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  1. I took a break a bit ago due to some RL problems (I had issues visualizing before that though) and came back to tulpa forcing, and having an extremely hard time trying to visualize What my problem is I am trying to focus VERY hard on making things appear (If I don't focus hard my mind will immediately wander to something stupid) so if I'm trying to describe her or think about her it has to be with immense focus it seems recently. However I'm so intent on seeing something (hell, anything!) I just can't get anything to appear A quote from this guide "When you focus too intently on any sensation you can block it out, you can end up questioning yourself and sensing nothing (the same problem some people have with visualization). You want to take note of all of the details you could possibly imagine, it is better to have lots of vague notions rather than only one or two developed inputs, try not to focus too hard on any specific sensation." I think perfectly describes my problem. I've tried the suggestion of image streaming via a friend and after reading a few things, but as said, I lose focus immensely fast if I don't give it my all, and when I super-focus I'd put it as I'm trying too hard, thus having issues :C I guess my question is, what can I even do about this? I've tried a few of the focus guides, but my mind is just so hectic anymore I can't get anything done
  2. Hello, I've been interested in tulpas for some time now, deciding to make one exactly a week ago. I'll spare all the boring details and get to it: I absolutely cannot visualize at all. During the day I imagine her with me all the time as much as I pretty much can manage, and have sat down for at least a minimum of 2 hours each day attempting to visualize. I've done lots of reading on visualizing, and I feel have a very good grasp on the concept. At the start of almost every session I will meditate at a minimum of 30 minutes, sometimes longer. But when I sit/lay down to visualize her, I draw an absolute blank. Not even a single outline or blurry mess of anything will appear, just pure visual snow. The thing is though, I read in free time and do some daydreaming at work and I sort of get very weak visuals that go along with them. I've tried the "use as many senses and decribe what you're trying to visualize" to no avail. I really want to start getting at this, it's a really neat thing so far