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  1. Bin, I think you're hawt stuff. I hope one day you'll saddle me like I'll saddle my tulpas when they're complete. Chupi said I was trolling, so I guess I have to go now. Wish me luck with my tulpa endeavors everpony :)
  2. Ok sorry. I just wanted professional help for making a tulpa because I know it's a very serious thing. I don't just want an imaginary friend, I want tulpas. That's why I'm here asking for advice. I was hoping for handsome professionals like yourself to help me out. It doesn't help when you're being a total tsundere and calling me immature and stuff when we all know you can't change faith~~ I'm not 12. I hate it when people just assume I'm 12 without knowing me! My Little Pony is a show for adults just as much as it is for kids. I watch it for all the juicy pony plot, not because I'm 12.
  3. >Join date: Apr 2014 >Giving advice professionals only please Why the backlash? We're all friends here right? And you know what they say, friendship is magic! yes please. I'm starting on my first one right now btw guys. Also, with the form, how vivid should the genitalia be? I assume I should add genitalia, "just in case". I'm not really sure what it looks like though, to be honest. Is it different on ponies than on humans? I guess I could just add her butthole for now... edit: Guys! She just farted in my face! It's kind of gross, but I think this is the first sign of sentience :D
  4. I'm planning on making the Mane 6. Not all at once obviously, I know how multpile tulpae is somewhat frowned upon here lol, so don't troll me. I'll make 1 per week, that should be enough time for each one to get sentient™. Anyway, the main question I have is whether or not I need to worry about some of the ponies getting jealous. I'll love everypony in my head of course, but some I just find cuter than the others, so I'll probably end up giving them more "special" attention than the others, if you know what I mean lol. Should I put in their trait list "not jealous"? That should work right? What if they deviate though to want more of my 'attention' when they see the other ponies are getting more than them? Thanks for the help everyone. I'll post more if I can think of any other questions to ask. Time to go ponyforce! :D