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  1. Already watched all of then but I think I'm gonna do it again. The next person has a tulpa that is shorter than them.
  2. ... Take a ride on a robot unicorn whilst singing...
  3. April 29th, 2014 So I procrastinated on a project that resulted in a serious setback, and that promoted a baton yank from Baldwyn. Needless to say I couldn't speak a lick of English for twenty minutes, not did the sudden feelings of worthlessness hurt any less from the avoidance of my mother tongue. Now I've pulled him back a bit more, and he is being a bit nicer.
  4. Fae as in faerie or pixie race. I have two Tulpae who are like this and boy, Arden really sucks at prompts (see fae prompt above). The next person will read this and either scratch their head or bite their lip.
  5. Alternia which kept them from performing the famed double reacharound. The teens nearby were certain that...
  6. ...forest-filtered light and carnivorous plants which...
  7. Totally ready, although Aerkyn seems to be a bit nervous on the subject. Next person has a fae tulpa. *snickers*
  8. Arden was one that I drew:
  9. 504 Heh, did'ya really think she'd pull trough with that one?
  10. April 28th, 2014 Senior Recognition Ceremony I am currently sitting here with Arden helping me at the controls. He's is really diligent and kid, and handsome, and-- Okay, nevermind, back to the wonderland. Let's do this ceremony. I got this... ...I think.
  11. Have you ever seen the broadway 'City of Angels'? The song 'You're Nothig Without Me' may count as somewhat of an example.
  12. Here is Absolom (Corina):
  13. ...climb back up all their echeladders and...
  14. Yes, I really hope this continues.
  15. Went on the ferry to cross the lagoon to Magic Kingdom in Disneyworld... So yes, I have. The next person enjoys peppermint tea.
  16. Sorry, Aerkyn didn't flip the coin this time through. <3 Tarrant 505
  17. Alright, so on the parts that needed to be clarified, I will try to elaborate. Emotional/Personalogical roles: Usually they manifest themselves in those events in which that emotion is felt, sometimes visually but mostly just auditory. I've already understood how common it is for writers to hear and speak to their characters. Of course, since my wonderland (at least one of them) is the site of my novel, a lot of their history is involved with that place. One of them, Baldwyn, has talked of a family that he had to leave because of how much pain had been dealt there. He is severely traumatized by the actions that have led up to so much anger. For some reason, I have to find the names of the emotional core of it (not just the name of the character themselves). It is sort of like a true name in spirituality. Baldwyn is 'Zetsu', as in Zetsubou (Despair). He certainly doesn't act full of despair all the time- in fact, he lashes at the others (okay, one in particular) in order to cope with the frustration of so much loss. Dominant Personality/Switching/Possession: To me, when this happens, it feels like a flood of emotion and their voice is completely encompassing, and I begin to speak what they are saying. I honestly do not feel like myself and so when they become that personality they prefer (from what is currently being explained via Mikáel) to use their own names. The most common feeling is that in which I begin to get very VERY sad. I'll begin getting this achig feeling in my chest and my throat will hurt, and suddenly I don't feel like me- I'm clearly different because I'm missing key traits of myself. Of course, due to memory closeness some of them have been able to keep tabs on the situation and simply continue whatever mundane task at hand. For example, so long as Mikáel keeps his mouth shut he can continue to do whatever is going on. This is mostly because, well, he speaks with a noticeable accent. So I guess your answer is that it is more like beig stuck sitting behind their shoulder, watching.
  18. I need to understand a few things about my Tulpae, and I am having increasing difficulty classifying exactly what sort of thoughtform they fall under. The sorts of traits that are displayed are as follows: 1. I hear then constantly in my mind. This has happened for quite the amount of time. 2. They are all characters of my novel, not counting a few that were inspirational and literally began to identify themselves almost as though they'd been there the whole time. 3. My Tulpae are representatives of pieces of thought and emotion that ultimately form the basis of a lot of unhinged thinking patterns (aka one is very justice-y while another is self-depreciating, etc.) 4. Because of how I write, their memories within That wonderland are constrained to only what I interact with them about and what happens in the narrative. 5. The reality of their existence inside my mind does not mesh with the narrative in any way whatsoever. 6. I am prone to, in times of great stress, prone to a baton pass (which I believe is switching on here) (yes I am new), and often I do not go to the wonderland but instead remain over their shoulder, either prepared to pull then back or just completely unable to die to my anxiety. ... Can ANYONE explain this?
  19. I have realized that I can't kill myself in my own wonderland. Even though I've tried time and time again, the longest I lasted was a day before I realized it never worked. I would go out on a boat in the middle of the Lake and just drop the brick I'd poorly tied to my foot off the side, which would forcibly drag me down. I sincerely wanted to leave Mikáel in charge. I felt like I had no reason to live, not with how much uncertainty was unfolding. I didn't know if what people were saying was sincere or another he's true to get me to shut up. I did to know if my love interest wanted to talk about dating or fandom stuff more often. I felt like the world was shrinking again. (This is Mik and I am butting in here to stay that those 24-hours were the worst ones of my life.) Anyway, I will tell you this: don't. Please don't. It hurts and it scars your tulpa(e) and yourself in ways you couldn't bear. Please be careful.
  20. So eight species? I wouldn't know- I don't see birds often. The next person gets interrupted by their internet surfing or blogging by their tulpa(e)
  21. ...A giant glass of chocolate milk that...