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  1. TulpaDiary App Dut to the unpopularity of the PC app (the 3 IPs listed are mine), and the several requests about an Android app made the way TulpaDiary was made, I'm finally doing it. It'll allow you, as TulpaDiary did, to register sessions, tulpas, and schedule sessions so that you can be alerted through Android Notifications. I've been on it for a good week now, and most of the basic stuff is implemented. I still need to get some feedback about some features possibilities, so I know what to focus on. I currently have finals, so it may take a bit longer, but I expect it to be on Google Play this Week-End. As I said, most of the stuff is done. What's currently missing is the Activities regarding sessions, and link that to the main Calendar. The back-end code is already here, and working, and the server side code is also running good. Study : http://goo.gl/forms/GyXMkfwdcD Screenshots https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1SxGa12eb6_UHp3MGRIYzJ2WEU&usp=sharing Remember that those screenshots only represent the app as it is now. I didn't work on the graphics yet, and it'll look much better when it'll be released. Thanks if you answer the study, and see you this Week-End for the Google Play release (if everything goes well).
  2. 0.3.4 is out Changelog : https://github.com/FlorentUguet/TulpaDiary/blob/master/changelog.md Last exe : https://github.com/FlorentUguet/TulpaDiary/raw/master/builds/latest/TulpaDiary.exe Fixes The software checks if a new version is available and downloads it if the user wants it. You'll still need to start the software manually after the update. Comment Version control is up and functional.
  3. Well, the "Try and make your own experience" part would usually be a good solution. But when skepticism, or even denying bias, is here, you can't do much. The fact that tulpas rely mostly on belief mean that he won't be able to get any result, and will still be in denial about tulpas existing. It's an neverending circle where nothing positive will come out. On the other hand, not thinking about skepticism/denial, making your own experience doesn't mean you'll get a tulpa or erase skepticism, it can even be worse. I believe that somebody that starts tulpamancy with doubts (which is perfectly normal) will have high chances of failure. Tulpaforcing (active and passive) are meaningless if you don't believe, and you'll just lose your time doing that. And after losing, I don't know, a month or a year, doubts will be even stronger. Also, a quick point about human mind. Tulpamancers usually says : - "Hurr durr we all have different brains, so don't follow the guides and make your own way" when guides don't work for somebody. But, something that tulpamancer deny, is this statement: - "We all have different brains, so some people may not be able to create tulpas" Which is based on the same argument, that people have different brains. So, yeah, belief is really important when it comes to tulpamancy. No matter how much you force, and how you force, belief will be the key to a tulpa. And failing in the early months will just result in the incapacity in making a tulpa for the person.
  4. 0.3.3 is out Changelog : https://github.com/FlorentUguet/TulpaDiary/blob/master/changelog.md Last exe : https://github.com/FlorentUguet/TulpaDiary/raw/master/builds/latest/TulpaDiary.exe Fixes The software sends a POST request on startup to my website as part of the remote database project. For now it sends your software's version on startup. I changed in the Session Editor th ways session's duration is handled. It's now a widget designed to manipulate time, and I added a button so start a chronometer. The base unit is "minutes" to fit how it was first designed. Comments added in the source Website Sill WIP, but I've already started to test some ways to link the program with a remote databse. First attemps were nice, I'll see if I fully add it into the software. Comment Looks like it was used, afterall. The developpement will be kinda slow since I don't know what to add, and I have a lot of work to do for school. The source will still be slowly documented, so anybody willing to work on that will be able to. You can also PM me if you have questions/suggestions. A version control should be added in the next release. I want people to be able to know when software updates are available. Keep it mind that it'll only be minor updates until my finals are over, around mid-January.
  5. I'll do that then. I didn't plan on dropping this software, so I didn't document it at all. I'll do that. I'm dropping it for 2 reasons. it feels like it's not used by many people, so it's lot of time spent on it with not any kind of feedback, and I also start to lack free time, so I can't improve it as much as I did before. The website is on its way, though. I just need to find a free host with PHP 5.5 support, but I haven't found any yet. I don't want to rent anything until I know how many people will use the website. I don't want it to be a bad investment.
  6. I'm dropping the software. If somebody want to continue it, the source is on GitHub, and will stay there : https://github.com/FlorentUguet/TulpaDiary Just fork and work
  7. 0.3.2 is out Changelog : https://github.com/FlorentUguet/TulpaDiary/blob/master/changelog.md Last exe : https://github.com/FlorentUguet/TulpaDiary/raw/master/builds/latest/TulpaDiary.exe Fixes Fixed date handling for tulpas Checks folders on startup Some other small fixes for stability Linux You may get a message on startup saying that the folders couldn't be created. I can't manage permissions from the software, so you'll have to create the main folder yourself and set permissions. Website A website is currently planned. It'll contain most of TulpaDiary's features, but everything will be stored online. - http://puu.sh/lBKfR.png - http://puu.sh/lC5mf.jpg I'm currently making a calendar as the main page, and I'm finishing the CSS, especially for the control panel. It should take a few weeks to complete since the widgets, as ugly as they are, work fine with the database.
  8. is out Changelog : https://github.com/FlorentUguet/TulpaDiary/blob/master/changelog.md Last exe : https://github.com/FlorentUguet/TulpaDiary/raw/master/builds/latest/TulpaDiary.exe Changes Finished to add a textEdit to input text during your session
  9. 0.3.1 is out Changelog : https://github.com/FlorentUguet/TulpaDiary/blob/master/changelog.md Last exe : https://github.com/FlorentUguet/TulpaDiary/raw/master/builds/latest/TulpaDiary.exe Changes The session manager now properly reloads when a session is added/edited/deleted The GuideList is back and working You can now delete sessions Planned Fix the TextEdit to write down during forcing so it actuallly SAVES the data This build is more stable than the previous. It properly handles any modification in the sessions/tulpas, and the guidelist is here again. You'll see that there is a new textEdit to type during sessions. It's useless since i didn't code anything to save it. It'll be fixed in a few hours, sorry for the inconvenience
  10. 2015/11/21 Meditation Meditated for 60 minutes. Better "focus" than ever Visualization/Forcing Finally some clear visualization on Lucie's body. She has nice silky blonde hair. Light blonde, nearly white. She has light blue eyes, and a calm and reassuring look. She looks quite frail, a ~160cm thin body. But I don't mind, if it's the form she wants to have, I'm perfectly fine with it For now, I only saw her with 2 clothing. The one I was her with when I first started was a light white dress, that she still wears in some visualisations. The new clothing is a white coat, I think because of our wonderland's setting, even though our world's temperatures should not apply in a wonderland (I guess ?). It's nice to finally have a clear form to visualize on. I hope to be able to make a more precise physical description soon
  11. 0.3.0 is out The executable is 18 MB. I just didn't run upx on it because it takes like 20 minutes to make it 5 MB. it will be done tomorrow with 0.3.1 Changelog : http://bit.ly/1Hyrm9c Last exe : http://bit.ly/1WQwxDj Changes Calendar is fully functionnal and is the main tab Sessions are now listed by day, you can add/edit them, but not delete them for nowThe software will check for lost Sessions (unsorted ones) and will, at each start, generate a session list for each tulpa. Planned An area to type during forcing, for people who like to do so. It'll be saved in the Session's file Fix all the interface bugs Guide list is dropped for now, will be added back in 0.3.1. It's just 2:20am here and I'm tired. Same goes for the shitty visual ratio of the calendar. It does that because of the Tulpa tab, who has a higher height, but I'm too tired to investigate that for now. There's also a "Debug" in the title. It's the Release build, not the Debug. The tags just got mixed while clearing the code I plan on doing something to preview the number of sessions for each day, on the calendar, by hovering the days. It'll make the process of finding particular sessions easier. Now you have to know where the session is, or go through each day. This is a 75% stable build. It'll work, but expect some bugs here and there. If you experience any issue, please PM me. I'll add a logfile in the next release so debugging will be easier for you and me.
  12. 0.2.1 Out - Added a Guide List. Planned for 0.2.2 Tulpa - Add pictures to your tulpa - Add a physical description Sessions - Add a textbox to type while forcing, then save the text within the session Planned for 0.3 - Add a Schedule with old sessions and the ability to load/create/edit sessions from it
  13. Nice, thanks ! I don't know how I missed it. I'm gonna check that and see what I can reimplement in my software
  14. It's very simple for now, but it does its job well enough ^^ It's still in its early stage. I have some useful features planned, I just need to implement them into the program
  15. No, couldn't find anything in the "Guides" subforum. 0.2 is out. Started to build an in-app calendar for you to schedule sessions. It'd be better on an Android app, but I'm on that too. It's not visible yet, but it's in the code. I've added some general session statistics in the Tulpa tab (How many sessions and the total duration for each type of session). The schedule *should* be done before Monday, but I have exams on Monday, so I may not have the time. I'll do my best. Changelog : http://bit.ly/1Hyrm9c Last exe : http://bit.ly/1WQwxDj