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  1. Adventure Time seems to have immense number of Tulpa-ish and wonderworld-ish references. Even one time when Finn said "I don't want to be imaginary? I hate it", Jake replied: "Your loss" or something like that. And in every other episode I see some more references.
  2. Ебать-колотить. Ты ДЖВА ГОДА ждал тульпу? Ты просто могешь. Твоей няше повезло с создателем. Молодца, анон, поздравляю. English translation: Good job.
  3. I don't remember how and why did I come up with the name Mirraine for my story. Later I've decided to make her a tulpa. Is Mirraine even a name?
  4. Is it OK if I bump this thread a little? It's just that because of my terrible illness (I'd prefer any kind of flu to this never-ending itching) I'm going insane with doubts, concentration brakes and all this crap. I feel like I need some motivation or I dunno. I'm thinking all the tine about that thing - alot of kids have some toys that they speak to and treat as real (the same thing as forcing. I have a plug and talk to it.) but they don't develop tulpas because of it. I fear that it will not work. Sorry for whining, it's the only thing I'm good at right now.
  5. Hello again. Got one more question, but it's not worth of making a new thread. Well, I narrate from time to time. Sometimes I can even force a few phrases when I'm doing something like watching Doctor Who (this is a progress), narrating now and then when I'm free and can concentrate (I have this itchy health problem right now that distracts me (really hard) all the time when I try to concenrate. I wait in line for a doctor in a capitalist country. Russia is capitalist too, but you can recieve medical attention on every day of the week there!), and I've found myself talking sometimes complete n
  6. Granted. Now you're bored at home/university/job/etc. I wish the next person was a lie
  7. Damn it, you posted right before my post! Blimey!
  8. Yes, I think it's kinda logical that most of the female womens want to stay who they are. Like my grandmother Lucy.
  9. Here you go. Now you have non-functional micropenis and you are being screwed by Apple on daily basis (sad, but true). And yeah, everyone hates you now. I wish I could be Superman.
  10. Wow. Woooow. i have absolutely the same damned problem. When I narrate, talk to Mirraine (her shortname is Miri too, lol), I feel and believe that I'm talking to her. But for some unknown reason it's really hard. Sometimes I think that I'm just making random sounds. For example, I've tried to tell her my opinion on Ukraine. And suddenly... I don't remember. Or I don't know. Or i don't have an opinion. But I've discussed this topic with friends alot. I always repeat myself and stuff, but I guess it's fine. The biggest concern to me is that i'm not giving her enough time. I'm narrating for an ho
  11. Thanks everybody. I'm narrating to her now and then. And here lies the problem - I only narrate now and then. I only do it when I'm absolutely free or stopped doing something. In average, probably I narrate 1 or 2 hours per day. Because I've pretty weak willpower and when I'm sitting infront of a computer I have always theese thoughts - OH GAWD FORUMS YOUTUBE DOCTOR WHO DOTA and stuff like that. And for some reason I can't narrate when I'm doing something else. So, if i will do it only for 1-2-3 h/d, will it be enough to make her concious in any time in future?
  12. Granted. You survive, but still your eyes pop out, all your body fluids are gone and you are floating in space in endless agony for all eternity. I wish I didn't drink so much alcohol. Oh, who am I kidding, I wish I drank even more alcohol.
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