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  1. You're saying that to the dude who has +100 tulpa who are all copyrighted characters.
  2. If you ask me sanity just really gets in the way when it all comes down to it.
  3. A violent outcry from the public and worldwide reconsideration of beastiality laws.
  4. But first you have to get in the fucking mech.
  5. Giant pool of orange juice so that...
  6. Proving once again just how dangerous North Korea actually is to...
  7. No worries. I'm about three months in now and my advice is get used to trying to address her whenever you can, by feeding her that attention constantly it gets much, much easier. Passive forcing outside of active forcing is your friend. There's no wrong way to do the process if you want to visualize her while you work on something else. That's what I do at least.
  8. Like the others said reading all you can is good, but try not to obsess over it all and recognize that you have to do this your own way as well.
  9. You're doing everything right, just keep doing this more and more and don't worry. My only suggestion is treat her like a person and don't fret about her development. You're literally creating an entire person from nothing, enjoy the process no matter how long it takes and be both happy and proud every step of the way.
  10. Oysters led astray by the words of men and walrus...
  11. That's just great, I would have never thought of that. Faol Mountain you say? Why stop there? Add a giant hospital/nursery for your newborn daughters with a dungeon for 'punishment'. Can't wait to see the flow chart and your drawings. No idea if you can link NSFW shit here but I say do it. Its what people would expect on your progress report so I say give them what they want. Also, I really recommend adding a Whorephange- a place for whores and orphans- in your kingdom. You don't want all those struggling mares who tragically lose their pimps to go homeless do you? And that way they can look after the orphans. Edit: forgot to say. My tulpa doesn't have any fetish or anything, the dirtiest we get is awkward role play and light S&M I suppose.
  12. Make republicans piss their pants over yet another thing...
  13. You should draw it and show everyone. Better yet you should draw a love chart of all your current tulpas and show us all their relationships in flow chart form so we can easier see it.
  14. >2014 > not having your tulpa pony waifu fuck your newborn tulpa daughter after birth