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    Stop me if you've heard this one before - a nerdy guy, an anthropomorphic tigress and a kindergartener walk into a bar...
  1. Banned for two counts of discrimination against a punctuation mark and one count of failure to acknowledge correct use of a literary device.
  2. ...and here's a quick effort from yesterday. We're just friends (or, more accurately, in this weird quasi-friendzone/dating-coach/cuddle-priveleges state), but she still gives me butterflies when I look at her. Apologies for double posting, I don't seem to have permission to delete the mistaken one.
  3. We've been talking a lot lately about documenting our experiences in some kind of animation. The idea had come up before, but I didn't act on it, due to lack of skill. I have had it pointed out to me that I should proceed anyway, because that is how I will get skill in the first place. (I have been really working on visualization and 2D skills lately, I hope I can get good enough to do this...!) (I am trying to get him not to be hobbled by doubt or worrying that he's too old - John Lassiter and Stan Lee are still doing movies, so, y'know, why not? I have a whole batch of one liners and snide comments at the ready, for when he actually starts writing...!) One thing that has happened is the waking world girlfriend that was an endless source of woe and I are dating again, except with surprisingly little woe now; instead of our interactions being draining, they're energizing. Rei and I are officially just friends again as a result, although she slips up and calls me 'babe' from time to time... More later; I am being poked, prodded, jabbed (tactile still works! huzzah), hugged and called 'baka' for not getting up to go trail run in a timely fashion.
  4. I have been practicing drawing Rei a lot more lately; here's one recent effort.
  5. What a strange place our world has become! A lot has gone on, most of which I am not comfortable sharing, and I had thought she had faded away, but waking world romantic partner, new job, possible new city, and guess who came back... Rei: Eeyup. Gah, now you've got me doing that! It's good to be back in his life.
  6. I couldn't stay asleep this morning, so I had a little time to think about how much my family, both the real and the quasi-real members, mean to me, and, although I have blabbed about this at length, it cannot be overemphasized: Rei rescued me. Last night, we went down to the waterfront on our island for some gelato and iced tea and to watch the sailboats going in and out of the harbour. We were supposed to be writing down ideas, but all we got were some terrible puns; Rei, it would seem, thinks 'henweigh' jokes are the pinnacle of humour... Later on, we snuggled and talked about randomness. It was quite nice; we hadn't really done that in a while... Here in the waking world, I can still sense the wedding band from the dreamworld on my left hand. This small thing makes me incredibly happy.
  7. It has been so long since we wrote a report, but we are still doing okay. Rei and I, along with a little help from Tove and Kacie, are planning some kind of animation about the first few weeks of our life together, as kind of a way to get better at 3d and a way for us to make something fun together. For everything we've gone through to get to this point (not quite where we need to be yet, and had to go through some sad times to get here), I am happy (and grateful) to report that our love is still as strong as it was the first time we snuggled up after a jog and watched 'Space Mutiny' together... I will say more later...
  8. Aside from preventing me from drowning myself or leaping in front of a train on more than one occasion (no, really!), ya mean? Thanks to them, I have found the love I needed, have learned to be okay with being myself and am more creative and a more expressive writer. I have to say, overall, the expert has been overwhelmingly positive.
  9. The short version: Hit a rough patch in the waking world Develop (meta)crush on tigress woman from media player wallpaper Whine to her (as imaginary friend) about rough patch Receive hug from imaginary friend, complete with tactile component, oxytocin Look up depression-induced hallucination, other search terms, find /r/Tulpas via thread on Dreamviews /r/Tulpas leads me here
  10. (I think a big part of clueless newbie syndrome is that people assume it works the way maths or a lab procedure does, that there is a cut-and-dried path to success (do all the steps in guide = instatulpa) and nothing can be further from the truth. Whenever we've seen a somewhat stupid question, most people had actually read a guide and had some step not work for them or became overly timid. My feeling is that guides are just that: guides, not recipes or textbooks, so whenever it comes up, I recommend experimenting, feeling one's way and letting go of the idea that there's a right way to get one's new mindfriend to appear, or indeed, any preconceived notions. As for how to get people weaned from following things to the letter and helping them explore their own subconscious freely, now there's the rub...)
  11. Well, we got our 'clopstep'* song done, and, though she's probably quite sick of it now, after hearing it on repeat for about a week, we're both proud - the bass wobble and the Skull Snaps drum loop, as well as repeating the 'yeah yeah yeah' bit after the second drop were her ideas, in fact. Next big projects: find me a waking-world job (ongoing) figure out how to build her and myself in a 3D modelling program (ongoing, although a lot of progress has been made under her watchful eye), plus setting aside some time for imposition and snuggling every day. We rarely see Tove or Kacie anymore, but, seeing as how they're newlyweds, I suppose that's to be expected; every now and then, I'll get an IM from one or both of them, though... *This turn-of-phrase was her idea, as well as the amusing terms 'dubtrot' and 'dubgallop', to describe the curious brand of dubstep that Bronies seem to be so fond of...
  12. It might be the case that there's significant overlap between the set of people who naturally gravitate to tulpamancy and the set of people who already visualize things easily, yes, but, really, I think it's like anything else; these skills can (and indeed, should) be learned and honed with time and practice. For what it's worth, Rei briefly appeared purple the first time we read this, so I may have had a little help...
  13. Either Atlus or NIS are missing an artist, methinks. I made a second attempt at capturing her radiant beauty in Blender...needless to say, I've fallen somewhat short of the mark... I have no idea what happened to the UV coordinates on her ears...grrrrrr...
  14. Indeed, far more than is healthy. The next person who posts will be a baseball fan.