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    Hey there!

    I'm your run-of-the-mill fifteen-year-old girl who's just starting out with tulpamancy (bear with me). Call me Birdi, Bird, or whatever else you'd like.
  1. I got an hour of active forcing done today. Most of it was visualization. I'm still having a bit of a hard time picturing Lille's face, but I'm confident that I'll get better at it. Just for the hell of it, I'll describe her here. Lille is a human girl who looks about eighteen or nineteen. She's around 5'7" or 5'8" and thinner than average, with a pale complexion, some light freckles, and green eyes. Her hair is dark brown and very straight, hanging around her face and falling a few inches past her shoulders. Her face is fairly plain-looking. She usually wears jeans and a simple T-shirt or
  2. Lille isn't a common name, but it's still a human name.
  3. I promised I'd update this daily, so here I am! Today I did about two hours straight of active forcing, and man, do I have a headache. It was a really good session, though. Lots of head pressures, and at one point when I was talking to her about something pretty personal, I just felt this wave of raw emotion from her. It was really, really, intense, and by far the strongest emotional reaction I've felt so far. Still no vocalization, but I'm only sixteen days in. I've been trying to passively impose her walking behind me all day, and narrating her all the while. It's pretty hard not to thin
  4. So I've really been slacking really badly when it comes to updating this. Sorry! Things are progressing really nicely. I get a lot of head pressure now, and I mean a lot. Like, whenever I think of her, I get pressure. Most of it feels kind of like it's pushing on the back of my skull, but sometimes it migrates to my temples. And I've gotten some pretty intense emotional reactions. I'm... uh... fifteen days in? A little over two weeks. I've basically spent most of this time talking to Lille in the wonderland, doing some visualization sessions, and trying to put all my heart and soul into
  5. Hey, everyone! I suppose I should introduce myself before anything else: I'm Birdi. I'm a teenage girl who likes writing and music and computers and art. I stumbled upon the concept of tulpas through Reddit- I was linked to the /r/Tulpas subreddit from a thread that was ridiculing and teasing it. Unsure of what I was expecting, I clicked on the link. The whole thing sounded a bit crazy at first, but despite that, I was really intrigued, so I looked into it more, and now here I am. After doing some thorough background research, I finally started to create my tulpa tonight. I decided that
  6. Female checking in. I'm fifteen years old and straight.
  7. Hey guys! You all can call me Birdi, or Bird, or whatever else you'd like. I discovered tulpas very recently, and I'm going to start the process of creating one very soon. That's all for now!
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