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  1. I experimented Music Forcing to my three day old Tulpas, I came across JD's Guide to Personality Forcing and yes, Music Forcing is included and so I decided to go to YouTube and just search for a Happy song, saw and remembered a popular one, a song entitled Happy - By Pharrell Williams. And wow, I've never noticed they're happiness, just pure happiness, they jive and sing, Idk if they're too sentient for they're age or I'm just parroting or puppetting but I really saw them singing and dancing to the song. Y You should try playing the song, really good and will surely make you and your Tulpas happy.. (Despicable Me 2 Happy Version )
  2. I have a fully undeveloped, day old Tulpa, yes, a Tulpa. Guys in a site saying my "undeveloped-yet progressing Tulpa" aren't "Tulpa" why? Because they claim it will be a "tulpa" in a few weeks, months, or even years, and yes I know that. A undeveloped tulpa, is a tulpa, right? It will be. What they're saying is my Tulpa is not a Tulpa yet because, it is undeveloped, I understand they're point if they are gonna say my "tulpa" is undeveloped. They say people who started and stated they're progress with they're new "tulpa" "haven't learned proper terminology." and all, bashing all those stuff. Why would the guys posting they're progress call they're newly created Tulpas Tulpas? Case maybe; -Proper Term -Undeveloped Tulpa, and Developed Tulpa
  3. Discord, what you replied is not directly connected to my post, I'm asking how How do you know if your Tulpa is there near you, or do you just imagine them?
  4. How can I "force" my Tulpa? Is it like another term for "creating" one.
  5. How do you know if your Tulpa is there near you, or if you are in a room, you try calling them by they're name and calling them to get near you, how do you know that they were really there, how can you prove, OR is it pure imagination, hallucinating "them" to be walking as you can see it, because you believe it's the point of having a Tulpa, to maybe "hallucinate" them and impose them in the real physical world and you imagine them, or what? Have you ever felt this? Solution?
  6. Came to the point where I have to tell them they're actually "Tulpas", my Tulpa asked me if I created them (have two tulpas) and I said "yes".. Do you think he will even care, or he will react to it and kind of be emotional and all, knowing as they come from me and all.. Have you ever been through this, what solution?
  7. About Tulpa and Reading, when you are like in your laptop chatting with friends, does your Tulpa have a sense of all the typing and all even though you two are in a separate position, or it is the opposite; kind of like you need your Tulpa in front of your laptop in order to read, and in that case, does leaving your Tulpa reading some articles useless? Do you need to "actually" read it yourself for them to understand, or can they read it themselves?
  8. What the title is ^ Do they feed on our thoughts, or we need to actually imagine/visualize foods they eat, or what?
  9. But my thoughts, is bothering me, well. As I said, if ever I think (thought pops) of my tulpa dying, or eating chocolate and getting poisoned (dog tulpa), it bothers me and worries me that it "might" happen, or "manifest" in some ways. Which hopefully not, why is this, and any solutions probably?
  10. Have you ever felt like random thoughts from you ever bother your tulpa or you? ex; a thought seeing my tulpa attacking my wonderland body? even though I know my tulpa is very friendly and respect me so much.? Solution? other details- -has claimed ocd (not clinic diagnoses) -thoughts bother me