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    I live way out in the country of TN. Southern doesn't really suit me, even though I enjoy nature. I'm heading off to college this year to attempt a bachelors degree in Studio Arts. I'm a good-for-nothing, but so long as I'm a happy good-for-nothing I'll be sure to keep going at it.

    I catch bugs, press flowers, used to play violin, and oh my god I really love Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Bruh. You don't understand. I'm going to marry that book someday. You'll see a picture online of some hick newspaper one day; "Girl marries book! Wow, she's a loser."
  1. Why ask others to make the decision for you? If you want to make one make one. To answer your other questions- debatable depending on who you ask, and maybe if you're a douche to your tulpa at some point.
  2. That happened to me about the first two months and I got so exhausted by it I started to shut him out. Ended up bad for us because he got sad and I felt terrible, but he isn't around 24/7 anymore so we're fine now.
  3. no that is all i have to say about it
  4. If you already know you have anxiety, then it could have been unrelated, especially if you get it badly. Or it could have been accidentally triggered by your feelings after forcing. When I first began active forcing, when I would do it for a while then stop I felt funny too. So I might have a liiiittle bit of an idea what you mean. I wouldn't be surprised if your brain ended up panicking from the funny feeling. I don't get any special feelings after forcing anymore, so I wouldn't worry. I'm sure as you get used to it you'll stop feeling dizzy or sleepy, too.
  5. I've tried tons of different artistic subjects. I focus in digital art and do that everyday, but I've tried clay, music, sowing, and traditional painting. I also like to type short stories and sometimes fanfiction (when I like something enough).
  6. Well, how would you calm down a scared human? If one of your friends was scared of something, what would you do? Just be super nice and comfort them and make them feel better.
  7. You could try just telling them it's an imaginary friend. Make it sound more basic, like what a child would have. They could probably understand that a lot better, because they know what that is as compared to a tulpa. Or as other suggested a less risky way is to just pretend you complied and got rid of him!
  8. If you two have been doing fine so far without it, then I don't know why you'd totally need it now.
  9. Maybe you should try something more abstract than math? Something that encourages more individuality? I guess math could still help them think, but I don't imagine they would develop personal thoughts from it or anything. Then again maybe I'm just saying that because math bores the heck out of me. The world may never know.
  10. That would be lovely, only he's taking classes at a tech school right now. He also has no job, so I doubt begging his mother for cash to go meditate for a while would go over too well. I don't even know how serious he is about making a tulpa, he probably wouldn't do that if he could. I'm looking for a bit simpler suggestions, but thank you for telling me anyways!
  11. Ren from Dramatical Murder. Guy is a separate personality in the main character's head who transferred consciousness into a robotic dog. He was unintentionally created to protect the main character from going crazy. He eventually has a will of his own, and he and the main character have sexy times in his head because Dramatical Murder is pretty smutty.
  12. My friend has wanted to try at creating a tulpa for a few months. However he has trouble concentrating. He can't sit up and actively force without almost passing out before anything can happen. I suggested trying with music to hopefully keep him awake, but that did not work either. He has ADHD and takes no medication, so I wouldn't be surprised if that's why he finds it hard to sit down and focus for so long. Anyways. I told him about passive forcing, but he hasn't really tried anything with that yet. So I hope he'll have a little more luck with that since he won't have to work himself TOO
  13. Sounds pretty much what I do. Just cross my legs sitting down leaned against some pillows so I can sit up longer. And then use breathing to relax and focus on something. I'm not sure there's another way to meditate. I think some people lay down on their back, but I always found that would put me to sleep quickly.
  14. I once was in an argument with someone and that conversation came up from somewhere. I remember they said something sort of the same, how can you prove anything is real, it might all be in our heads. Well, the way he put it made the suggestion sound hilarious, so I shrugged it off and told him I was pretty sure that I wasn't in the Matrix. One of those things that would be a funnier story if I could remember EXACTLY how he worded it. Anyways, I was being a butt to him cause he was being a butt to me, so don't think too hard about me waving him off. I don't suppose it much matters if what yo
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