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  1. I am sorry for not continuing this post, but I have moved to tumblr and if requested I might start posting here as well. but in the mean time, have this link
  2. {hi guys, I'm vocal now. Blissharmony is too lazy to continue this, so I will. Plus I will make him as well haha}
  3. You should go and add us all on steam. Blissharmony Zolo Thunderclap Craos there you go, please do not bug us too much c:
  4. Yesterday while I was forcing I felt a bit dizzy (I had my eyes closed) and felt like I would fall off of my chair, I listen to music when I force. It kinda felt at one point that Cheery was hugging me. I thought I heard her say "Stop forcing and listen to me. Take off those headphones." I said to her that I just need to finish and it was like she was nagging me to stop, but I didn't. When I had finished, she didn't seem to be saying anything.
  5. Hello, I believe that cheery made me burst out laughing today. I was mad at my mum and just felt annoyed, but suddenly while she was talking, I just burst out laughing for no reason. It was a laugh that felt genuine, it was as if I had seen something really funny or heard a good joke, it lasted a good few 7 seconds? Anyway, my mood has never shifted like that before. Laughing cheered me up, so I believe that maybe Cheery did this to make me happy and to stop me from possibly saying something to my mum that would get me into a lot of bother. I believe that Cheery did it because something like this pertains very well to her personality. Not even sentient yet and it seems she is already there for me, I can't wait till I can be there for her in situations where she needs help. Right now all I can do is make sure that I give her the love and attention she needs c:
  6. Thanks! I would also like to tell everyone that a lot of the time when I think about her, I seem to get head pressures. I am told that head pressures aren't reliable enough to show progress or anything like that, but I would just like to share this regardless.
  7. Why did you call me Bullharmony on the podcast? If it's a reference to the look of my OC, my OC is part goat ;-;
  8. Hello there, this is Blissharmony here. I'm going to be starting to force today and would just like to make a record of it on the site and would also like others to give me feedback on how they think I'm doing and whatever. Currently my tulpa is going to be a female pony and she will be called at the moment Cheery passion. I will first start forcing her personality and then sometimes her form (although I already have her drawn x3). I am going to describe to you all what she is like, so if you would like to sit here and read about her, then I would appreciate that. She is a kind individual and always like to be there for others, you won't ever see her avoiding someone who needs help, it's just not in her nature. She never says anything that she knows would hurt others because she would feel bad about herself afterwards. She doesn't push people away and she offers her kindness to everyone, but that doesn't mean that she will let you walk all over her. Cheery passion is fun loving, so she always loves to party! She doesn't like to be indoors all day doing nothing, so she can become bored if she isn't doing something to entertain herself. She loves to be the life of a party and loves to spend time at parties with friends. She doesn't get too carried away though, she is responsible and knows when it is time to stop drinking so that she doesn't get too drunk or anything. She makes sure that she and her friends aren't doing anything that could get themselves hurt. She doesn't do drugs because she see them as being an irresponsible thing to do; that doesn't mean she won't drink though. She is able to take responsibility for things. She is very active and likes to exercise, being lazy is something that she will rarely ever do. She likes jogging to keep herself healthy and also makes sure that she is eating healthily as well. She makes sure that she exercises at least once every day. She is also rather passionate about things, one of these things is art. She loves art, not just drawings and paintings, but the whole concept of art. She isn't too happy when you try to discourage her from being passionate about what she loves. She is very cheery as you may have guessed, she is rarely ever sad about something and tries to keep herself and her friends cheery. She is very cheery in the way that she speaks and acts. Sometimes she may be having a bad day but she will try to keep herself cheery. Anyway, that was how I want my tulpa's personality to be like, so think of that as part of the personality forcing. Anyways, I should be updating this regularly so come and have enjoy reading <3
  9. Hopefully our podcast will be useful to users and in the future people might even use it for research and the like.
  10. Funny, I think all I have done today is read this. I have only found out about tulpa recently. I can't wait until I start. Glitch you have a wonderful brain, also I saw in an earlier post something about you having Aspergers, I myself am also affected by this condition (as well as ADHD). Anyway, I won't hog too much space with my words, just that I wish you a lot of luck with all your future activities with your tulpa.
  11. Oh can it? Damn I feel kind of stupid for my message right before this one :x
  12. I know this may be slightly off topic, but what about doing it to songs in a different language? Such as maybe a happy song from your favourite anime?
  13. Oh, if you could that would be appreciated.
  14. No worries, this thread may have been created by me, but that doesn't mean others can't use it to help out with their problems. Also thanks linkzelda for that advice, I only asked because I wanted to be sure. I won't be starting any creation of a tulpa right away because I only found out about them yesterday.