research here.
  24. That's what I got from it all. They seem to remind him of that world he can never be fully a part of. Maybe he sees it as letting them live their own life in this world? I don't know I'm just speculating. Either way, a very interesting story. I've never heard of anyone trying something quite like that. I mean I've heard of egocide, but not trying to automatically switch between reality and delusion. When I sat down to listen to this, I did not expect to actually listen to the full 2 hours, but man was that a roller-coaster. I feel for the guy. EDIT: Oh yeah jean-luc, I forgot to mention
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