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  1. Haha Reisen you remembered that huh! Saves me posting it again. Still can't believe you went and looked for it XD If you don't force it how can they X - Well that's pretty simple if you accept they're using yours I guess ^^;
  2. Until next time on Dragon Ball Z!!!! Couldn't help but think that when I read the closing point - and I get what you mean about not having to lie or be overly worried about peoples preconceptions on the internets. It's a weird place where the strangest and perhaps most socially unlikely friendships find each other- people that perhaps we would walk past in our real world lives, people that had we conversed with perhaps wouldn't have realised the kinship shared due to social barriers and interactions, however in the abrasive world of the internet it's often different.
  3. Sometimes words just come to me- first line mainly and then I was like - well this sorta works with that.. Just goes from there I guess. Could be better but just went with what came to me at the time.
  4. I remember thinking the original was funny.... But goddamn that just.. Wat? First words?! Awesome ! Fast and true they did fly, Lillium and Cinema' through the night sky, Up and up beyond the moon, To nebulas, planets, stars and soon The brightness and glow of all around, A tulpa's wonder soon was found, Such sights and lights she did see, Such profound feelings had to be free, So lastly declared to all and wide, Lillium's first word, LIGHT rang clear, Dispute the vacuum of space poor dear, But not to be dissuaded by physics alone, Her voice rang true, clear, in high
  5. Well I can't quote because my phone hates me, but same here. Always check in here at least once a day- an I'm sure there are ways of suppressing eye movement, or at least reducing it's effect on your focal point by attempting to look ' through ' the object, essentially staring into space. I studied with one of the leading professors on eye movement and brain stuff so I know a little bit about it ^^
  6. Isn't it nice when horrible people get what's coming to them and you don't even have to actively make it happen? Also I noticed my last super short post had been the victim of autocorrect - was supposed to say ruining instead of thinning ^^; It's like how I used to take a lot of perverse pleasure just going into supermarkets after uni and making the people who I hated at school serve me and fetch me stuff while I'm living comfortably bahahaha.
  7. Hahaha nice. God knows why I came up with that question to begin with but hey, figured might as well ask ^^;
  8. Have they ever tried air guitar? XD
  9. Haha yeah. Failed a whole year once due to being too lazy XD Next person can swim butterfly style!
  10. That's some awesome advice there! I wholeheartedly agree with Flandre - the past is called that for a reason- it's gone- are there things that I massively regret? Of course there are - to give ya an idea my life is generally pretty awesome - I've achieved most of the goals I set for myself, have a good group of friends - good job etc- I know a lot of people decided on the tulpa route because of life reasons but I didn't . Either way sometimes I do find myself thinking about all the things I regret or horrible stuff I did in the past - but then I realise what's done is done and the bad feeli
  11. See! On page 38 near the bottom ( yeah I actually looked!) I said you needed to open a rainbow mine or somesuch and now you have rainbows! I totally know these things! XD Glad to see everything is going awesome again! Your life's like a roller coaster - if Yumi and Lillium were paying ticket fee's you would never have to work again ^^. ... Ok an image of someone causing some distress or drama to you has popped into my head, closely followed by my mental image of you being suddenly buried in magically appearing coins from nowhere and your maniacal laughter from beneath the ho
  12. Aye indeed so - and yeah I cringed a bit but it's the first time the username has actually been useful too I guess - I wasn't thinkin much on the 'ease of use' when I made it - can't exactly shorten it easily - Reisen- already short - cinemaphobe - easily shortened to cinema' - linkzelda- 'zelda. Etc etc. Can't really do that with mine which kinda sucks lol
  13. Haha nice outfits ! Yes I clicked em all! I'm going to the Tokyo anime fair tomorrow so if I see anyone cosplayin' as any of ya I'll take a picture ^^
  14. There's a question for the trio I guess! Do you often change outfits? And do you have a favourite?
  15. Ehh.. I asked Vix' what she wanted to ask.. She pondered it and came up with 'what's it like to point with fingers?' I did point out this makes no sense and it's a stupid question - but I got the response of 'that's my question. You said I could ask a question - that's my question!' She has an odd sense of humour //it wasn't humour it was a serious question!// . Ehhhh... ^^;
  16. And thusly - very expensive kimono! Those things aren't cheap! Even a yukata costs a fair amount!
  17. Well as always I'm sure we'll be here ready to offer support as and when it's needed.
  18. All sounds pretty awesome! And yeah cinema's pretty damn insightful with this stuff it seems - I'm planning on using that technique he posted myself later- awesome to hear it helped another person out.
  19. Co ordinated? Nah - or at least not from My side if it was ( conspiracy?). But no problem good sir- Dream recall sounds interesting too - didn't realise that was a thing though I guess I never thought about it much.
  20. Interesting question - I suppose it's different for everyone but from my perspective it's where my tulpa lives when I'm not actively interacting with them- I'm currently doing a half an half situation where I have the main house and then we use a sort of 'portal room' which has one permanent door to the house and then any number of temporary instant doors that lead anywhere and everywhere we choose to make up for adventuring etc. I find it helps me concentrate on her specifically when the initial environment is mostly stable so I don't have to spend additional time mapping out what is where
  21. Comment! Ok so I'll put more but I'll have ta be quick as I'm about to start work (In 3 mins!) I find it interesting that you feel you are somehow withdrawing from some social interaction given you seem to attract such numbers to you here - myself included - I don't know what it is about you or your story or maybe it's Yumi but I do find that your PR is the first thing I check every time I visit here- so maybe you just haven't found the right social group? I know a few people who hate pretty much everyone they met in their area because they have nothing in common.. Just a thought.
  22. Akihabara is pretty cool. As is shibuya and harajuku
  23. Feeling a bit stupid that I had to google for meaning to your last sentence only to kick myself when I figured it out. I guess that I can see why Yumi would feel that way or fear that could happen - I guess her relative experiences aren't all that fleshed out yet so she only has one example to draw from so it's good you managed to reassure her. Also i found it amusing that even a tulpa attempts to drown their sorrows in alcohol XD
  24. As much as I'd love to write it myself I have literally zero experience with it ATM so I'm not really sure of the actual happenings and goings on in this field - figured it was something people are having issues with by reading (too much? XD). So yes - while I figured that this secondary grade might be worthwhile it is kinda half baked- for example some stages like stage 1 would make little sense even having a secondary grade for the motion- but hey I guess this isn't an official academic grading system so I guess that's a non issue - if you want to have a go at it then by all Means sir
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