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  1. [i do not care, I lead a satisfactory existence as it is, and would not wish to complicate things on my host. (Plus, considering she's in an open relationship with me and take into account the age difference (she's 23, I'm 48.))]
  2. Yes, he can. He changes clothes, but not very often. Only when he feels mega-relaxed, which he then is in plaid. He also can change into a crow, but he likes his human form.
  3. [Heh.] [Well, I would marry her and we'd start a family together BUT since that's impossible (and illegal in society's eyes, due to the age difference) I suppose we'd go to Nashville and live where she's happiest. I enjoy it there, as well. I could finally get to see the Nashville Symphony!]
  4. I'm very lucky to have him in my life. <3 We were actually talking about this the other day...
  5. Paul is a walk-in, so yeah. See profile pic for pretty good reference.
  6. I can hear, see (getting better at that one), and sort of feel when he touches me. He kissed me a few minutes ago, and I felt it. <3
  7. He was a walk-in. I've had imaginary friends since I was little, so I consider all of them Tulpas.
  8. Yeah, Paul does. Very rarely though. He's almost all the time in a black-and-white tux. Sometimes, when he's feeling more laid-back/informal, he wears plaid.
  9. [Name's Paul. I'm in my late 40s. Tall, skinny man. I'm kinda hunched over all the time, so Maddie (my girl/the human on the outside) picks on me and called me Crow. Funny, because that's what I can shapeshift into. I've got black hair, though the black is very slowly changing to a color of which I don't wish to talk about. I'm a smoker, but I don't do it a lot. My music taste varies, but I adore classical the most. Me and my girl are in an open relationship (her, not me but I am okay with the fact.)]