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  1. That's pretty interesting. I think my method has been on the fringes of some communities like the lucid dreaming crosspost I mentioned. I also get quite a few of those things described and seem to get impressions and remote feelings from people I interact with. I often even seem to get psychic impressions of other net users. I've developed this sensitivity over a decade purposefully or accidentally reading people and I can sometimes tell what people are thinking remotely. It's extremely overwhelming at times and causes me a bit of social dysphoria from the over-stimulus, and I have to shelter
  2. Progress I practiced the salad of different methods more and began imposing the skeletons again. This lead to more vivid forced hallucinations and other perfect imposed objects, like a knight in armor I imagined. Silly that I can impose a knight in a full suit of armor but experience difficulties with even the simplest women's clothing. I've began getting more and more flashes of my tulpa at around 80% perfection, and in general the images have been more stable. I perfectly imposed my first anime character! Although only for a moment. I had a moment of inspiration
  3. Progress It feels like I made solid progress with the new technique. Going back to my natural affinity felt great, and it seems like progress came a lot faster than with the other techniques. I managed to block out my laptop screen with different opaque colors, and hallucinated a copy of one of the NPCs in the pic at maybe about 50% perfection, however the pic I used isn't the brightest. Apparently a laptop screen is a lot brighter than ambient room scenery and is actually quite difficult to impose over. When I impose GUI like talent trees over the image it looks believ
  4. Progress I'm starting to see really immersive visions and imposed objects. I'm also beginning to mistake imposed objects for real ones more and more often. I managed to impose a humanoid form about 80% perfect a couple times. I consistently mistake my imposed WoW GUI for real, and occasionally the same for anime visualization. Notes Over the last few days it has begun to feel like I have plateaued in visualization. It seems difficult to get past the last 10-20% of perfection. Most of the time my imposed objects are about 20-30% perfect, and while I can mista
  5. seems like all the calls from the last post were right on the money. It's all coming together now. I get the impression of being surrounded by sky, as if I were breaking into unknown territory, separate from all mankind, and it seems... right Progress I started to have somewhat perfect anime hallucinations yesterday, and today they're becoming more and more regular. I'll occasionally have a vision that makes me wonder what else I could add to it. With the WoW visualizations, I constantly wonder what else I could add to it and even confuse the visions for looking at a re
  6. 1/3/2021 Developing Habits I'm starting to notice that it feels very much like developing a habit. There's some kind of complex in the front of the brain. When I develop the habit of thinking in it, everything is vivid, but otherwise it's mostly 2 tone. It's actually rather invasive, and it feels like a lot of movement and information. It really helped to consciously try to use the entire brain and using the 20-60 groups rather than leaning on the 1-16 muscle groups. It feels like it's not that I can't make a perfect image, it's just that I need to develop the habit of
  7. The last week has had some interesting developments as I experimented with a focus on the imagination tree. Progress I'm now able to consistently impose small objects which I know by heart (especially video game objects) at an almost perfect level of detail. Occasionally I'll have one that really makes me double take because it looks completely real. Most of the time it still suffers a minor blending issue with lighting and spatial issues. However, imposing larger objects like my tulpa still presents a challenge, but I'm working up to that level. I briefly t
  8. Notes on the New Imagination Focus TL;DR I broke through a lot of mental barriers Progress seems to be going much faster with this new focus, and a couple notable moments happened over the past 2 days. I'm starting to see a lot more perfect visions and a lot more visions in general, but many of the larger scenes and objects still suffer from the "one to two tones only" issue mentioned before. It feels like much of the time is spent searching out and addressing mental barriers in different parts of my physical head and eye areas. Basically, I hold the "signal
  9. The last 36 hours have been a rollercoaster and I need to post about it because I'm losing track. Image Streaming Breakthroughs After posting the last update I continued image streaming and within an hour I saw some gigantic breakthroughs. I briefly noticed that I was able to hold an image in my mind without actually straining myself, and there was a physical sensation around the center of my brain that was responsible for holding it. This was actually separate from the overall quality of what I was seeing, that is to say there was a slight disconnect between the "signa
  10. I've put in about another 12 hours of forcing in the past day and a half because I wanted to hit the ground running with this new focus. I get the impression I have many complexes and mental barriers to work out and the only way I can get through this is to be "carried" by my hour input. Progress The first day I didn't actually see that much progress, but afterward the images had a bit more texture and a few more colors rather than the single tone I was seing before. I started to see wooden doors and some metal in their target colors, maybe about 60% perfect. I saw a br
  11. I continued to work on the same thing today and eventually got to the point where it felt like further progress was somewhat meaningless with the muscle groups I've been working on. The invasive eye feeling ended up creating a pretty reliable grey background from an area somewhere in my upper eyelid area. It feels pretty strong now and my muscle memory over it is pretty good. Using it feels like my eyelids are turning inside out or some cloud is floating around in my eyes, it's a really weird feeling. I can transition the grey to different colors and the two might be linked, but I'm not comple
  12. Another two days of working toward the "supercharged state" and I'm beginning to cement my intuitions and understandings. The visions are still getting stronger and the state is becoming more regular and I'm becoming aware of the muscle memories associated with it, but it is still on occasion rather elusive. Today it still took about 45 minutes before I entered it for the first time. Notes On Supercharged State & Muscles 31-60 It seems like my intuition and deductions about the fire tornado were a step in the right direction. The state is definitely caused by some g
  13. I continued increasing the strength of the chakra groups in 0-15% light with both eyes open, this time attempting to focus on the 31-60 areas. My main goal was achieving more regularity in the "supercharged" state where everything appears blindingly opaque, but it's remained somewhat elusive through these sessions. I've been labeling it the "supercharged state" because it seemed to only last a few minutes, unlike the regular hallucinations, and after it's over it has been fairly difficult to bring it back despite my best efforts, but not impossible. New Milestones I man
  14. The last few days I've been continuing to increase the strength and duration of my open eyed imposition in 0-15% light. I can lightly impose pretty reliably now, the only challenge is consistency/ duration. Plateau/Difficulty Challenges This entire time I've been leaning rather hard into the difficulty curve, that is to say I've been mainly focusing on unlocking what I can't do rather than increasing the strength of what I can do. Doing this has greatly benefited my engagement and let me see "newbie gains" through almost the entire process. When I practice, I generally
  15. (edit) it seems they changed the forum background, so now you can't see the white numbers on the below images unless you click on the pictures. The last 2 days I continued to improve the strength and detail in messy scenes with my off colors in 100% light. The outer corners (4 5 6) of my eyes have grown in strength and now almost feel about as strong as the "marble behind your eyebrow" feeling, maybe about 70% there. The bottom corners (8 9 10) are starting to feel more like a vein or muscle rather than a small twitch/itch. The first day I entirely spe
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