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  1. That's kind of where the problem arises, however.
  2. Thanks again everyone. I think i have decided to not disapate her, whatever that entails. Would anyone have any advice on how to go about doing that? I can answer any questions you would need answered to get abetter idea within a day. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for all the advice guys. I know it was a life long commitment when i was doing it, and she seemed in favor of the cold storage when then things that caused that to be an issue arose. However, i was reluctant to listen to her pleas. Another stupid mistake I've made with her. I still need to figure out what route to go down from here. I'll try and get some input from some close friends who i feel have experienced the same problems, and have chosen their own paths. Would anyone be interested in being kept posted?
  4. So, for personal reasons i decided to stop working on my tupper. She was fully sentient and fairly fluent in speaking. Once I decided to stop working on her, i put her in a kind of cold storage, didnt want to kill her, but i couldnt keep her around. Now, months later, shes back. Shes moderately pissed about the whole thing, and confessed to fucking with my moods as revenge. I dont know what to do. Advice? Questions? Sorry for typos, on my iPod. Thanks
  5. "Well, for me, whenever he is trying to narrate, it seems like I'm there a bit better. Still like a one sided conversation, but still like I'm involved somewhat. When he's just speaking in an internal monologue it sounds like there's a conversation going on somewhere in there, but I'm not invited, but I can pick out bits and pieces of what's being said."
  6. My tulpa looks pretty much like your stereotypical japanese schoolgirl, or has looked this way for a few weeks now, so I'd say she stuck with it. She's about 5'5" and has a little longer than shoulder length black hair, that gets longer in the back, making a kind of sharp curve for trend line in the back, with the longest being just about where a bra strap would reach around. She has an angular face, and wears her uniform around most days. She's generally disinterested in people (but with a huge tsundere archtype for them) so some sort of snobby, but hesitant look would do her fine. The rest is up to the artist to decide. Thank you in advance. Uniform looks kind of like this: http://my.bangkoklibrary.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/japanese-schoolgirl-style.jpg
  7. Fucking this. I've been in a state of distress almost, because Kat has been vocal for a couple of weeks, and still doesn't seem to think about things that I'm not thinking about. Although I haven't "Gotten over that quick" yet, seeing as how it's still a problem. I'll let her know this. Thank you OP, for letting me know I'm not the only one out there with this problem.
  8. I think this is a wonderful idea, and could really help a lot of people, myself included. Much easier to monitor threads from a mobile device you can check in on whenever than have to check your computer all the time.
  9. On #14 of the frequently asked questions on the guides section, the question here is posed : "I've missed X time of tulpaforcing, what do I do? If you're in the beginning (under 5 hours) and it's more than 5 days or so, start over. If it's over 5 hours, and has been more than 5 days but under a week, start doing double shifts of tulpaforcing. It's common sense that you're going to have to make the time up somehow, because of the fact that tulpae are made by concentrated thought on them, and if you're not thinking about them, all of what you've done is going to be hindered in some way. How much you need to spend regaining time and what not. But yes, as a whole, you will have to spend more time solidifying what you did, and adding on hours you missed." I think perhaps this should be revised. Me and my tulpa were only 2 hours in, and 2 days in, to the creation process. I had briefly introduced myself, and her to herself, and forced maybe 3 basic personality traits. I decided that I needed to more properly map out the personality section before I starts, so I made the decision to start over. I avoided forcing and 3 days later, while thinking about that fact, I was suddenly overcome with immense guilt, and fear. My tulpa was already sentient, and this was quite detrimental to her progress. We have since gotten over it, but this theory of "It's okay, they're not around to mind yet" attitude was very ill-placed. I would advise that this question and answer is removed, or revised, as to help future newbies in a similar situation. Thank you.
  10. So, I'm going to take from that that it's peculiar to get those senses first?
  11. See, the problem is that it's every few days, if that long. It seems to be pretty clear whenever she does change it to something new, though, so I guess it should be easier, if I give her access to what I see? Who knows. Also, supplementary information, I have worked on imposing quite a bit, and I can almost hear her, and it IS relevant to what side she is on, and she has touch... Oddly enough, I can definitely feel her weigh me down when she's on my shoulders, and I start to walk funny. Is this normal?
  12. So, I have been forcing for about 2 months. Kat (my tulpa) is pretty much as vocal as I can see her being, aside from becoming more articulate and descriptive. I've been visiting her in wonderland frequently, and she acts the same, sounds the same (generally) and all that jazz, however, she almost ALWAYS has a different form whenever I visit her. I've talked to her about it, and she just can't seem to find a form she enjoys very much yet. I've tried to make her stick with one for a while, and it eventually just deviates to something different. What I'm wondering is if I can still try to impose her before she has a set form, and allow that form to keep changing once imposed. Considering that the real obstacle of imposition is to just get your brain to see something that your eyes can't, could you train your brain to recognize said entity, but with ever changing features? Or would I just be better off waiting and working with her to find a more permanent form?
  13. Not much to say today, definitely getting more emotional responses off of her though, Particularly when dropping in to say "Hey Kat, I'm going to do so and so, and then we can work on so and so later.", or when I wake up and tell her good morning. I've been working on her form a good bit, too. Not actually forcing visualization, just thinking of possibilities. Although, I did do a brief forcing session, working on visualization, which came along nicely, but most importantly, NO HOOK! I just got really, really into the process, and it didn't bother me for a good 10 minutes. I have a good friend of mine working on drawing a picture for me to use as a rough base for what I want her to look like, and It's rather nice. Something similar to http://imgur.com/2eJPa,ekQHB , Those being the said pictures my friend drew. I also have a draft for a new wonderland, that connects to the old wonderland. It's a beach house on Bluff Point, Connecticut, if anyone is familiar with the area. That's it for today. School starts on wednesday, so I will be in a much more regular system for forcing. Off to bed with this one, I say.