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  1. Samuel has seemed more conversational recently, has something changed there? Also hey!
  2. Well that was quite a read. One sitting too! Work is about to start now but I thought I best say something so- hey! Most interesting read indeed. Here's to being another person reading this so you're not shouting into the void ^^
  3. Aaaaand that's me up to date. I feel that now I kinda have a responsibility to read everyone else's progress reports too so Imma get on that- I now have a far better understanding of how everything I knew from talking with you all links together and am glad I did so. Look forward to talking with you all in the future and whatnot.
  4. Oh man. Page 86?! I remember I used to keep up with this back around perhaps page 30? But then drifted away from the forums and whatnot. Now I'm back and I'm like 'hey let's check in and .. Holy crap that's a lot of catchup' Glad to see you're still keeping at it!
  5. Just watching some of those makes me look at my mouse hand and think 'you need to start pulling your weight. Look at that!' The coordination is crazy! Loved watching them though ^^
  6. I totally don't fit into the 'loser' group in the friends regard. Have lots of friends, happily married etc. I started this because it sounded fuckin awesome. Wasn't disappointed. ^^
  7. I should note that I would have one of yourself but haven't seen one in any of the stores here. Touhou has its own section now at the Animate stores, but only a small one is near me. Would have to go to Yokohama or shibuya perhaps to find a bigger range. As for what you do? I guess just how you guys are always out there helping people, always so understanding and driven towards making everyone happier both in your system and the community. When I see what you guys have accomplished and how even with massive motivation issues on Lumi's part you still fight on. Yeah it's awesome. Al
  8. Wow. Literally as you said- people just don't post huh? Well that last was awesome- loving the podcasts and all you lot in vampires system (though I'm sure Raven, Ivy and co - haven't talked to Samuel much - know that well enough by now).
  9. In response to the question about if people mind reading long ass posts- nope. No problem with it at all it's all very insightful. Keep at it!
  10. You lot are an inspiration and I literally think about you daily as a point of motivation. Got a few pendants on my keychain of Reisen, Tewi and Flandre. To me it's like one of those forcing reminders I guess. Well that and they're pretty damn cute XD
  11. So yeah- it's one minute to midnight on 24th here, so I'll kick this off with a happy whatever. Here's hoping it's awesome.
  12. Yeah I did worry when posting this it might trigger paranoia or worry in some people, but ultimately I decided it would perhaps do more to help than otherwise. I know from the IRC that it's apparently already helped one fellow out so for that I'm glad. Vixen saw ivy_ had wings like her and got excited
  13. With regard to music is say yes it's absolutely a good thing at least for me. Just posted my own progress report that goes into more detail, but it helped Vixen break through the barrier easier.
  14. I'd like to say right here that this does have a positive outcome even if it does sound pretty crap from the start. ^^; So for a long time I've been here - almost three years now I think. For so long I told myself I didn't need to make one of these, that it wouldn't be useful or that I didn't know what I'd say in it even if I did. During the time I was active before my approximately 7 month hiatus from the forum I was an avid reader of many progress reports, KruegerMeister's, Cinemaphobe, then Reisen now Lumi's progress reports and the creation of lucilyn. I paid a lot of attentio
  15. well then. consider thy post outposted!
  16. its funny, but that image with the mouth blanked out, I feel like from the rest of the face I can see it anyway somehow, looking slightly down-turned as though listening intently to someone and not wanting to interrupt or something? either way its awesome. also i should say the number of times my drawings conveniently have hands out of shot somehow is pretty damn common XD
  17. Aw man yeah. The number of problems we had with our own wonderland being aggressive are plentiful. Perhaps the first problem I had was being unable to stand on the floor. It sounds trivial but my head was convinced that since the floor was created in my head it wasn't real. Vixen had no problem walking or running but my mind would very often insist that after a few steps I would just clip through the floor and fall suddenly. I'm not sure how I got over that- but the more problematic ones were things attacking me, or picturing vixen's face only to have it warp and suddenly attack
  18. TheSanctuary

    Chat Thread

    And now I'm home from work and time to sleeps ^^; Evening work is ok but going to bed relatively quickly is a pain in the ass.
  19. TheSanctuary

    Chat Thread

    Off to work. Oh how I wish I could be back at university again.
  20. Phew. 16 pages down. Seeing your commitment to this (all of you) is truly inspiring and I suppose why I had to read the whole thing partly out of respect for the efforts. There's a lot of information here that has certainly given me stuff to think on. I've been more or less inactive here because of motivation issues much like the ones luminescence suffers I think- I've still spent time with Vixen almost every day though and have had similar experiences with lucid dreams as yourself- tried for it a lot (not as much as you guys mind but a reasonable amount to at least consider it an '
  21. Just finished reading the whole thing, and it's really inspiring to see that you guys had some experiences similar to Vixen's in a way- there was a moment during her creation wherein she veered sharply away from one appearance about 6 months in and we just went with it- but a long time later found that the original was somehow left behind as some kind of fragment I guess. We had to have a real deep think about what to do with the new duplicity on our hands especially given there was a lot of resentment from the shadow towards the present form Vixen. Ultimately it was resolved however and
  22. Filled this one out. gave me some interesting things to consider. came to the question of "do your emotions ever effect your host" and i got the response of "yes". news to me I had no idea this was a thing.. upon discussion concluded it was true however reasonably rare.
  23. Interesting- just saw that someone else had a tulpa with the same name as .. Well I was gonna say Vixen but then it sounded weird so.. Mine? Also my (Vixen) also has feathered wings that connect between the shoulder blades- as for requiring super strong muscles that's not really a problem for her given she's like insanely strong.
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    Heh- I played skyrim for 97 hours in six days. XD
  25. TheSanctuary

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    Either that or a cue in what you were both doing that you didn't consciously pick up on triggered both of your memories of the name at the same time. Like a specific sound in the background or a phrase etc. As it's from a show you will both have heard the same sounds and phrases being used in conjunction so it's not impossible you would be instantly reminded of it.
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