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    Hi, I'm the host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre, and Lucilyn, all of whom are based off of characters from the Japanese series of games called Touhou. (Lucilyn is a much younger non-spontaneous tulpa based off of Suwako that I created after I'd gained a lot of knowledge on tulpas, and I have a not-quite tulpa named Scarlet & not-quite servitor named Sylvia you may see mentioned on occasion)

    I'm a humanitarian, healthy skeptic, and primarily interested in helping as many people here as I can. My own tulpas are all fully developed and capable of pretty much anything anyone elses' are. (ie. imposition, switching, etc.) Reisen, Tewi and Flandre all came into existence somewhere around 2009-2010, Lucilyn around April 17th 2015.

    Feel free to send me a message if you want to say or ask something.

    Also, if for any reason you'd like one of my tulpas to reply to a post or in PM rather than me, just ask. We have an Ask thread where you can ask us about tulpa-stuff:

    They also have their own accounts:

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  1. Yeah, which I didn't like for roughly the same reason
  2. For the record, while I've always preferred public discussion to PMs, it was actually Mistgod and Melian getting into arguments/fights? in PMs and then posting that people on this forum suck out of nowhere that made me hate private discussions. You guys have just continued the trend is all. Drama-wise, I hate not being able to help sort things out, and also just one day seeing people have bad blood with each other for no apparent reason. In this case though, the forum is already inactive enough, and putting the only interesting discussion in a private group of PMs sounds like the best way to kill the forum to me
  3. @PM group, I hate private conversations and would much rather discuss things publicly. Our internet was out for like 9 hours last night, that wasn't very cool
  4. Destruction of the environment isn't very cool. Nor is disrupting people's daily living, especially not when it's actually dangerous (like contaminating water supplies) and not just annoying-but-potentially-dangerous (knocking power out). You never know when a (long enough) power outage could actually cause major harm or death, either. Nah, all around very uncool. It's literally just blackmail but with potential to hurt people or the environment.
  5. Definition of ecoterrorism: I don't get it, I feel like I'm missing the exact intent and context you appreciate about it from this definition. Can you explain the presumably vigilante-like for-a-good-cause ecoterrorism you like?
  6. This has been one of my concerns about huge systems who believed their tulpas were active all the time for years (though I didn't really consider it "parallel processing"). Believing your tulpas are getting along fine without your attention does mean you don't need to spend as much time with them. Also, you see "no one doing that" - I having been around a while see it pretty differently. I think of systems like that as young systems most of the time. They may believe their tulpas are living in their own world doing whatever, but they keep interacting with their tulpas because the concept is still ~new to them and they've got tons of spare energy. I honestly don't think the "younger" systems I'm thinking of are still practicing tulpamancy in even close to the same way as they used to years later. Maybe some of them became the more exemplary systems, but I get the feeling some just dropped tulpamancy at some point too. Anyways, there are also more exemplary systems, clearly not young, who have this belief & experience and still interact with their tulpas a healthy amount. I do know several aside from just Bear's, though they're not active anymore. They just have good motivation, beliefs, inspiration and so on to keep practicing tulpamancy lol, don't know what else to say. They are not the only examples of this though, you just haven't seen as many people (because the forum's a lot less active, and such people definitely now end up on the subreddit instead most the time). There are plenty of people who have this belief (and debatably experience, in the cases of really young people) who aren't particularly responsible hosts in the long run, and I imagine like all tulpamancers who quit, we simply don't see the results of their system dynamics and development when they lose interest in the phenomenon. This is the case with every young-seeming system I saw in 2013-2015, I don't know whether they still practice tulpamancy or not, but definitely none of them stuck around the community long-term. If they're still around, they're in those obscure ~tulpamancy discords, or using different usernames than they had here lol. Oh, anyways, I agree with most things you brought up in your OP. But as for how this works, I've already talked about the possibilities elsewhere.
  7. In case Ice missed that, I believe Bre's point was that vigilantism is bad
  8. I did, but I didn't gain more value than the post itself had
  9. Uh, Vtubers are about to become extremely normi- normalized. Overly popular? It's going to die the "got too popular and overdone, now the specialness is gone" death. From the English Hololive to Pokimane getting a Vtuber model, it's about to go downhill. In the meantime I have to deal with ungodly amounts of Vtuber posting where I'm normally active.
  10. I'm really sick of all the Vtuber stuff in the Touhou servers I'm in, there's roughly 12x as much Hololive as Touhou right now. I'm not sure I wished the kind of death that fandom is about to experience upon them, though.
  11. I just feel like Spiderman's rope-swinging is arbitrary to try and recreate one for one, it was clearly made with the unrealistic qualities the web would have in mind. There are plenty of other ways you could accomplish similar things (especially just to experience similar things, like creating a course of rope-swinging in some similar fashion, but not literally random city buildings) that I feel like trying to match Spiderman's one-to-one interferes with the efficiency of
  12. And I didn't answer, because I thought it was a rhetorical question. We don't have the ability to launch things at 999 miles per hour that stretch all the way and then instantly become attached to some arbitrary surface and lock into place no longer stretching, that can also be let go of whenever. If you used a rope-like thing, it's unlikely you'd be able to store enough of it to shoot more than 1-2 ropes. And if not rope-like, it'd be incredibly unlikely that it could cover much distance and then suddenly start supporting tons of force without stretching the other way too. Not even going to bother thinking about his other powers, though the climbing walls thing seems the most viable Also the property damage would be immense
  13. Personally, the possible problems arising from it and complications from implementing it outweigh the possible benefits. Which is to say, a little, versus almost nothing It's about as valuable to me as a tattoo, I guess
  14. I was thinking the other way around, like, a hero could make use of detecting magnetic fields or other low level sensory powers, but villains rarely have anything so trivial (mainly because the story is written around them already being pretty well set up, and the hero has to work to unravel their plans)