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  1. So, it occurred to me that many people have a multitude of things they really dislike about themselves, from their appearance to their personality, their inability to perform certain tasks or abilities, etc. This made me wonder about tulpas. They can change themselves to be whatever they want and have whatever they want. So with this in mind, do they still have things that they can dislike about themselves?
  2. So in some threads I see everyone saying they gave their tulpas all these personality traits, but in other threads people are saying to let the tulpas decide for themselves what traits to have. Which do you suppose is better in the long run? Should personalities be used as 'suggestions' for the tulpa to get a kick start and later have the potential to deviate from? What are the pros and cons of both? If you forced personalities, did they stick with them or did they deviate?
  3. Don't know why I didn't think of this before. American McGee's Alice - Alice: Madness Returns. We've got the Wonderland and the few primary 'tulpas' such as Cheshire Cat, Caterpillar, Red Queen, Mad Hatter, etc. The rest of the denizens are all NPC's to fill up her mind. All the 'tulpa-like' characters know her mind better than she does and often challenge her to accept truths she tries to hide from or realize things that she overlooks. Though they may be attacking her, ultimately they are helping her to become stronger so that she can overcome her trauma and take back her life. They are helping her in the way they interpret is the best course of action to help her, more often than not providing lots of life threatening and emotionally traumatizing challenges. Great games, if you haven't played them I highly recommend checking them out.
  4. For those who have more or less achieved visual imposition upon their surroundings. So you can achieve imposing your tulpa in your field of view, but what about other things? I like to draw, but what I see in my head is rarely what turns out on the paper. What I want to know is how many of you have tried to use imposition to put an image on paper and draw it(or trace if you want to get technical)? How does that work for you, is it better or does it not make any difference?
  5. Ooh, found another one. Thought entities, from the video game Fragile Dreams. They are the lingering manifestations of undying feelings of the people who passed away in an apocalyptic event. They take different forms depending upon the person's emotions before their death. They act as the games enemies.
  6. Okay, so I just got done reading Ouigi's and Koomer's PR, and let's just say that I am more than a little disturbed. My tulpa still isn't vocal yet, but dang if that PR didn't depress and scare me a little. If I were a little less resolute in my convictions to make a tulpa, I might have abandoned what I've done. However, I have thought hard on it and have no intentions of giving it up. I have since layed down some ground rules with my tulpa. While possession for private things at home and whatnot is fine, I cannot allow them to take over for important things in my life, I've got to carry my weight and burdens. In fact, I have since decided that I won't even touch on possession until at LEAST a year after my tulpa becomes sentient. Questions must be asked, however. I need to know, before my tulpa becomes sentient. I've seen a few other PR's where tulpa's pretty much wanted what Oguigi wanted. What is it that motivates a tulpa to need to become 'real' or have a body of their own? Why do they feel the need to take up real world responsibilities or the burdens of their host? What drives them to leave a 'mark' on the world? What makes them feel what they do out here makes any difference to what they do in Wonderland? Personal growth and development equates to more than recognition from others. You could make world peace, but it means nothing if it wasn't something that benefitted your growth or beliefs in some way. So what is it that tulpa's want when they say they want to be 'real?' I really don't want to have control issues with my tulpa. Do I just have to say, "Oi, I love you, but I'm in charge.' and that's it? Seems about as sound as hosts telling their tulpa's the FIRST time that no, they don't want sex, so kindly stop asking. Any advice?
  7. Haha, I thought this would be a fun thread to post. What stories, movies, games or shows have you seen that have something that could be close to being considered a tulpa? Here's a few I found: (Film)Pokemon Movie 3: The Entei Molly created could be considered a Tulpa (Film)Tron Legacy: CLU is essentially a digital tulpa created by Flynn (Fool of a man, this is why we don't create tulpa's based on ourselves!!!). (Most obvious reference ever made)His Dark Materials Trilogy: Daemons (Fin). (Anime)Bleach: Zanpaktou's. (Game) Persona: Persona's (Derp) and quite possibly Igor. So how 'bout it, any other stories out there that bring a tulpa to mind?
  8. So sometimes when I narrate to my tulpa, I feel head pressure. Other times, I feel nothing at all. Is head pressure a sign that your tulpa is listening to you? Or do they still hear you even when you don't feel head pressures? What are your thoughts? Tulpas, what about you? Do you remember when head pressure was all you were capable of? Were you still able to see and hear even when your person was only giving you mild attention?
  9. What are tulpas able to see? Especially in the beginning. Do they see everything, or do they only see when you are concentrating on them, willing them to see what you do? Or when you concentrate on them, are they specifically in wonderland, only seeing what you think about as opposed to what you are actually seeing?
  10. So I have a question as far as wonderlands go. I usually daydream myself as though I were watching a movie with myself in it. Should I do wonderlands from my point of view, or can I continue the way I've been doing it? Will it affect my tulpa in any way?
  11. So I've been looking at all the things tulpa's can help you do. I am currently trying to learn a new language. Which one would I receive better assistance from, a tulpa or a servitor? See, I know a tulpa could help you out a lot, but there's no guarantee that they want to learn that language with you. A servitor seems handy, but I have no idea the limitations that come with them. In fact, there are very few posts on servitors in general. What I'm basically assuming is that both tulpas and servitors are capable of diving into your subconscious and extracting information or directing more energy, attention and effort to a certain skill. So if you are trying to specifically learn something, which one is more reliable as a trainer or assistant? Another thing I'm trying to learn is better visual skills. I hear that tulpas are great for this also, but can servitor's help you accomplish the same thing? I read from a post by Nobillis that their Watchdog (Servitor/Tulpas?) are able to impose silence on Kevin. That sounds amazing. Is this something that servitor's alone can assist with, or do they need the intelligence of a tulpa? While we're on the subject, how is a servitor created as opposed to a tulpa? Where is the line drawn as far as intelligence between the two? The only clear thing I know about servitors is that you puppet and parrot it a lot more than you would a tulpa.
  12. Okay, so I've looked at a few stories at people trying to create tulpas only to have them turn into creepy stalking figures or antagonistic verbal abusers and I think I know one reason (of many I'm sure) that plays an important role as to why this happens. Mindset. It's all about the mindset. What are your intentions when you are creating your tulpa? Do you give your tulpa the respect and acknowledgement it deserves? Are you in anyway trying to force it to become something it no longer desires to be? Let me give you the most famous example of a tulpa gone wrong. Alexandra Neel. She was probably the first person outside of Tibetan monks that created a tulpa and published her discoveries in her book, though it is only a small bit. Here's the gist of it. So, she created a tulpa, then we go into some weird metaphysical theories, it turns on her and becomes really creepy, and she's forced to dissolve it. Why did this happen? Multiple reasons. She was a foreigner that experimented with a concept from a different culture and while she succeeded in the creation, she failed the keep the right mindset for the upkeep. Where did her mindset go wrong? Here's a comment she made in her book: "I chose for my experiment a most insignificant character: a Monk, short and fat, of an innocent and jolly type." "A most insignificant character." "INSIGNIFICANT" So she chose to make a tulpa based on something she couldn't have cared less about as an experiment out of curiosity. In short, she didn't respect it, she didn't care about it and she probably failed to even acknowledge it as a person in its own rights. Another post I read was about a guy that made a tulpa based on his own appearance. He got freaked out by it and stopped the creation, and took about two months or so to dissolve. His creation followed him around constantly, looking like a creepy morbid version of himself until it finally faded away. MINDSET people! Its fine to treat it as an experiment of curiosity, but only so long as you are able to respect what later comes from it! There is so much benefit to be had from having a tulpa at your side! Inner discoveries, attention to things you never noticed before, a companion for life, and so much more. A tulpa is a fellow personality, a partner consciousness alongside your own. It is a life in and of its own respect. Don't force it to be something it doesn't want to be. It's like a simple religious housewife trying to force her child to do the same things she was raised to do and respect, without having any respect for her child's own beliefs and decisions, and wondering why in the world the kid turned into a rocker punk goth, complete with the tattoo's and piercings, who worships pagan goddesses. A friend of mine once told me about a nurse that was fed up with a patient of hers. Everyday, the old man would chew his pills, and she'd throw a fit at him, trying to get him to swallow the darned pills. Finally, the doctor stepped in and told her to leave it alone, the guy was obviously doing it to piss her off cause he was angry at her. So she'd give him the pills and leave it at that. The man stopped chewing the pills after two days. Treat your tulpa like you would yourself, another person, or a close sibling. Be nice, be respectful, be considerate, and acknowledge that they aren't going to agree with you on everything. They're still on your side, but they have their own choices they want to make, choices they want to be acknowledged. Don't be like that naggy nurse or overbearing housewife. Be the buddy, the girlfriend, the bro, the homie. Respect and care for your tulpa, and they will respect and care about you.
  13. I wouldn't say insomnia, but ever since I started tulpa creation, my sleep has been suffering. I'll sleep for like four hours and suddenly I'm wide awake, even though I'm still tired, and can't get back to sleep.
  14. Forget Sybil, one of the best books I've ever read on DID or MPD was The Flock by Joan Casey. Its an autobiography and I think it is a good reference for those with DID, at least better than Sybil. Sybil is really old and kinda difficult to understand. DO NOT watch the movie, or in the very least do not take it too seriously. The movie was changed to add a lot of drama to make it an entertaining movie while still telling the original story. Things were changed or blown out of proportion to make it a good film. Another good book is A Fractured Mind, by Robert Oxnam. As far as DID goes, unlike those with tulpas (Or at least those that aren't trying to escape from reality), the host is actually subject to change. In A Fractured Mind, the alter writing the book is the current host, and not the alter in charge when the disorder was first discovered. The reason for him giving up his position as the host is because he had been going strong and hard for years with little to no breaks, ever. He got tuckered out and finally decided he'd had enough and didn't want to be responsible for everything anymore. At least I think that's what happened, its been a long time since I last read the book. Anyways, I hope everything goes well for you all. I can understand how it can be pretty jarring, but just treat everyone nicely and with respect and consideration and it should all turn out alright. Best of luck to you.
  15. Okay, bit of a far fetched theory here, but this was a thought that occurred to me. If a tulpa and a servitor can be created by simply giving it attention, wouldn't it be possible for another person to impose a tulpa or a servitor into a coma patient? I once remember reading in an article of a tulpa that told their host that there was no place in their subconscious that the host could go that the tulpa couldn't find them and bring them back to the forefront of their mind again. If this is true and possible, could this be something to try on a coma victim? I don't exactly know the medical or scientifics that go into a coma, but if it is the primary consciousness having been submerged into the subconscious, then a servitor or a tulpa could essentially bring them back to the surface of consciousness, right? The theory of creating a tulpa or a servitor in another person is basically the same way of creating a tulpa or a servitor in your own head. Just sit with the patient for a few hours everyday trying to impose a tulpa or servitor. While the patient may be in a coma, they aren't brain dead. Their subconscious should be working just fine. I don't know, this is a wild and far fetched idea, but its something to think about, no? What are your thoughts, and please, no flames. It's just a thought, nothing more.