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  1. Sadly I abandoned Hero for about a year, I am completely sorry to him. I don't want to make excuses but when your over come with depression your imagination can often become side tracked, and I gave up visualizing his form. But I feel ready this time! Hero, we will start you anew! ------------------- THREAD CLOSED -------------------
  2. Progress report #3: 14/04/09 --------------------------------- Tomorrow I'll be starting on visualizing his form, I've already sketched it out and feel like he likes it (gut feelings y'know! :) ), Even if he doesn't that's fine. He is allowed to change himself in whatever way he wants, and I want him to know that! I'll still be working on personality, but I feel like focusing on something that will help me see him. I could of just let him develop his own personality, but it was still nice spending time with him and watching him take some shape over 3 days! Now he'll take even more shape (as in his form shape ahehehe...I'm guessing you know what I mean and I'm just ranting like an idiot! xD). I'll try and get some pictures up of him. G'night/G'day ;) ~Duckie
  3. Update: 14/04/08 ------------------------- I'm going to be doing a few sketches of Hero tonight. Just to get an idea of what he might look like, and after this week is over, and I finish up on my personalization, I'll be working on his form and visualizing it. Have a good night friends!~ -Duckie Note: I might not even take up the whole week working on his personalization. I mean, they will most likely deviate anyways!
  4. UvU It's all good, we all make mistakes. Especially with touch screen keyboard and autocorrect! xD And yes, with personality forcing I do plan to make use of symbolism more then anything else. I like using this method not only because it suits me creatively, but it's easier for me then if I sat down with Hero and spoke to him; because my mind wanders. Then I start stumbling on words and I sound like a fool! And I wouldn't want Hero to think badly of me, would I?!~ xD Hope that answers your question. ~Duckie
  5. What do you mean by 'play to make use of symbolism'?
  6. EDIT: -Curious -Artistic & abstract -Adventuress -Open minded and freespirited -Quirky -Funny/Cocky/Witty ----------------------------------- Progress report #2 14/04/08 ----------------------------------- Today I felt him send me some emotions throughout the day while I was forcing with him. I would ask him "blah blah blah, how do you feel about ______?" or would direct thoughts about his finished product toward him and would feel feelings of joy that were not mine! :D I also worked on his personality, I sat down and got lost in my thoughts imagining scenarios of him with the traits, I sat down and talked about how nice life was, or we played in the grass while watching ladybugs crawl up our arms, or explored his wonderland. After that I made him different colour glasses of tea, and labeled each with a trait. When he drank each one I imagined the colours coursing through his veins straight to his heart. I will repeat this process throughout the week. :) ~Duckie Note: The glasses of tea thing IS symbolism
  7. I've been researching tulpae all day today and heard that keeping a hour count is not exactly a good idea, due to the fact that not everyone's tupla goes through progress the same way. "So in reality, simply counting the amount of hours you’ve forced your tulpa, for the sake of knowing how long it took you altogether is not a bad thing. The only bad thing about hour counts is the expectations based on the amount of hours you’ve forced. As long as you don’t associate progress with the amount of hours you’ve forced in any way, then you are fine. However, note that with some people, subconscious expectations happen without your “consent”, and these subconscious expectations can hinder the process in the same way as it would if you were thinking it. So if you have a slight suspicion that you are subconsciously having expectations based on your hour count, I recommend that you stop counting hours, right away." Quoting from Kiahdaj's guide. But if you want to keep an hour count that's fine, just be sure that you're careful. And about your sentient tulpa, it is possible. Just remember even though they are sentient earlier doesn't mean you should slack in the developing process. Keep the fourm updating on Esther, I'd like to hear more about her! :)
  8. Hi I'm Cecil and today is the first time I've heard of Tulpae and thought it would be a good idea for me to create one; lately I've been down and needed someone to be there for me, but I also want to be there for someone else! :D After reading the wonderful guide by Kiahdaj, I've started by forming the personality of my tulpa, I've based some of his character on me. Progress report 1: Tulpa Work 14/04/07 -------------------------------------------------------------- Hero Andrews . 17 Years old -Open minded and free spirited. -Adventuress. -Artistic and abstract. -Reflective on life. -Originality. -Introverted at times. -Witty. -Hopeless Romantic. *Practice w/ Tupla tomorrow and record progress. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Tomorrow I'll be talking to Hero about himself, telling him about his traits and explaining them to him. I'll repeat method this over the week and see what happens. I'll also be active forcing, and practising passive forcing and keeping notes on that throughout the whole process. :) ~Cecil (Duckie)