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  1. I'm not really sure what the process is for changing mindvoice to an audible sound. Dream literally just started talking, audibly, last night. She did it herself, so maybe it has to do more with the tulpa's choice?
  2. I spent some time forcing with Dream last night, and for the first time, I clearly heard her voice. It passed from my right to my left ear for a few seconds before becoming distinct. I couldn't make out any words, but she began singing to me. Again, I couldn't make out any lyrics, but she was able to put together an a capella melody for us. Best. Feeling. Ever. Her voice is fucking fantastic.
  3. Awesome. I think a Charlotte-esque tulpa who left you random messages in her webs would be hilarious.
  4. I have the same trouble. Tones and binaurals usually work since I can shrug them off as background noise. Anything that has a distinct melody or lyrics, though...not so much.
  5. Dream can fly, bcos wings, but she can also manipulate her hair as if it were another limb. Since all of her hair is a reflection of the night sky, she can also expand it to create our wonderland.
  6. Dream's full name is Mare Somniorum, so I guess "Somniorum" would technically be her surname.
  7. You're saying you haven't been trolled here yet? On topic: I pretty much just use the term "thoughtform." Short, simple, generally avoids spiritual connotations.
  8. Well, did you have a form for her in mind when you began working on her? Or are you just more or less skipping the visualization process and letting her come up with a body for you?
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