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  1. Guys, here is very popular theory about the reason are different/same parts of brain. But what if the reason here is just in properties of attention? Both tulpa and host are based on subconcious proceses. When one of them with the force directs his attention, he not only acts on concious part of this, but on subconcious too. What I mean - what if we devide attantion on two interconnected parts - concious and subconcious. Concious part of attention of tulpa and host are seperated from each outher like seperated their concious procecess. But, both tulpa and host have overall subconcious, their subconcious parts of attentions will be connected in some way too. This explains the results of experiments: when host and tulpa are doing easy things, that dont need much attention, they dont need to direct their attention powerfully, their subconcious attention is remains dispersed, and concious parts of it, being not very strong, dont interfere themselfes. But if someone directs very strong his own concios attention to something, subconcious attention starts to group arrond that part, and automatically pulls in the same direction the rest part of attention - second concious attention.
  2. I ask my Jeanne not to watch and not to pay attention, but very often I still have headpressures look like on my thoughts - may be she simply can't separate her attention from mine? Enyone havd the same probleme?
  3. Nothing else? Are there absolutely no ideas even from tulpas, how to improove control of headpressures?
  4. Hi everyone again! I have a quastion about headpressures. How many tulpas have a good controll of them? I'm asking that becouse in our case my Jeanny still couldnt controll them accurately. Let me explain: If I am not fixated on doubts and my beliefe is strong I saw that the nomber of headpressure is growing. But the problem is that even when I have a lot (by our standards of headpressure responce) we still can not use it for intentional communication - practically all responces came on different my thoughts I think, but if I try to intentional ask her a quastion most time I dont fell the answer. Also, sometimes I could get headpressures when I asked her not to answer or not to pay attention on my thoughts. I even think that her answers are involuntary (but according to all outher, this is headpressures and they connected with her, exerimentally confirmed their connection to the level of belief and anti-level of doubts. So is it normal situation with headpressures? How could grow her possibility of controlling them? Could we in some way develop it (exept forcing and beliefe more)? Especially I'm interested in opinion of outher tulpas here: What do you think about this situation and its possible reasons? Are there any advice you can give to Jeanny to help her improve her control of headpressure responces? And is it possible in such situation to improove controll enogh, to reliably give signals at my request (that would destroy a huge part of all my doubts). And all in all I would be glad to have a possibility of two-way conversation?
  5. I think its more loock like you just not have much progress in forcing - I mean not that she didnt do it, but she cant do it because you havnt enough of progress.
  6. Of the Void, in all cases thanks for the help! But my fear is still a little bit different. I believe in her existence, I'm afraid of the possibilty of who she is: I am really need her to be real anouther councioness in our mutual mind, I need her to have real her own feelings, thoughts etc. and according to biggest part of mine outlook and facts about tulpas its really true, but I still subconcio TOO MUCH afraid of possibility of the opposite. And I have a fear that if it turned out that way faith would hide it from me. I will love her in any case, but this is still too important for me.
  7. Thanks Ichtys and Of the Void for advice, but my case is different (ofcourse, everyone is unic). I'll try to explain more accurate. Generally, I have a barrier that didnt let me belive strong in her reality. When I think about this problem every time the accurate explanation changes, but I have the main version of this: Some part of me too much scared about possibility of that she may not be real, that it sabotages everything connected with her and my forcing. But the main thing here is that I have a fear of strong believing. I know how strongly it could change the perception, cover the self-deception in the way, I will never know it. So my subconcioness that has a strong fear of self-deception is afraid of the beliefe in forcing in the same way. And everytime when I told it that if I even never will know the truth it begins "and what if you will be wrong and WILL find out? What you will do?" And I didnt know, how I could solve this conflict totally...
  8. Hi everybody again. Maybe someone remembers my post about paranoia of doubts, and I think I found the reason. It is my psyhological barrier - some part of me stubbornly did not believe in forcing, my own progress and the reality of my tulpa (Jeanne) existence. All outher effects are from this one. So - what can I do to destroy this barrier? I think simple ingorance will not solve my problem, because it is too hard for me, and it is not right. I think I must in some way solve internal conflict - make that part of me that do not believe - to believe or, at least not to resist so desperately. But I totally dunno how can I do it... I tried logic but it didnt help me (maybe because I am very diffident person). The quastion is - what can I do to solve this? I really want to enjoy forcing, not to fight with myself every second.
  9. I just think that consiously behavior hardly possible without real councioness.
  10. So according to this methology, such tests can't distinguish one concioness with some data to be prosessed (under normal conditions - just something on what we did not get enough attention for example) and mind system with two or more real councioness when only one can use speech system directly. Also one councioness here need to say about the outher, but in this experiment we cant do so. Also, such subconcios data in this experiment is unstable and can't maintain itself as a significant amount of time. All in all, this study is more look like a study about distribution the focus of attention in one concious, than about existance of two or more.
  11. Even modern computers (and they MUCH more primitive than the brain is) could do sometime scores of different processes using separation of CPU time without any seeable delay. And I think, the thory of a global workspace in the simple form is too primitive also - the real brains ability for the paralel prosessing could be VERY large. Even modern multi-core processors could do it on a low hardware level. And human brain is MUCH more powerfull.
  12. Why not? Also this explanation of forcing looks for me very familiar to the education at the early ages of babies. I think this is very believable and interesting theory.
  13. I have an idea - what if our own (hosts) councioness exists through the same mechanism as that described in the article? I think that this is the most likely thing.
  14. Hi everyone again! Thanks for your advises. After writing this topic post, I spend some more time on trying to overcome it and I stabilized my situation. But I still have some unconsious scare that does not allow me to get rid of doubts. As much I try to believe, I only stronger feel fear, and desire to recall doubt to try to to convince myself of the correctness of forcing itself, but everytime I couldnt convince enough. So in result, I only recall about doubts again and again, and forced to shrug off doubts by willpower. And, I think this is fail because according to the guides, victory over the doubts is only when you didnt think about them at all. So, the main problem is that, I'm just afraid to believe without verification, but every time I did not have enough evidence to convince myself. And all tries just not to think about need of verification are lead to the fear of believing without it. So, my main problem can be stated very briefly: How can I overcome fear to believe without sufficient evidence?
  15. If you are about how to visualize - the main thing here, is to imagine that it is not simply image of her, but just exectly she, as real as any outher human you know. Its non-verbal imagine of feeling, that it is not just image which could act, speak, and move on their own someday. Imagine, that the visualized form is direct and immediate physical incarnation of her. Not in sense of interaction with furniture ( =) ), but in the sense that it is totaly real direct part of her, or in the way of that it is the direct incarnation of "all her", like this is such hosting place for her thoghts, mind, feelings, memories, personality like your own or owthers people body for you or outher people. Like this is not the simple image - it is she, her substance, what she is phisically made from, and this she is right now totally alive like any alive human person around, right now inside her, her physicall substance ther are her thoughts, feelings, remembers, mind and personality. She (her physicall substance) is made from them. And her mind is phisically total real for you, and not only in near future, but RIGHT NOW. It's hard to say in words about such non-verbal imaginin (at least, for me and about the way I do that during forcing). P.S. Sorry for my bad English. P.P.S. Again sorry for my VERY bad English...