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    Hi, I'm the host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre, and Lucilyn, all of whom are based off of characters from the Japanese series of games called Touhou. (Lucilyn is a much younger non-spontaneous tulpa based off of Suwako that I created after I'd gained a lot of knowledge on tulpas, and I have a not-quite tulpa named Scarlet & not-quite servitor named Sylvia you may see mentioned on occasion)

    I'm a humanitarian, healthy skeptic, and primarily interested in helping as many people here as I can. My own tulpas are all fully developed and capable of pretty much anything anyone elses' are. (ie. imposition, switching, etc.) Reisen, Tewi and Flandre all came into existence somewhere around 2009-2010, Lucilyn around April 17th 2015.

    Feel free to send me a message if you want to say or ask something.

    Also, if for any reason you'd like one of my tulpas to reply to a post or in PM rather than me, just ask. We have an Ask thread where you can ask us about tulpa-stuff:

    They also have their own accounts:

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  1. Every time I encourage someone who was afraid to post on the forum to do so, a mod accidentally screws it up and just scares them from posting anymore again. It's no one's fault, but it is annoying that it keeps happening
  2. I would absolutely let him work for me
  3. (My answer from PM on "What does it feel like to be switched out?") Need more responses, though
  4. You should also search "Rabbit on computer", and maybe "things on my rabbit"
  5. Well, there's probably a lot of people who check back on the forum for at least a few minutes if not 15+ before actually going to sleep. It's my hour-later good-night's that don't really mean much. Actually, didn't Lucilyn tell people they should reply "Good morning" to her instead of good night when she said she was going to bed? Maybe I should just start doing that.
  6. I'm always way too late with my "Good night" posts. I'm often there when someone says they're leaving, I just don't think "This is the optimal time to say good night" until some random point later lol.
  7. Can we talk about the rules that can't be talked about in pictures? Or will the SCP mods still find out?
  8. I know rule #1 (don't talk about 4chan), but what's rule #2?
  9. I definitely... know the names, imagery and characters!
  10. Oh shoot, I never think about movies when I think of anime. I don't remember a single thing wrong with Spirited Away, and I'm sure the rest were great too. That also reminds me of classic animes like uh, Sailor Moon-era. It's hard to say if their dubs were actually good or if we're just nostalgic for/used to the cheesiness now though.
  11. I don't watch dubbed stuff, though. It hurts me. I'm just saying whether or not you want to be hurt by dubs is a personal choice. Except Dragon Ball Z and Naruto, which I will fight anyone on if they defend the Japanese voice actors as better. Except I won't fight because you're just wrong and there's nothing to be gained in that argument. (There may be other exceptions to sub>dub too, but I don't exactly go looking for them)