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  1. Personally I am indeed a brony, and a proud bearer of all the odd things that tend to come with that title. Even with that said...I'm afraid I can't really pin a direct connection between the two things. There are only a few reasons that really pop into my mind...the first being that 4chan is an odd place and somehow most of the tulpa related things there apparently moved from the paranormal board to the mlp board (only heaven knows why). Another being that most tulpamancers out there that are bronies usually draw influence from the show's characters when creating their tulpa. (Not all, but I can take a good guess that most do...myself included.) It's not really something that you can put a logical reason behind...it's simply how the internet works these days. Ponies are everywhere...wanted or not. But that's just my opinion, there might be some deeper reasoning that someone else might know about.
  2. I happen to be male, and my tulpa does in fact run under the opposite gender. Falls under the whole, "different sides of the same coin" deal. Also falls under the "that's just how it goes for us" deal. Meh...
  3. I almost forced myself not to place my thoughts into this...but it truly is too sad not to. Now I have just barely begun the entire creation process and I can say, it might discourage me a tiny bit if she isn't vocal after five months. But I can personally say that resorting to fear and death threats is just plain sick. On top of that, having the audacity to ask what wrong can stem from it? Think about it this way... That is the basic equivalent of what you're suggesting...and it's wrong. I'm not about to tell you how to live your own life, but please...just be more patient and forgiving, and please think about this sort of thing first. My guess is that nobody here is going to give you advice on how to instill fear. Please excuse my display...it was shameful.
  4. Oh look...an introduction... That's certainly a rare thing for me to do. Ah well. At any rate, I may as well set this out there for everybody else. I go by Evangel (not my preferred name, but oh well). I'll be completely honest about the fact that I'm new to this whole deal, however...I'm far from a skeptic. Been going at the process of forcing for almost 2 weeks now (not much to report on that front, but I have faith). Not much else to say about myself really, so I suppose I'll get to know you all as time passes.