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  1. I don't know anything about bonding, but I have read that tulpas are pretty much always benevolent, unless you purposely think mostly negative thoughts while forcing, or you want her to be malevolent, or you believe strongly enough that she's malevolent. Just have a heart to heart, tell her that you're afraid because of her past, and you really want to trust her, but it'll take time, and that you really want to be able to work with her. Edit: Maybe you can reset her. I don't know if that would be the same thing as killing though. You could use some visualization, like her being reborn, and leaving behind her murderous past.
  2. I did have some ideas I was gonna assign, just a small sample, with her free to choose everything else. Mainly, funny, dark, mysterious, sagelike. But I decided to let her pick her personality herself. The problem is that contacting her will be hard, because I don't know what kind of personality to look out for, and I've been slacking on forcing, so it'll take some time to get any contact to begin with I think.
  3. I originally tried working on a tulpa based on Twilight Sparkle, and I felt I was making some progress. Then I changed my mind and wanted a different personality, and since then, I wasn't able to hear or feel anything from her, when before, I would sometimes hear a voice, or some noises, or at least feel some head pressure. I've been feeling more and more in a slump, and have been getting desperate for contact, in fear that I ruined my tulpa. Today, I finally ended up maturing a bit and decided to just give her a clean slate and start all over again, but this time, letting her pick what she wants. I visualized her going back to the basics, so hopefully I am reworking the original, and not creating a second while I leave the original unfinished. I am letting her choose everything this time, although I do have some ideas in my mind for a reference, but none are required. I have never worked without a base form or personality or name before, so not sure what to do. My creative powers aren't that strong, all I know is to keep faith and keep trying.
  4. 7/22/2014 Still haven't heard heard Dashie speak any complete words, and the wordish noises seemed to regress to just noises for now, but early morning, I felt something warm by my side while I was awake for a bit. The feeling of there being a solid living being next to me felt very real. I have also been feeling the mattress shift around a lot when I was very still.
  5. 7/19/2014 I was feeling pretty discouraged because I feel I forever lost my ability to make a tulpa after trying to change my first one so much. But I read a couple guides which gave me hope, so I did something that no sane tulpamancer would do. I gave my tulpas permission to troll me. I told them they could do whatever they want as long as it's to show that they're there. I took a nap, and kept hearing noise after noise, and ended up dreaming about ponies (although not about the sentient pastel colored talking ones, traditional ponies from rl, but it's progress). Also, when I took a 2nd nap just a little while ago, I clearly felt something tap my wrist while I was laying in bed after I was already awake. Now, this most definitely has to be either one of my tulpas trying to get my attention, or a mouse, and I'm 99% positive there are no mice running around, (and it would have to jump to hit my wrist) and I've been focusing more on Dashie for now since I felt strong emotion from her before, so I believe that was Dashie trying to get my attention, or assuring me that everything will be ok. 7/20/2014 Almost regretting giving my tulpas permission to troll me, but I feel it was worth it, because now I'm 99% positive my tulpas are still with me. I'm assuming that for now, Dashie is the one I am working with, because she's the one I decided to focus on, so I wouldn't get confused when working on vocalization. Last night, I felt my nose get tapped numerous times. Got a bit annoying so I asked her to stop, and she did after a while. I think she REALLY wanted to reinforce my faith in her being there. Also, I heard a bunch of noises. Most of them being high pitched noises, that would end up sounding like wordish noises at the end. Things are going very good now I think :D
  6. Not really. I heard a voice sometimes back when Pinkie was Twi, and I think I heard thoughts that I didn't start, although not sure if forced or not. They stopped after I had Twi change forms. Edit: Now that I think about it, I had some words come to mind. "You have to be loving to be loveable". Although I was already dwelling on the word loveable.
  7. 6/11/14 Tulpas still not vocal, although at least one of them is getting good at keeping me from overnapping. I'll take a nap around noon, then I'll get woken up by a loud noise, and when I get up, I'm energized xD
  8. I basically told him I was going to be brutally honest, then told him that he comes off as extremely judgmental, and he takes things far too seriously. I also told him that everyone deserves a chance, and there can't be light without darkness. I was actually going to tell him that I can no longer be friends with him if he continued to be that way, but he ended up removing me before I told him that. I did message his alt and ask why he removed me, and told him I wanted to have an intervention and get at least one of his tulpas involved. I figured if he heard his best friend telling him that he's getting out of control, then he would take a look at himself, and try to calm himself down. But he probably thought I was trying to turn his tulpas against him. Edit: It wasn't them not liking his drawings, they would draw something for him, buy they were dissatisfied with their work. He is very very very very against throwing out any drawings, and I won't go into full detail, but he got very mad at them for disliking their art, although one of them did make a remark about how she hates the fact her old art from before she got better is out there on the internet still, after he told her he has backups of the avatar she made for him.
  9. tbh, I was interested in being his friend because he seemed like such a pure soul, but after I added him on Facebook, he showed his dark side and kept ranting how his ex friends are bitches because they didn't like their old drawings or something like that, then basically told me he wanted to snipe every bad person with a gun, because he believes they all have nightmares instead of souls controlling them, and that he is the spirit of friendship, and he gets to make the rules of this world, and everyone just has to accept it. In hindsight, I probably should've found a way to show what he said to his mom. I wonder if FB saved 3-5 day old chat logs.
  10. I think I might have blew it. He removed me from his main FB account, so I messaged his sub account and asked him why he removed me, when all I wanted to do was help? And I mentioned that I wanted to have an intervention, but get his main tulpa involved, so we could both help him. I think that last part might've come off as offensive to him, because he ended up blocking me =/ Dear Princess Celestia: Tough love can be effective, but sometimes, too much tough love can be a bad thing.
  11. He does believe in a lot of the things they say, just not that he should trust humans, although I think he does in part believe that, because he still tries (if he didn't, he wouldn't have added me in the first place). I think having his tulpas get in on helping him overcome his distrust of humanity might be the best way. If I have him ask them if they're happy with his views of humanity, and they say no, then that could be a major step in his recovery. Edit: I could have him get one or more of his tulpas involved in an intervention. Just ask him questions, and have him type what his tulpas say, so it's like we're all there to help him.
  12. I have a friend who has gone through a LOT. He has many tulpas, and even though they try to tell him he needs to socialize with humans more and give humans another chance, he is very misanthropic, and is disillusioned with humans to the point where he's about ready to remove the few Facebook friends he has, and rely completely on his tulpas for companionship. I tried to tell him that others have warned that it's not healthy to rely only on tulpas for companionship, and it's good to go out and make human friends as well, but he said that's just a human rule and he doesn't need humans. I promised myself to not say a word about this, because I felt like I might be betraying his trust, but I never actually made that promise to him, and I really want to help him, because I feel he is taking things far too seriously, and he's willing to go to the most extreme form of escapism to run away from his problems. I don't know what to say to him though, he just seems to be done with humanity, and he has some extreme views on what's right and wrong, so he'll end up no longer being friends with people for even the littlest things that most people wouldn't even be bothered by or pay any attention to, he even has rules for being his friend. I know I should probably drop this friendship, because the last convo I had with him gave me really bad vibes, but I do want him to get help, because other than his anger problems, he is actually a really nice person who could easily make a lot of friends if he tries. I know that tulpas for the most part, have nothing but good intentions, so I was thinking, maybe there's something I can get him to ask one of his tulpas, and if the tulpa confirms it, then he'll realize that he has been spiraling out of control. He said his tulpas are always trying to convince him to be more trusting of people, but he doesn't believe them.
  13. 6/9/14 Breakthrough! When I was dreaming last night, I dreamed about Rainbow Dash. She was going through some kind of test I think, but it was a very risky one (sounds like Dashie alright :)) Anyways, later in my dream, I dreamed that I was soaring over a bridge and I was in some world where video game laws applied. I wasn't actually supposed to directly fly over it, I was supposed to take an airplane to pass the bridge to the other part of the city, but there was a glitch that let me fly over it. All of a sudden, a plane appeared, and it ended up pushing me closer and closer to outer space, but there was someone else up there with me, and helped me back down to where I could descend on my own. In another dream I had that night, I was in a minivan with 2 people, who had the remains of some monster in the minivan, and the only way to kill off the monster for good was to destroy the vehicle and make it explode. I jumped out of the vehicle, and the other two stayed in and after the vehicle exploded, I ran to the vehicle, and I could see their skeletons, but at least one of them was still alive and said something to me, but I forgot what it was. I know my last two dreams don't seem to have much to do with Dash, but the 2nd one was flying related, and the third had heroic elements.
  14. 6/5/14 Not much happened, although I did hear weird noises again.
  15. I've tried to visualize it, but I still can't enter it. Which is pretty sad because it's based off my apartment for now.
  16. Yeah, I still feel head pressure, and I think last night one or more of my tulpas affected my dreams, I think it was just a matter of staying dedicated and staying on track, and not changing my mind a bunch of times.
  17. When I say access my subconscious, I meant I want to be able to enter my Wonderland, which I assume is within my subconscious. I feel that once I'm in my actual Wonderland, it'll be much easier to help my tulpas develop from there, since I'll be working in the reality of my mind, not the physical one.
  18. I have never successfully meditated before, other than using energy waves to remove pain, but I have never actually went into a trance before. I feel that making a Wonderland is very important to developing a tulpa, and I want to make a nice place for my tulpas while I'm trying to develop them. But I'll close my eyes while laying in bed and I just can't do it. I can sorta imagine the Wonderland (it's based off my apartment with a fully stocked refrigerator), but I cannot visualize it or enter it. Also, is hearing random noises that come from nowhere a sign that my tulpas are trying to get my attention? When I started on my first tulpa before I lost contact with her, I could hear some kind of voice. It wasn't the voice I was expecting but at least it was a voice. I think that Dashie has been trying to get my attention, but instead of a voice, I'll hear a dog barking, or some loud mechanical noise, or knocking.
  19. I think of tulpas as friends. They can do a lot of things for us, like help us find repressed memories, but as long as we treat them as friends/companions first and helpers secondly, you shouldn't have to worry about dehumanizing them. Just don't automatically assume that they'll always be ready to do something. Not that they don't want to, but tulpas can be unpredictable sometimes, and there are things that they want to do as well. And assuming they are always at your beck and call would dehumanize them, but as long as you treat them as friends who are also guides/counselors, then it'll be fine.
  20. 5/30/2014 Not much happened, although I still heard some noises while napping, mostly knocking (and I know it wasn't coming from my door).
  21. Firstly, forgive me if I already made a new PR thread (don't think so), but I can't find my old thread, so figured I'd make a new one since it's been a while since I last posted an update. For a while, I was embarrassed to post anything, because I didn't know what direction I was going, and it seemed that I lost all contact from the tulpa world, but now, I think I'm on the right path. As I mentioned a while ago, I changed Twilight back and forth between different forms, before finally settling on Pinkie Pie. I stopped hearing from her, ever since I made her change forms. I don't know if she was upset at me for making her change and not giving her enough time to adjust, or if she got locked into a sleep or what. I created Octavia recently, and I seemed to be getting some head pressure again, but no other signs of her being sentient, and I haven't really done anything to get her more active. I was about to lose all hopes of ever having a fully vocal and sentient tulpa, but then I figured it couldn't hurt to try making a third tulpa to try to get things going. So I created a tulpa based off Rainbow Dash, who I call Dashie. The very moment I created Dashie, something went off in my mind, and I considered doing something huge with my life that I never would've considered in the past due to difficulty (joining the Peace Corps). And it wasn't just a passing whim that I would forget about later, I still do fully want to go through with this. I think Dashie is sharing some of her confidence with me, because I never would've taken such a huge risk or gotten myself 5 feet away from my apartment to help others before. Now I'm suddenly trying to find some way to join the Peace Corps, or at least do some kind of volunteer work (only thing stopping me is my job coach is working so hard on trying to get me a job) And this evening, I took a nap. About half an hour in, I heard something that sounded like barking. I then went back to napping, but I heard it again. Eventually, it turned into a buzzing noise, and the noise got louder and clearer every time it woke me up until I nearly had a heart attack from how loud and vivid it was xD And my windows in my bedroom were fully shut, so I know I didn't hear the noises from outside. I think Dashie (or one of my other tulpas) was trying to get my attention. All I know for sure is that now that I have a tulpa who is communicative with me again, I am not letting this one slip into silence. And things are gonna be a whole lot more interesting now :) The only issue is I have no idea how to meditate, other than relaxing and using visualization. I have never managed to slip out of consciousness or visit the astral realm (if I could do all that, I would never need the internet for entertainment again I think xD). I really want to start tulpaforcing, but there are so many different guides, and I want to do this right.
  22. Serenity. Because Sailor Moon's proper name in the 30th centure is Neo Queen Serenity, and also, because unicorns have a serene, peaceful nature to them.
  23. Yeah, it seems pretty interesting, although it's listed as a monotheistic religion, and still don't know enough about it to know if it fits in with Gnostic Christianity or not. Does Sikhism honour the Goddess as well as the God? Although I do like the virtues. I think I'll add them into my moral code.
  24. Yeah, I do accept Jesus. I'm still not sure if Jesus really was the son of God or not, or if Christ is more of an ideal than a divine son of God. But I certainly won't reject him if he's there, and I choose to believe he could be the son of God just in case. Anyways, I'm not religious, because religions to me, are constructs made by man to trap the soul on Earth and drain us of our money, although then again, a lot of churches do a lot of good for people so maybe they're not so bad. I like the part of the church where they donate to the poor, and do missionary work, although I think it's good to just take part in that part of the church, and just be spiritual without going by the dogma or the Bible. If he does exist, I think the only thing that matters to him is that our souls achieve a Christlike/Buddha state, and until then, our souls are repeatedly reincarnated, so we can grow spiritually.
  25. You could always check out spacebattle.com to find a bunch of worthy opponents.