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  1. Currently I teach- but studied AI and how the brain works at university among other things - was pretty cool to study actually. Wish I still had contact with some of my professors so I could ask me about some of this shizzle.
  2. I'm wondering if you could have an additonal scale for fluidity of motion - so maybe an a. B. c. System to go along with it- for example a: movement causes serious image distortion or failure, b: image causes occasional distortion or weakening of image , C: movement is stable and fluid. So you could have like. 4:B. Strong translucent hallucination that can be distorted or weakened by significant movements of said hallucination Just a thought.. I haven't even got close to that yet so don't know if that's a thing or not?
  3. Hehe CSI: Tulpa Visability. I see what you did there sir! Jokes aside (love the name though!) I like this scale too. Simple to understand and pretty straightforward.
  4. Indeed! While I've been around for a little while I have had a few Lapses in our development as such vixen is far less developed than she could have been had life not been a thing I have to also deal with- and yeah no kiddin' Reisen! I was also like three paragraphs in and thought... Hang on... This is one of 'zelda's posts isn't it! // scroll up // yup I knew it! You always have such a way with words! Vixen gets interrupted by even the smallest thing for me at the moment - I don't think she gets annoyed though but seems to take my in-attention as an opportunity to either start a wonder
  5. Such is the way with the universe - no female interest for 18 years then two of them at the same time - that was my story. Universe is evil and made of punishment and vindictive entertainment at your own expense - though I guess it's like a trial by fire of sorts. Make it through and you can .. Be.. Set on fire some more? .. Hmm that's not quite right .. Um... Eventually find peace and happiness and open your own rainbow mine and discover the joy that is a rainbow! . .. "I've never seen a rainbow" - vixen. // made a rainbow in wonderland over the sea // "What does it do?" - v
  6. Welcome and good luck on thy journey into the fun and interesting world of tulpae and the like! Also hi!
  7. Hey good for you good sir! - and it wasn't just you who thought of that song the second they read the name Reisen! Didn't someone here have a Lucy tulpa? Anyways - it does indeed seem that things have settled down a bit both internally from Your perspective and also externally in terms of the drama with Mary and co. An eight page letter. Makes me wonder what font size and paper size XD
  8. That's a damn good point there actually - might wanna give that a bit of thought in between all the other crazy shit your dealing with already ^^. I suppose you are kinda on a break though currently and I'm sure that if indeed you do want to get back with her for whatever reason then she will forgive your recent .. Shal we say transgressions that you feel so bad about given this is a really stressful time for you. Best of luck good fellow! ( and of course Yumi too! )
  9. I'll keep an eye out for any increases now just out of my own curiosity - we haven't done any major tests of parallel processing and the like so when we do I'll be mindful of it all. Also aijada- peanuts are cheaper than aspirin where you live?! Wow. Here it's the opposite way round - peanuts and the like are about double the price if you were to compare the relative quantities -ie a handful against a dose Of aspirin
  10. Interesting you should mention that 'zelda - our wonderland is now partitioned in a sense - teh main house etc is through one door that kinda floats in white space with all sorts of wards and runes and whatnot on it for protection (yay symbolism) so it's absolutely safe - but in the white area outside that we create doors to different discardable worlds for adventures. Did it this way as to avoid overlap between the areas as was happening initially - kept finding intrusive beasties in the house. Sure I could dispatch them but one particularly nasty incident scared vixen a bit too much fo
  11. Don't worry about the not getting an instant response - differs for everyone - some seem lucky and do it in a day or two or others can take weeks for something more concrete - of course some are also able to dedicate many hours a day to active forcing too which will have an effect - just keep going and you will get there good fellow!
  12. I think the idea was more would it be possible for a tulpa to concentrate constantly and without break for far more extended periods of time than perhaps the average person would do due to feeling fatigue or tired. Feeling fatigue and or tired is a defense mechanism for the body so we don't push too hard and completely exhaust ourselves (perhaps developed back when we didn't have such reliable food sources) - I suppose if a tupper could ignore the signals it would be possible however there's gonna be a point where it stops due to literal exhaustion
  13. Goldfish cereal? Well I guess cereal is typically served in a bowl albeit not usually a fish bowl..
  14. I wiped out mine recently as I made it before vixen was really developed at all and she wanted to start over with somewhere that was her own doing - so i guess that's also an option in the future - you can always change things
  15. Reisen wrote: "things about advice given and how its taken" < phone quoting. Ugh. > Well yeah but it's also probably because everything you write it so damn well written, honest and caring ^^; I would imagine it's hard to get angry about that. Anyway yeah I think there's more to the story of Mary and whatnot and we just don't have enough information at this time. Sure we will get more information in the future when our good fellow here is ready to reveal it (or has the time to do so!) so might indeed be wise to hold further judgement and advisory content until that time.
  16. YAY! Yeah so hi! Sure you may have made some decisions that weren't the best in the world but hey, your back now so here's to lookin forward onwards and upwards!
  17. Wow this is a really interesting read - I do hope to hear more from you!
  18. I wouldn't necessarily discount any feelin you get that occurs specifically when your talking to or with your tulpa- there's a good chance it could be emotional feedback from them (intentional or not) or could also be a sign of their first attempts at communication perhaps even just as an "I'm here. I exist". Sentiment. Or yknow maybe your just warm but you never know. Belief is a big part of the process so try not to dismiss stuff that to you would make you think "this isn't what normally happens to me day to day"
  19. Haha awesome thanks for the input both of you. Yeah I got you weren't actually influencing the real world hence I was wondering how you saw him eating it. Imposing the two worlds over each other makes sense hehe. Also I guess I sometimes forget it's a two way street and it's not just me that puts in the effort. Thanks again! ( really need to force more ^^; )
  20. And it's times I see people saying that which makes me glad I don't have one - that said.. It would perhaps make me more dedicated to forcing .. At all .. Lately. Damn you gods of procrastination - and no I couldn't be forcing now (actively) - I'm shopping (yes reading and replying to the forum while out shopping don't judge meeee!) On the more serious note - imposition yay! That's awesome! I swear I had some sort of hallucination last night so I'm seriously hoping it wasn't just a fluke! I wanna see Vix' trying to eat my food too! Also as a question on that,.. How did he stea
  21. Others are perhaps more practiced or well informed and may well weigh in on this - but I suppose if you mean you literally cannot form or hold an image in your head then it's just practice perhaps? Maybe try holding something simple like a pencil and looking at it, then close your eyes (maybe even for just a few seconds ) and try to hold the image. If it goes then open and repeat- see if you can extend the period of time you can visualise the object in your minds eye- and I suppose once you have that you can try either focussing on details beyond the basic shape or try expanding your view to
  22. This doth look a most interesting read - just checked out your last three posts and now feel kinda challenged by the tl: dr comment ^^ - good luck with your continuing progress - maybe I'll update this when I know more of everything you've been working on (ie those other two pages of progress rep.)
  23. indeed! just go with it! I suppose you could look at it this way. worst case scenario and its not actually Alice - when she finally does become vocal she can just say "yeah. that wasn't me, but thanks for believing! " belief in this stuff re-enforces your ability to continue, and as some other threads are discussing, higher quality forcing will probably give you better or faster results, and by higher quality i mean perhaps more convincing, or more focussed. keep at it! also.. HI!
  24. God I have no idea how I did that I must have been asleep! I even checked it before I started to post but had another window open on another progress report >,<. Well I've ninja edited it now but thought I would at least point out I did ^^
  25. Been a while since this was bumped - but since it's Christmas and whatnot and hopefully he's subscribed to this thread - Happy Christmas Cinemaphobe and Yumi! Come back soon!
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