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  1. I was talking to two of my friends today, and one of them was talking to me about how recently she'd been able to conjure up the image of a person (whether it was a character from a book, someone she knew, or someone entirely made-up) and actually see them. She was very clear about this--it wasn't just seeing them in her mind's eye, it was actually, physically seeing them. She said that the vision only lasted for a few seconds, and it wasn't totally clear, but that sometimes they would move on their own--for example, she said once she'd pictured me and then I had smiled. Without her doing it intentionally. At this point my OTHER friend chimed in, saying that she'd never actually seen anybody, but that she could sometimes experience the sensation of someone holding her hand or some other kind of physical contact. And it wasn't always at will. For example, once she had to run a mile (she's not much of a runner), and she was growing tired, but then she says she felt something like a hand in her back, pushing her forward. She told me about it afterwards and said it was very strange. My first friend also said that she could conjure up the feeling of somebody holding her hand, and even as we were talking she managed to experience a touch on her shoulder. She says it wasn't any particular person. What I'm really confused about is this possible? Neither of my friends have tulpas, and neither of them spent any long period of time really trying to get this to happen. They said they could just think about it and it would happen. Meanwhile, I've been trying to make contact with my tulpa for several months and I haven't gotten anything more than head pressure. My friends tried to help me to feel the sensations they were talking about--one suggested to take feelings that were already kind of there, like the wind on your face or the feeling you have right after somebody's hit your hand, and make it into something else. But it didn't work for me at all. Has anybody else experienced this kind of thing--hallucinating these little sensations at will, without really trying for a long time the way you would if you were tulpaforcing? Do you know anybody who can do this? And also, do you have any idea at all how this is possible, and why my friends can do it and I can't?
  2. Wait, so a sofa appeared in your wonderland on the second day? I have trouble visualizing like you said you did but now I'm confused. Did you get better at visualizing? Or does it still feel fuzzy or removed? For me it still feels like I have to consciously create every blade of grass.
  3. I got interested in lucid dreaming a little after I discovered tulpas, and I've had about four or five lucid dreams since. So I was wondering--does anybody else here lucid dream? Have you ever used them to help with tulpaforcing? And especially, what's your take on dream characters, how do you think they are related to tulpas?
  4. Ironic, that what someone believes is their Creator may actually be something they've created themselves.
  5. Thanks, this helps a lot. I guess it was pretty silly of me to worry about my tulpa not being able to make changes to a wonderland I can barely see myself.
  6. I started creating my tulpa about five weeks ago and haven't been able to communicate with her yet, just a few head pressures when I'm thinking about her and, very rarely, an emotional reaction. Visualization is not my strong suit--seeing with my mind's eye is sort of like seeing with my glasses off, everything is blurry and not very detailed. So whenever I'm visualizing my tulpa, or our wonderland, or anything, really, I have to concentrate really hard to keep all the details in place. If I don't, things might change color, or my tulpa's hair will flicker in and out, or details might disappear completely. In the past I always knew that this was just because my mind's eye is pretty weak, since it happens with everything, even before I knew what a tulpa was. Now, though, my tulpa is developing and I'm not so sure anymore. People talk about knowing their tulpa is sentient after seeing them move on their own in the wonderland, or observing noticeable changes in the wonderland that they didn't do, or something like that. The idea of that happening is almost inconceivable to me right now, since almost everything I visualize feels like it's out of my control. I know it's fairly normal to have trouble with visualization, but I'm just worried that my tulpa will try to change her form or make changes to the wonderland, and I'll just think it's my mind being blurry again and change it back. I don't want my tulpa to feel like I'm not giving her control over her own form.