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  1. That's a very good explanation :) A guy I know has arachnophobia and he got it when he was young and living in Spain; from time to time some tarantulas invaded his room :0 he's glad the spiders here are 1-2 cm :D
  2. I don't know how to relate to arachnophobia. I mean I do understand why they might look creepy but I personally think they're cute.
  3. I think I have a little androphobia, fear of men. I have only many female friends but only a few male friends (I'm a guy). The main reason is that I don't trust men much. I think most of them emotionless creatures who are not capable of decent brain activity. I don't have sympathy for male characters as much as female characters in fiction. I'm not afraid of men attacking me or beating me up but I'm rather afraid of verbal abuse.
  4. I'm making a comic (planning phase) about lucid dreams. A couple tulpae will be seen in it :) I just need to get the comic started D:
  5. I currently have 3 tulpae, but I'm focusing primarily on Martha at the moment (Minata and Atlas are doing some stuff in wonderland I guess). From my experience I can tell that it definitely slows down the forcing process, since you have to give them separate time so you can force properly, but there is a danger that the other tulpa becomes jealous for being ignored. The choice is yours to make, but my recommendation is that you force with only one tulpa for at least a while. Do not hurry :)
  6. This is a forum not a chat room :/ what are you expecting us to say?
  7. Well, there was this "voice" who kept on saying mean things about people around me. It firat didn't have any form, but I always knew where it was. Later on, I realized that I had made a new tulpa. And not a good one. It always tried to cause terror in my wonderland and only I was able to beat it. It always had different forms, that's why I called it a shapeshifter type tulpa. No matter how many times I "killed" it, it always came back in a matter of days. One day he even destroyed my whole wonderland. I started to call him "Alias" by the fact that he didn't want to tell us his name. Well, later he told me his name. His name was Azrac. He didn't want to tell it because he knew I would tell it to my other tulpamancer friends. And he didn't like humans. He liked only me. He wanted to protect me and was still holding grudges against all the people who made my life hard in junior high school. He hated that I let those bad feelings go. He wanted me to avenge them or something I guess. Later he changed into she and her name was Lita. Soon Lita left and I haven't seen her since. I'm telling this because I think Azrac was born from my inner hatred towards the people I hate, so yes, I guess what you're saying is possible. But if you don't want it to happen and it happens, just don't interact with it. They will eventually fade away :)
  9. Faemon explained well, I think it's just how YOU see it. After all, tulpae are just products of the mind, so it wouldn't be impossible.
  10. It's so funny that all the posts here stopped right before December even started! Great job, lets celebrate all other holidays month before so we wo't have to do anything on the actual day! lol Jokes aside, this is really creeping me out.
  11. I have had this large building in many of my dreams, its like it's built randomly from corrupted rooms. There's nothing creepy happened there, but I know there IS something... So I decided to add that building to my wonderland. One day, a man told me to follow me to the building. It was completely dark, but there was some sort of light coming out of us. Suddenly we stepped into a hole and fell in the darkness. I found myself in a dark place, trying to find the man who was guiding me, until I found him dead leaning on the wall. Then there was some huge centipedes all over the room! I just used my wonderland powers and flew through the floors just to get outta there! I really don't like centipedes, geez.
  12. There would be a new age of racism. Which is your personal maximum of how many tulpae one can have?
  13. Do you mean neuromancy or necromancy? :D