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  1. "All things are either true or untrue" is clearly a stupid rule. Don't know who came up with that one, but they didn't try very hard to see if it always holds up
  2. Hard to split my time between Bravely Second, 3D modeling and the general nothingness I like to do, like watch Youtube or play random games like TF2 or Deep Rock Galactic feels like I'm not getting any of them done
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    So you're not aware that he loves nothing more than giving people despair and forcing them to kill each other well, aside from that part, you're pretty similar I guess
  4. I wonder. Keep me updated if you ever see any progress in this, it's not something I have experience-of-others'-experiences with.
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    Uhm. Well, do you at least have a vague understanding of his character?
  6. Because people I fully trust have reported "astral projecting" (but of course, not experienced anything that would follow as proof it was supernatural..) despite my not believing in meta, my working theory is that astral projection is an altered state of consciousness similar to lucid dreaming. I actually don't believe they're necessarily the same (ie, that all experiences of astral projection are lucid dreams, though I'm sure many are), though I'm sure the body and mind's mechanics surrounding unconsciousness and possibly dreams are at play. This sort of state is usually far less
  7. I just naturally see when something starts visibly affecting your life/others' perception of you as the point where you should do something about it. People's natural inhibitions towards being seen as weird and such should be an uncrossed line for healthy-if-weird thoughts, but when they cross that inhibition line even if they're not particularly dangerous outright I see them as problematic and in need of dealing with. Just as good practice
  8. {Whoops, I see you weren't replying to me now - I'll still post this, though. Also, Bear replied with two links on the previous page just before I posted this} Altered states of consciousness exist and that someone may experience lifelike visualization isn't that out there, I'm pretty sure hypnosis has been used to do things like this for a long time now. For some reason I thought you mentioned wanting to "live in your {wonderland/visualized place}" - I must've misread something because I don't see anything like that now, sorry. If your goal is simply to achieve a state
  9. While it's true this topic isn't innately meta.... I was responding only to the OP who cited interest in this subject in order to help with their "metaphysics theory" they were working on. Also.. I didn't even read any posts other than the OP, so I was certainly not replying to anything you said. Given what I've said about how expectations and beliefs shape your experiences, and how more than I consider possible may be possible, I understand taking the full opposite stance here - that everything should be considered possibly legitimate. I don't like hitting ex
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    Chat Thread

    Have you played the Danganronpa games, Bear?
  11. You can still stop them whenever your awareness returns to your walking, and the "one controlling them" in that time is your brain, just not the conscious part of it you think of as you. You've developed a silly fear with no basis in reality, and since you're willing to act on it to the extent that you get weird looks, I consider it at the point where I should tell you it's unhealthy thinking.
  12. Whaaa? Tulpamancy does not at all require dissociation/derealization or rejection of reality. I'd honestly say it's harmful for the people who practice it like that to do so. Tulpamancy is a learned mental skill, and mindfulness can only help. At the very least it should improve your mental plasticity and make mind-based endeavors easier - putting yourself in a pseudo-coma in bed shutting out your senses is an awful way to practice tulpamancy (I once had to stop someone on this site from doing exactly that lol, and he later realized it was totally unnecessary). Tulpamancy is practi
  13. I feel like someone has to add in the opposing argument, here.. But as with all meta endeavors, feel free to ignore my skepticism and shape your own reality. Old 2012 tulpamancers sometimes claimed they could switch out into their wonderland (or basically just the mental space visualization takes place in), experience it in much higher quality and immersion than normal visualization, and..... their tulpa they switched with could go on living their life in the meantime with all normal mental faculties. I see this as complete BS (namely, the vividness of the internal expe
  14. What's wrong with letting your legs autopilot for you? It's not a flaw, that mechanic was purposely built into your body for efficiency's sake, so you can focus on other things in the meantime The right and a little forward is the natural place any of my tulpas or me not fronting show up. When talking to multiple of them at once we sort of fan them outwards, taking up that 90 degree area. They can still be on the left with minimal effort though, primarily happening when 1) we switch (whoever switches out switches to the left), or 2) when doing imposition, any
  15. oh, wasn't a response to anything I hug walls all the time, been doing it in Bravely Second to look for invisible items in every new area
  16. I feel bad saying this in Bear's lock-merge thread, so I'll just say it here: I'm totally lost
  17. that's basically how that scene went, it's almost less embarrassing than the original (her scream of desperation feels fitting in the midst of the actual game because she's having a bad time and Riku was beyond no help, but out of context it's hilariously awkward)
  18. That's literally what post counts exist for, to show you how much someone's contributed on the forum. The reason forums even mark boards as "off-topic" in the first place is to avoid them incrementing post count. It's literally just how forums work, it was not an invention of the admins of this site. I think the reason we may not see eye to eye is that Tulpa.info has always had a duality between being a place for information, but also naturally becoming a place for community. Being Tulpa.info though, staff has always put the information side before the community side, standing by t
  19. What do you mean by this? By safety, I mean that by not attempting to keep parts of a merge active while they should be merged, you avoid many very easy problems of doubt and identity confusion, sense of self philosophical issues... But as soon as you start having both the merge and any of the merge-ee's active at the same time, these questions arise and need to be dealt with, and a lot of people really aren't good at dealing with them. Also, when I talk about problems with identity and sense of self, I'm usually just referring strictly to tulpamancy. You don't need any
  20. The title makes me clearly hear "Hello! Hello!" from 1:12 in this song It sounds weird, but I feel like I want to "reestablish my relationship" with this song. It was very important to me for a brief time in my life in 2013-2014 and then I just kind of didn't listen to it since.
  21. That's an easy statement to make, but it doesn't sit right with me. I don't think it's actually true that disarming a word's offensiveness causes an exact counteraction in another word gaining offensiveness. The concept of "If people want to use a word to mean something, they will find or create a way" is true, but I don't think it's a zero-sum game.
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