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    Hi, I'm the host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre, and Lucilyn, all of whom are based off of characters from the Japanese series of games called Touhou. (Lucilyn is a much younger non-spontaneous tulpa based off of Suwako that I created after I'd gained a lot of knowledge on tulpas, and I have a not-quite tulpa named Scarlet & not-quite servitor named Sylvia you may see mentioned on occasion)

    I'm a humanitarian, healthy skeptic, and primarily interested in helping as many people here as I can. My own tulpas are all fully developed and capable of pretty much anything anyone elses' are. (ie. imposition, switching, etc.) Reisen, Tewi and Flandre all came into existence somewhere around 2009-2010, Lucilyn around April 17th 2015.

    Feel free to send me a message if you want to say or ask something.

    Also, if for any reason you'd like one of my tulpas to reply to a post or in PM rather than me, just ask. We have an Ask thread where you can ask us about tulpa-stuff:

    They also have their own accounts:

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  1. Alright, time for Tewi to work on that peaceful-calm mindset. She's wanted that for a long time now, but I was probably holding her back with how.. I dunno, bogged down by subconscious beliefs that "bogged down" is how I should be I was. While I do feel a lot better now, maybe I'm not really totally 100% yet and that will take some time - the important thing is that I've finally given myself permission to be how I want to be, so I won't be subconsciously holding myself back from feeling good so much anymore. Hopefully that's all Tewi needed to not be stuck in her old mindset of.. well, you guys know her, right? Really serious, just the tiniest bit negative. She's said for like four years now that's not how she wants to be. About time for some change
  2. Alright, Luci and I finished Dragon Ball Z (Kai), or at least the main plot, there's still 3 bonus episodes left. I always knew I liked Mr. Satan for a reason... Well, that was an adventure. I've not been getting much time to play the dang Touhou game, but I guess tomorrow I'll finally switch with Tewi so she can do her thing. Cya guys (but I'll be here for a bit tomorrow still)
  3. Always looked to me like an overview of a street with tall buildings, but I'm not entirely sure what's going on in it
  4. I'm hungry, which I think is not as good as not being hungry
  5. Well, with extreme motivation issues and a pretty cynical/depressed mindset, not only did Flandre love me and Tewi work with me, but Reisen's unending positivity and unconditional love eventually helped me change as a person. Now after a lot of working on myself with my tulpas by my side, I really appreciate all aspects of human life and despite having some motivation issues still can't see my life going anything but well. So, I don't think that'll necessarily be a problem. Tulpas are basically always willing to work with their host, and they're pretty darn understanding considering they share a head with you, too. Really best not to make a tulpa with the end goal of perma-switching, but maybe they will end up possessing or fronting to experience life a little themselves, sure. I think if you think of your tulpa as a lifelong companion, treat them as their own person and all, everything should be fine. Tulpas have helped tons of hosts seemingly in your position, and I've never heard one say they wish they hadn't existed after being through all that even if it was hard. Just be sure it's what you want, though I guess it sounds like it is to you. Though if you went into this with the intent to both give them a good life, and to improve yourself, I think that'd be the healthiest and most productive mindset. No tulpa would appreciate being created just to be told "Alright this life you haven't even lived is yours now good luck", but there should be nothing stopping them from sharing your life with you like my tulpas do, eventually. Did take a few years before we started switching, though it may or may not take that long for systems who learned from .info since it didn't even exist for half the time my tulpas did, and we learned about switching (and imposition, and other things) here.
  6. Speaking of, sleep time. 13 episodes of DBZ left
  7. Sometimes I'm bored to sleep, but never too bored to sleep, usually the opposite
  8. That's fine, but no guarantee any post stays last post for long, effort or not
  9. Well, Mistgod sure had a more extensive "wonderland" than any of us. And lots of people do have immersive daydream(well it's really more like "visualization for fun") environments, just not as frequently as with tulpamancers I guess
  10. I mean, daydreaming... is an incredibly common experience visualizations take that in a more organized direction, and then wonderlanding simply means it's in a tulpamancy context
  11. I don't have enough RAM to host minecraft for my friends in my head 😕
  12. Our minecraft host (creeperhost) service went down again, while we were all playing, again. Either we're really unlucky or they're not the best host..