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    Hi, I'm the host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre, and Lucilyn, all of whom are based off of characters from the Japanese series of games called Touhou. (Lucilyn is a much younger non-spontaneous tulpa based off of Suwako that I created after I'd gained a lot of knowledge on tulpas, and I have a not-quite tulpa named Scarlet & not-quite servitor named Sylvia you may see mentioned on occasion)

    I'm a humanitarian, healthy skeptic, and primarily interested in helping as many people here as I can. My own tulpas are all fully developed and capable of pretty much anything anyone elses' are. (ie. imposition, switching, etc.) Reisen, Tewi and Flandre all came into existence somewhere around 2009-2010, Lucilyn around April 17th 2015.

    Feel free to send me a message if you want to say or ask something.

    Also, if for any reason you'd like one of my tulpas to reply to a post or in PM rather than me, just ask. We have an Ask thread where you can ask us about tulpa-stuff:

    They also have their own accounts:

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  1. Lol, that sounds about right, wasn't aware anyone was actually hurt though
  2. I was going to say the same thing as Miri, just "Curiosity". It's usually reason enough, for humans
  3. Huh, if you're sure. I could've sworn there were at least one island peoples left uncontacted, or at least they like, declined the contact
  4. I thought they were on islands, not in the amazon rain forest
  5. Watching my friend beat Getting Over It, it's been fun
  6. well yeah, that'd also be a problem
  7. Inventing the wheel in minecraft with redstone sounds really hard, considering there's no rounded edges
  8. I tried to write a post and it took like 10 seconds to give me this box to type in lol
  9. I've absolutely made both pizza and computers/machines in Minecraft. With mods though, not with redstone
  10. We never really switch more than twice in a day, most days zero, obviously. But we have no problem doing it any number of times, the only time we ever had any confusion was a single time we played Divinity: Original Sin 2 with four of us (no Reisen :\) as characters, and literally switched nearly every single minute to take our characters' turns in combat and such. It was incredibly hectic, and just a couple times the wrong person ended up taking a character's turn and.. it was a mess. But it was fun and insightful: switching back and forth tens of times in tens of minutes gets confusing. But through an entire day? We could probably do nearly 100, I guess, but that sounds pretty awful. No one would get anything done.
  11. Absolutely, lol. But I assure you at this point, even if we switched between all five of us twice throughout the day for a week straight, whoever went to bed switched would be the one to wake up. Not because that's "just how we are" or anything per se, just because of the years of experience. Early on having been different shows it was a possibility, but there's a lot of stability to our switches now, even in the rare times where we do switch ~3 times in 2 days.
  12. I mean, Link was never advertised/announced as a new character like that.. Young Link and Toon Link, AND BotW rework link were all just included in the games' releases
  13. 5th DLC character for Smash fighter pass was another Fire Emblem character... but, they announced 6 more DLC characters in the works, at least
  14. It's pretty normal to have a few nights of confusion on who's switched in, once you guys have switched a bit, especially if someone goes to bed switched. But quickly thereafter we had a period of time where we could basically choose who would be switched in before completely waking up, in the not-quite-awake state, which was pretty interesting. It was basically like we were all in the tulpa state and anyone could choose to go take control of the body. Haven't had that in years now though, now it's just whoever went to bed switched automatically wakes up still switched. Uh, no, not really. That almost doesn't sound weird though. The world can look (just be perceived, not literally look) different right after we switch and open our eyes, it's pretty weird. We're not the types to believe in any kind of "imagination"-y tulpamancy events or explanations, but it literally feels like we just hadn't been seeing for a while, in some way or another, and after opening our eyes after a switch it feels like we're seeing for the first time in a while, even though realistically for the body it was 1-2 minutes prior.