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  1. My tulpa and I literally do retarded things. She just put white powder on her hair thinking it would make her hair white.
  2. If this is a guide, chunk it under submissions please. Also there is a fair share of grammatical and vocabulary errors, so do fix them up.
  3. If you build a tulpa with an exoskeleton (like iron man) in mind, make sure to think of your tulpa and the object as the same thing otherwise it will act differently. I gave my tulpa a bike. She didn't like it and it was never seen again.
  4. There should be nothing wrong with your intentions. However, you must make sure you make a tulpa for the purpose of being together with them and improving yourself(and your tulpa). Do not see the tulpa as a friend who helps you memorise things and spit them out whenever you want them. They themselves choose to help you memorise/recall things; even if you make them forcefully remember things, they can choose not to tell you either. Personally I have an intention to make a second tulpa called "Maya" to advise me(as a 3D modeller) on the software Autodesk Maya, but I keep in mind that my main objective is to make a second tulpa for my current tulpa as a friend.
  5. I, too, am not experienced with tulpaforcing but I can help you with some of the doubt's you might have. 1) I started tulpaforcing a few months back, but I can surely say that my tulpa is someone I would love to spend a large portion, if not my entire life with. Of course, you can dissipate your tulpa later on in life, but that depends entirely on you. 2) My tulpa, Verana, isn't fully vocal yet, but she is the clingy type and so far even though I have her by my side I have no problems making new friends. 3) Like I said Verana is exceptionally clingy, so she does hug me in my wonderland. Though it doesn't feel like I am hugging another person, I can feel the slight warmth of a body pressed against me. 4) I live in a very tolerant country, and my friends and family members whom I have told of about are surprisingly supportive (but who knows what they say behind my back). 5) Even though Verana isn't vocal yet, her hugs and the emotional response I get makes me feel loved. 6) Verana is not yet vocal.
  6. Could it just be the bumpy bus ride? Technically if you're 4 days in it's very unlikely to have your tulpa wake you up or give you responses at that stage.
  7. Verana's a small little girl who's physical appearance looks no more than twelve. Before you start calling the cops on me I initially gave her a design of a woman of at least 20 years in appearance with long blonde locks down to her knee. Eventually Verana took on the form of a little girl by herself but still retains the long golden curls I gave her.
  8. Verana Junine. The name Verana stems from a typo of the word name Verena, which I accidentally adopted and has used it since then.
  9. To be honest since I only just started making a tulpa a few months back, during these few months I've felt shitty about "not having progress" and being "parrotnoid". In the end I'm just worried that newcomers jump straight into making a tulpa without proper planning and dedication, so I used myself as an example. Of course, after "soldiering on" from those difficulties I have learned that they are definitely beneficial in the long run.
  10. Although I just started forcing 2 months ago, I would recommend you guys think about it for a long period of time first. Build up on your tulpa's personality through writing for a few months. Once you have written adequate information to work on your tulpa, if you feel like you still want to go ahead with the idea, then go ahead. However, if you have lost your interest over the months of writing about your potential tulpa, then you should not go ahead because of the lack of resolution. Personally, I have felt like giving up a few times but I soldiered on, so I guess one of the cons of tulpa forcing is disappointment and paranoia during the creation stage.
  11. I listen to a variety of touhou vocals on my way home from school, so I usually let my tulpa listen to them as well. Usually the genres include metal, heavy metal, EDM, and rock.
  12. My wonderland is an enclosed room with a bed, two chairs, a desk and a door. Normally it just feels like a very introverted design, but I was going for the idea of having a "finite space in an infinite space". The door at the room leads to everything and nothing. Normally I go on adventures with my tulpa by leaving through the door, which will then take us to any place we wish. Her room, however, is free for me to add on whatever we want to.
  13. Hi, I'm Karias. Although I've been stalking the forums for guides since last year, this is my first time actually posting here. I'm currently one and half months in on my first tulpa called Verana.