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  1. I think it's idiotic that anyone who is actually trying to create a separate being in there head would test that being in exchange for trust. Either trust or don't, or--best option--trust with skepticism. I can't even imagine the mindset where someone would be taking the tulpa thing seriously and also only believe in the tulpa if it passes some arbitrary tests. Glad the vid is helping some people, but the better solution in my opinion would be to work towards sparking better mindsets in newbies.
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    Is this how the cool kids boost their post count, or do these not apply?
  3. When history has reached its end, to quote some Bultmann.
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    Just a thing I wrote awhile ago. my grandfather wears his wife on his jeans. her cockeyed stitches, loose and thick gold against the patchwork mess he wears on his legs, keep him warm while the morning draft claws at his ankles in the early spring. i wear long-johns i bought from Target and they sag and catch on the weeds i can't keep out. my grandfather's grass is green and splays out up into the low sky like fresh wake on the beach, less like blades, more like the springy green sea a near-blind child has always known. my grandfather always asks me to hold the rope
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    What's up, dweebs?
  6. I've been looking into Daoism more and more, but I wouldn't say it's my religion. I bring it up because it's the closest analog I've personally got, though. Misaki, my first tulpa, is fairly Christian. The rest of us are pretty agnostic to atheistic.
  7. You left out this from my original response: I know of no host that has tried to force the tulpa to prove its existence in the way you described. Conditional relationships are definitely not the norm when it comes to hosts that doubt. Generally, the host is upset that he or she can't fully believe in his or her tulpa. I'm criticizing the video for focusing on an issue that doesn't exist, or if it does exist, is rare enough that in four years of interacting with the community I've never encountered it. Yes, I agree that your message is overall a decent one, but this is a misguided way to
  8. My issue with this video is that you cast a host doubting his or her tulpa in a negative light. Strange that you are quick to pull out the Cogito in an attempt to help affirm a tulpa's existence to itself, but you say that having doubt is a sign of a "bad relationship," even though the Cogito arises from and holds its primary significance within the context of absolute doubt. Knowing that "I" exist for certain--which is in and of itself debatable (the Cogito presupposes an "I")--doesn't help "me" know for certain that anyone else exist. My tulpas can't know that I exist, and I can't know that
  9. A tulpa is only a tulpa if you consciously decide that it is, in my opinion. A tulpa is a consciousness (constructed as it is not there from birth) that is supported and controlled by the unconscious, just as our own consciousnesses are, and yet because of their constructed nature (by way of attention) are subject to the host's will. It makes sense for us to treat tulpas as fully sentient and separate consciousnesses because it feeds the belief that they are and allows us to interact with them in a way that feels genuinely as if we are talking to something separate, but in cases like yours, we
  10. Basically this is going to come down to your own beliefs and preconceptions to tulpas. As with anything else on this forum, your mileage may very, but I'm going to be answering from the perspective of someone that believes tulpas are separate consciousnesses you construct and continue to control by way of your unconscious mind. Possession is the art of tricking yourself into believing a second consciousness controls the part of the target body part, similar to tricking yourself into truly believing in the second consciousness itself. If the idea of a tulpa taking many months to make progre
  11. So what you're going to want to do is already highlighted in the last sentence of your post: "Start out simple and work your way back into skill." Start out visualizing a solid color expanse, visualize your tulpa within this expanse, and go from there. As you get better at visualizing your tulpa, add in whatever the fuck you want w/r/t wonderland baubles. Give it a few months, and, boom, detailed wonderland and detailed tulpa.
  12. So, like I've been saying, Beatles, if we repeal the Permanent Reapportionment Act of 1929, we can reinstate a House of Representatives that grows again with the populations of the states, thereby making the Electoral College representative of the country's population. W/r/t merging two thoughtforms, and through the lens of these being thoughtforms and nothing metaphysical or spiritual or what have you, you should use symbolism similar to what Vos suggested. This is a time-tested dealio that works for loads of different shit w/r/t tulpas and such. Come up with a method that utilizes symb
  13. While tulpas can provide support, there is always the lingering regret that comes with subjecting someone to my own mental illness. I'm speaking personally because it's all I really have w/r/t the topic. It also might just be the antinatalist in me speaking, but bringing something into the world is already questionable, and living with someone who has serious and potentially life-consuming issues is a fairly shitty thing to do. I created my first tulpa in an attempt to give myself a reason not to kill myself, and I ended up attempting a few months after, and then multiple times a year or so la
  14. Rather than trying to come up with a philosophically-textured post or a controversial topic to talk about, I wanted to ask if any of you have noticed a difference in tulpas that are exposed to external socialization early on in development (for me, early on is any period before a a few months after first steady vocalization). In my experience, it seems like there's almost a sort of developmental ceiling for tulpas that come around IRC or more recently Discord while still relatively young. They seem to be very focused on constructing senses of self through rp and a list of characteristics.
  15. First of all, if you live in the U.S., and you're going through the sludge pit that is depression or any of its related tar pools, I'd really like you to keep this site open in your browser: https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org/GetHelp/LifelineChat.aspx If you don't live in the U.S., there is almost certainly something similar you could find, or I could find for you if you let me know what country you're in, to replace this. You don't have to use it or anything, but having it around when you get bad could help some. It did me, at least. Please consider humoring me. Moving on to the
  16. What wafflo said. I changed it to boundary. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  17. Wrote the other parts and updated the main post. Should be finished now outside of anything you guys see that needs to be fixed.
  18. That sounds like mental illness, not tulpas. Tulpas are generally an active decision in terms of formation, and also they don't usually manifest as the symptoms of a negative mental illness. Go see a doctor.
  19. I voted option 2, and apparently only one other person did at the time of this writing. While this may initially be seen as, I don't know, belittling? That might be the wrong word. Regardless, I picked that option because it also is how I see humans, too. I don't believe in free will, and our personalities and actions are all determined from the chemistry of our bodies. Because of this, option 2 fits my view the best, I'd say.
  20. Hey, I wrote about how we do this in my (still unfinished) guide: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-focus-concentration-meditation-for-dissociation Basically, after reaching consistent dissociation through this method, Mikasa and I managed to switch after practicing some.
  21. I've always had some level of doubt, but I don't really let it affect my relationship with my tulpas. I don't see a reason to treat them any differently regardless of if they're truly sentient or a self delusion or whatever else have you. My experiences with paranoia were focused on those around me. My tulpas were actually exempt from it. Probably because on some level I consider them a part of myself. Not entirely related, but my relationship with my tulpas Arturia was really shaken up when I tried to kill myself a few times. She and I are still repairing that friendship.
  22. I actually am an antinatalist, which is probably why I feel the way I do on this. I don't think creating a friend is negative, though, just selfish. :p As far as free will goes, in general I don't believe in it, and in specifically relating to tulpas I also don't believe in it, but the reality of the situation is that it can't be known and probably doesn't matter. I just find it interesting to compare viewpoints with the community. Thank you for sharing yours.
  23. I agree with most of that. Do you consider it something to actively deter others from doing, though? I think that if you do, that's where we may differ. May I ask you why you make the differentiation between creating a tulpa to love and be loved by and creating a tulpa for sex/other self-titled selfish reasons? I'm curious as to why you list them as pros when you could argue that the selfish or unethical reasons are also pros if they're what you want. Edit: sorry, mobile formatting made me forget to say who I was responding to.
  24. There are a few common reasons for creating a tulpa, and the reasonings behind getting involved in this process are what is like to get some input on. If you just want to read the OP and answer some questions without getting involved in the (possibly) ongoing discussion, here you go: -What do you consider an ethical reason to create a tulpa and why? -Are there any motivations behind creating a tulpa that you consider unethical? Obviously the answers to this will be different from person to person, but that's the point in asking, right? Learning about the community and all that. As for
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