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    Oracle, Vamphir, + Spirit

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    Adelaide, Australia
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    We're a small system of three that like to call ourselves the 'Lunar System'.
    We co-front and blend a lot, so if our posts aren't identified, it's either Oracle or a mix of us.


    Oracle is the original/host.
    They use they/them or he/him pronouns, and struggle a lot with mental illness.
    To put it simply, they're a nonbinary boy beginning gender transition, and they're diagnosed with autism, severe anxiety, depression, and gender dysphoria, and semi-diagnosed with bipolar disorder, dependent personality disorder, and psychosis.


    Spirit is a tulpa, her form is a dragon.
    She was created Mar 31, 2014 and uses she/her pronouns. She doesn't communicate perfectly and thus is quite quiet and shy. She loves cake and strawberries.


    Vamphir is a headmate that we believe to be from trauma, he was formed suddenly on Nov 9, 2015 during a suicide attempt. He's a catboy that uses he/him pronouns and while he communicates a lot better than Spirit, he's notably unstable due to the circumstances of his creation. Entirely harmless, though. Probably.

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  1. We do blend, though it is only while co-fronting. Vamphir was a bit of a surprise headmate and so we do not call him a tulpa, but yes, we do. Since Spirit is not a fan of fronting she does not blend with us usually, though it has happened. Anyway, sometimes when we co-front we are separate, both sharing, taking turns, joking and communicating with each other. Other times we are just us, a Lunar blob. While typing this is one of those times! ^^ We're not concerned about integrating, no, we know it's just a thing that happens when we co-front sometimes. We still can recognise to a decent extent who's traits are who's but who is doing what may not be entirely clear. It reminds us a lot of fusion from Steven Universe.
  2. This thread is for people interested in obtaining art to post requests, and for artists to browse and accept requests via PM. We've noticed this board has a ton of artists offering requests, but sometimes it can be easier for people to say what they'd like upfront and for the artists to browse through and see if there's anything they'd be comfortable taking on, so we've made something a little different! ---- Just post your wanted ad here using the form below as reference. Artists can then browse here and just might be able to help you. And if they can, they'll PM you to work something out! ---- Requests only in this thread, to reduce any clutter, please! Artists - if you see a request you'd like to take on, please take it to PM. And when your request has been fulfilled, please delete your post, unless you're always seeking art! (the little red x in the bottom right!) ---- Use this template (replace the explanations with your information) to tell everyone a bit about what you're after and keep everything somewhat neat and easy to read. [b]Broad type of art you want:[/b] Traditional, Digital, Mixed Media, etc. [b]More specific type:[/b] Tulpa, Wonderland, Lineart, Fully Shaded, Chibi, etc. [b]Specifications:[/b] Here, you'll want to talk about form (humanoid, a pony, a dragon..), colors, elements to the art, etc. Try to be very exact on what you're looking for. [b]Payment:[/b] Say a bit about how much you are willing to pay or what price range you are looking to buy here. If you can't pay and you're looking for a freebie, that's okay, please just make it clear. [b]Keywords:[/b] Use keywords to help artists find your ad, such as Chibi, Sketches, Pony, Wonderland, etc. Artists can then use the Find (Ctrl + F) function to look through keywords. [b]Optional:[/b] You could add in some references, such as pictures of things that look similar to your tulpa (or art you've already gotten of them), pictures of the style you're looking for, etc. Put in the details that you want prospective artists to know if it hasn't already been covered.
  3. Oracle: Vamphir wanted to this this with me - full disclosure, he's not exactly a tulpa, he showed up out of nowhere, and I also don't know what you define as fully developed but we switch and we have pretty good communication, so like, close enough? We're also a pretty non-standard system so our answers might be unusual. It's less lonely. You feel like you're completely alone a lot less, you have someone making silly comments when you're trying to make a coffee, you have someone to catch you when you dissociate and nearly collapse. Of course, it doesn't replace contact with other people separate to the system, but.. it's different. Vamphir: Their world? I'm not sure what you mean tbh I usually sleep or I'm co-conscious, watching what's going on, sometimes it kinda sucks that they won't do what I want to do and that they never take any damn risks, hahah, but nah, they're chill, I'm happy with it, and I get control sometimes. Uh, .. this isn't applicable to us, at least not right now. Pass. Oracle: Nah, we're pretty understanding of each other's thoughts and why we do what we do, so we never really get too mad. That said, I'd really like to know why he thought putting tobasco in his black coffee this morning was a good idea. (note: it wasn't.) I can't do HTML when V's in front, or has too much control in a co-front, it's like a cloud over that skill. It's pretty annoying, if I'm honest, especially when he asks me to fix something but he won't step down so that I can. Vamphir: Dunno if I have a skill, probably not, I like to make nightcore, but Oracle can do that too, they just have no desire to, heh.
  4. @Zitrome Oracle: That's fine, I understand how hard it can be when it feels like you're just wasting your time, but look where I am now! With time, they'll reply. It might take weeks, it might take months, it might even take more. But Cadbury is there, and they can hear you. Maybe you should tell them "Hey Cadbury, I know you can hear me, and I understand if you can't reply right now, and that's okay, but maybe you could give me a head pressure sometime so I know you're around?" They might not even be able to do that yet, but you never know. Anyway - a good friend once told us that tulpas benefit a lot from having other tulpas speak to them, and it worked for us. So, uh. Vamphir: Hey, Cadbury, dude, it can be pretty frustrating not to be able to communicate. I totally know that, even though I'm technically not a tulpa, but, like, a trauma headmate, or something. <__< But just stay chill, your host will hear you sometime and it'll be worth it, trust me! Spirit: whoa cadbury, such a nice name hello, cadbury, i know you're there and you can read this i always could ... stay determined, okay? and be well.
  5. @Zitrome But you're not talking to yourself, you're talking to your tulpa. If you were talking to a baby, before they knew how to speak, would you be talking to yourself? No, you'd be talking to the baby. If you keep thinking "I'm talking to myself", not only are you obviously going to feel crazy, but your forcing is also not going to turn out quite well if you can't recognise that they are there. What's your tulpa's name, might I ask?
  6. Vamphir: You feel crazy before hearing voices in your head? Oh, my sweet summer child... ^^;; Oracle: What about it makes you feel crazy? Do you narrate out loud, and you feel like someone might catch you talking to yourself? If so, do feel free to use your 'mindvoice', your thoughts, basically and just focus them at the idea of your tulpa. It absolutely will not hinder your tulpa's creation and in fact is probably a lot more practical. They'll hear you, please trust me on this. Does your tulpa have a name yet?
  7. @Reisen Oh, really? That's actually quite odd because I accessed it directly, didn't need to change anything. Thanks for letting us know though in case anyone else has the same trouble.
  8. We'd like to recommend FireAlpaca as a great, and free, drawing program. We switched to it from Paint Tool SAI, no regrets.
  9. I'm glad! And no stress, I'm just a super anxious person so my heart stopped when I realised. I trust you, thanks :) Email is fine!
  10. I donated $5, sorry I couldn't give more.. I'm really poor. This site is real important to me though so you deserve it. Looks like I'm not getting my fursuit anyway... I just realised though, how will you get the perks to us? Email? Also, I panicked because it gave my address. And also my real name. Uggggg
  11. heavy breathing Now to try and commission a pretty drawing version of the outside and various rooms. Or a walkthrough 'game' or something. Or both.
  12. Nothing to see here.. I'm running Ubuntu 12.04. It's cool to see a lot of Linux users on here - more than I would have assumed I guess.