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  1. Indeed it's not a good idea to bottle stuff. I've been doing it for years by dealing with it in imaginary very violent reactions to the scenario that annoyed me- which while they seem to completely satisfy my irritation seemingly permanently however I do worry a lot that it's only a matter of time :: twitch :: Hopefully when Vixens vocal I can do some internal defrag and scan disking to find the loose wiring before someone gets electrocuted - yay analogy. Aaanyways. Still readin the updates! Keep em comin I don't mind the long ones at all.
  2. Heh yeah I think she just decided it would be a good way to wind me up/creep me out - kinda like what happened a few posts back with the brushing teeth incident. She's not exceptionally vocal ATM but seems pretty aware of what she's doing and finds it downright amusing to wind me up esp. In inappropriate situations. My fault I guess for choosing mischievous as a character trait ^^;
  3. Heh yeah I've done the fast forward trick more than once during a brief stay with parents - I lurk a lot but I'm readin' this daily just so y'know and whatnot -- Only problem is my tulpa Vixen has seemingly inherited your RD's lanky pony trait - she's not a pony but she seems to change her mouth to be un-naturally wide to be creepy at times- blatantly for the same reason. Happened around the same time as I started following you a week or so ago. Heh. Thanks Dash! Ugh she's doing it again..
  4. Wow ok missed a bunch of stuff in the time I was away it would seem! Firstly I'd like to point out I most certainly still read this so count me in that Taenen! It's interesting to read as I can relate in some ways to your situation I guess - plus I'm loving getting to know you all- on that rather touchy subject that was the point of your latest update I would say that yes you definitely have to be careful about this stuff- I remember reading a progress report or some such where the host was fantasising about sex with their tulpa, so called them up and said 'hey you wanna make love?' To which
  5. Well that's pretty damn epic! Level up and all that ^^. It's so good to hear that Rhea has managed to take that leap of faith so to speak and moved to the next level. I know exactly what you mean about the overwhelming nature of the feels sir! When I first made contact it brought me to tears from that feeling of joy. Luckily I was in bed and away from people that may just wonder why I started crying with a stupid grin on my face ( you know the one I mean!) so yeah - lookin forward to that blog Bianca (and Taenen) so be sure to post it up when it's live. I don't know why but I'm re
  6. Indeed it can be- I often wonder if I'm still getting head pressure or if I'm just so used to it I'm not noticing it as much too which puzzles me a bit. When I first started though for the first say week I got much more intense head pressure and/or random head pains. I guess the initial creation is super taxing or some such. I have always taken to asking my tulpa directly when I think I feel something they did and say something like "was that you?" - makes them aware they did something that you noticed or felt as well as giving them an opportunity to respond.
  7. Wow that really was a lot of stuff you had bottled up in there! I know what your saying about re-occurring characters may also become tulpae so I'm really really careful in my wonderland interactions not to re-use any people we meet or interact with- I just don't want to risk paying them a lot of attention short term when there is no commitment on my part to deal with it if they attain a degree of autonomy at the moment. Heh it just occurred to me that the lesson I picked up from you all about telling your tulpa your feelings on things just got reversed on you- I guess it's always a two w
  8. Heh cool to see your all gettin along nicely- it's interesting to see this relationship developing as it is and wonder how it will pan out when you end up literally in a relationship with one of them and how the others will react. Ugh I seem to fail at punctuation when typing on a phone >,< So yeah. Keep it comin and say hi from me and my still rather quiet tulpa who as of yet still hasn't chosen a name to my knowledge ^^; unless of course they read with you in which case. ... HI!
  9. I guess just try using music like previously mentioned to draw your attention from it - I've found that it only becomes an issue for me when I start to fixate on that, but music tends to keep my attention more focused on forcing. As I try to kinda ignore the music and focus my mind it has the side effect of forcing me to ignore my physical discomfort at the same time- but yknow. That's just me. Also as a random sidenote I was terrified last night when I woke and couldn't move after falling asleep forcing for like 3 hours. Only lasted like 10 seconds but hadn't heard of this phenomenon b
  10. First and so far only words I recall we're "they have security cameras". Haven't had anything since and that was a few days ago ^^;
  11. Just FYI thought you should know I'm reading this and I'm sure others do too even if they don't post to show as much (I'm sure they're busy) - thanks to you guys for pointing out that I should tell my developing tulpa what's goin on in my head besides basic narration of day to day stuff as for some stupid reason that's something I completely overlooked somehow >,< Look forward to the next update!
  12. So thought I should drop in and say hi! Literally just got my first independent thought or words from my tulpa (she is one week old today) and her line? "They have security cameras" while I was cleaning a fireplace in the wonderland XD. If that doesn't count as a random thought I don't know what does - first time I've heard anything in a definitely feminine but slightly shaky voice too. Guess she needs to get used to using it- first words and all. When I turned round and said I heard it I got such a wave of joy I was reduced to tears. I wish you all the best of luck with your endeavors too!
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