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    Will start work on Rebecca soon. Check the report.
  1. What I haven't done yet. Checkmate. Not enough mineralzzz!
  2. There's no need in narrating to something that doesn't exist yet. I'm taking my time until I know I can give Rebecca the attention she deserves (over an appropriate amount of time).
  3. *dressed like a janitor* *mops the floor* *Puts "Caution! Wet floor!" signs around* *locks door* Well, it's been fun. *walks away*
  4. Wow, work's killing me. I get home late and just fall into bed or get occupied by my brothers. No wonder I get nothing done. Luckily I didn't start to seriously work on Rebecca until now. I know tulpae need attention and I can't give that at the moment. I want to give her serious treatment and thus I have decided to be patient and wait 'till everything has calmed down and my brothers finally go back to america. Most of the time, rushing things and overloading yourself is a bad thing. In the meantime, I will work on focus/concentration and ways of meditation.
  5. Some men just want to watch the world go on rails.
  6. I intend Rebecca and me to be in a weapon/technician-way of powers (for those of you who know Soul Eater). Who is which isnt decided yet. Maybe she'll scrap the idea, who knows.
  7. Two more sessions have gone by. I decided to put the personality of Rebecca further up the priority listing. Meaning: First step of further sessions: Personality, then work on the wondership a little more. My afternoon session consisted on deciding on further blueprinting of the wondership. Somehow, the whole thing has a spaceship-flavor to it. I may have played too much SW:TOR in the past. It is kinda cool, though. Anyway, the engine room is sorta the center of the ship, behind and below it is the currently empty cargo-room, in the front is now a living/bed room and the cockpit (no work on that until now but it'll be very simple). The evening session right now consisted of me sitting on my bed in the wondership and trying to recall all the traits I have assigned to Rebecca. Didn't go very well, though. Somehow, I had to focus more on the rooms consistency and had little focus for her. This has to change. I'll try to find out more about meditation/trances. Those intrusive images really piss me off, they got less, though. Time: 2h Total time: 5,5h
  8. Making a tulpa would inevitably lead to me being biased. I am asking beforehand to keep a neutral view on the subject. I am well aware that tulpae up until now had no evil intentions (if intentions at all) and very few ever acted up and if, then because their creator fucked up bad. (and you can fuck up in the future, that's what I'm saying) I also don't believe any of the creepypasta that's spreading. Most of this is bullshit. Though, there was this spam-thread in here... "Did a tulpa aid in the plane-crashes of 9/11?" I laughed hard.
  9. Finally weekend and I get some time to again work on my visualization skills in peace. When I got home from work yesterday I was totally exhausted. I instantly sat down in front of my computer and started browsing, chatting in IRC and thinking about my wondership. I still can't decide on the blueprints... Around midnight I turned my PC off and laid down on the sofa. Long story short: I tried to get things done but I was again totally run over by the intrusive images. I gave up and went to sleep after half an hour. I also had a headache because it was way too warm and I usually forget to drink enough during the day. When I woke up around 11am today, I decided to stay in bed and use the sleepy state of my brain for my training. It worked wonders. I could focus on the wondership way better and got the first thing done: The engine room. From the beginning I wanted my ship to be powered my a magical crystal. So that was the first thing I got down. A blue-glowing crystal floating in mid-air. [Template] Now my mind started to jump around to get things done. Next up was a gritted floor at around a 3rd of the crystal (from the top), then walls and corridors started forming, in the end, it looked somewhat like this. I liked this and started adding detail: Pipes and cords on the walls, lamps (not really necessary since the crystal emits enough light), transformers, wheels and all that shit. A little steampunky. In the end, I finished the "engine" with adding three rotating rings to the crystal. No, the interior of the rings is rotating, that's a better way of putting it. The rings float around the crystal in equal distance and are chained to the walls. On the interior are smaller crystals which somehow drain the energy from the crystal and transfer them to the actual engines through the chains. I think this is an interesting concept. I was lazy so I drew only one of the rings. I was satisfied with my results and stood up. Rarely felt so fit after standing up. I will do another session in the afternoon and one more in the evening. I feel a lot more motivated, now. I actually managed to get something done and it stays the same in my mind. No changes until now. Time: 1,5 h Total time: 3,5h Thanks for the nice words and motivation :) I'll remember those words, should I encounter a blockade.
  10. My visualization is on a rather high level. I'm having massive problems with intrusive thoughs/images, though. Read my report ;)
  11. I don't think you'd know her. It's a little exaggerated.
  12. How I interpret it, yes, you should let your tulpa deviate. But he is having serious issues with the form flopping around without control. I believe this to be not normal deviation but problems with focus/dedication.
  13. Jup. Loved that girl once. Stopped fapping for almost a month. Then she "dumped" me, sortof, since we were never together. Fapped furiously for 2 hours straight, came buckets on her photo.