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  1. I've lurked this forum for quite a long time, and I decided that it was time to start posting here. Apparently I had signed up prior to that though, because I was able to get a password reset from my email. I have a semi-vocalish tulpa. We agreed on the name Vinyl, because at the time I was super obsessed with a certain TV show (the one with the colored equines, it actually introduced me to tulpas), and now we just like the name.
  2. "Bye" at the end of a forcing session that I had recently.
  3. Hey! Since my screen name's pretty long, you can call my user, or whatever else you want to. I started working on my tulpa (who shall remain nameless until she decides upon one) around a month ago, and after a small hiatus, we've gotten back to work, and I've been hearing faint responses from her. Other interests of mine are gaming (I have a pretty good collection, too) and music, particularly making it, I play guitar and trombone.