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  1. Already watched all of then but I think I'm gonna do it again. The next person has a tulpa that is shorter than them.
  2. ... Take a ride on a robot unicorn whilst singing...
  3. April 29th, 2014 So I procrastinated on a project that resulted in a serious setback, and that promoted a baton yank from Baldwyn. Needless to say I couldn't speak a lick of English for twenty minutes, not did the sudden feelings of worthlessness hurt any less from the avoidance of my mother tongue. Now I've pulled him back a bit more, and he is being a bit nicer.
  4. Fae as in faerie or pixie race. I have two Tulpae who are like this and boy, Arden really sucks at prompts (see fae prompt above). The next person will read this and either scratch their head or bite their lip.
  5. Alternia which kept them from performing the famed double reacharound. The teens nearby were certain that...
  6. ...forest-filtered light and carnivorous plants which...
  7. Totally ready, although Aerkyn seems to be a bit nervous on the subject. Next person has a fae tulpa. *snickers*
  8. Arden was one that I drew:
  9. 504 Heh, did'ya really think she'd pull trough with that one?
  10. April 28th, 2014 Senior Recognition Ceremony I am currently sitting here with Arden helping me at the controls. He's is really diligent and kid, and handsome, and-- Okay, nevermind, back to the wonderland. Let's do this ceremony. I got this... ...I think.
  11. Have you ever seen the broadway 'City of Angels'? The song 'You're Nothig Without Me' may count as somewhat of an example.
  12. Here is Absolom (Corina):
  13. ...climb back up all their echeladders and...