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  1. 43 let's spice it up then
  2. What the hell? I'm pretty sure this is a joke. This has to be a joke, right? People can't read minds, let alone tulpas.
  3. I highly doubt you can 'mess up' your tulpa and make them go crazy. Even if you base your tulpa off a creepypasta character they probably won't act like a cold blooded killer. Unless you want them to do that, it's your mind.
  4. I'm kind-of not really encrypted, woo! If we're playing again, count me in!
  5. ...I have suspicions that one of the more active users here, is the changeling. ##Kill Muffin ##Hammer If Muffin is the changeling, I'm putting my bets on Laach. *If Muffin isn't the changeling, sorry.
  6. What if all the statues turn into weeping angels!? Don't blink!
  7. ##Kill Yuki If we get this one right we win! Haha!
  8. I was thinking that. Maybe he only admitted it to fuck us all over, him knowing that there was no way of living.
  9. ##Kill Quetzal ##Hammer I feel bad killing Quetzal now, all he wanted was some cake.
  10. *Comes out from under his rock* Sorry, I may have forgotten about this, and it seems that a lot has happened. I don't quite know if I'm still playing or not, but if im allowed to still play after my inactivity I will play.