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  1. Yes, the guide uses what the community deems possession as a stepping stone. It does seem I redefine switching to include possession, and I do. *gasp!* So many spend so long working on the simple dissociation, forget complex dissociation, and never even work once on getting the tulpa to try taking control. They spend so much time telling them it requires so much effort and whatever, they never get past that. The guide isn't written for someone who just learned vocality, it is written for someone who has made the conscious decision with their tulpa they want to switch. It is much harder to dissociate when there isn't anything there taking the space. I reorder the primary two requirements of a switch around that fact. Host out, tulpa in. That's how all the guides are written. Not mine. Tulpa in, host out. Once you have the tulpa in, and taking space, THEN work on getting host out. You won't have the body grasping for straws and holding someone in. It is significantly easier to dissociate when someone else has the body. The way it is written it does cover that fact, but also doesn't. It's written in plain language around the other focal point of the tulpa taking control. This entire community keeps telling their tulpas that maintenence forcing, requesting permission, and in pretty much every way, they are a second class consciousness. With that mindset, most tulpas will never have the gall to try and put forth the effort to take control. For those, it WOULD take near or total dissociation for the tulpa to achieve switch. Again, is it significantly easier than they think to do so, they just need to want to. Once they are, we are back to: then host learns to dissociate. Once you get past the mindset this community drills into you, and get both of you in, the host can get out a LOT easier, leaving the tulpa by themself. *gasp!* Wait! That IS the definition of a switch. There are steps, a progression plan, and other key aspects of a guide. It is written such that you cannot easily pick up on them. This was done entirely on purpose. This is only one place I have shared this guide. I have shared it with a few private who have been struggling. I have shared it on the irc community. It may go directly against the definitions and accepted knowledge, but that is the point, and while I understand you may want it laid out differently and reworded, I do not feel that is appropriate. I do not believe in any drastic changes for the simple fact that for those I have shared it with, it has been working.
  2. Actually, not really. The other two guides on switching on here stress the importance of dissociation before switching. That's the least of things that needs to happen. They have whole procedures for how to learn dissociation. Switching is effectively the tulpa taking executive control of the body. They are primary on who is attached to senses, and determine what the body is going to do; while the host does not. This is the key thing most people don't realize. You switch control. State of host is entirely secondary. You don't need to completely dissociate to switch. You can still be present, in a relaxed state. That is entirely different from any other guide I've seen, and entirely true. Just because you're present does not mean you need to be in executive control. What happens with the host after they lose primary control is entirely up to their own level of experience. Once the switch has occurred, there are numerous outcomes for the non-primary. Which one happens, if they "ride shotgun", or dissociate and "go inside", or just black out.. that does not matter. The key element in switching is the act of the tulpa taking primary control. Again, the other two guides stress the importance of letting go, while mine says that is precisely the problem many face. They spend weeks, months, or years of effort on learning to let go when really, it is only a matter of working the tulpa up to the point of taking control. If you would like an example of why I know pre-dissociation isn't required... ever have a tulpa force a switch to grab the wheel of a car travelling at 55mph to pull a hard right into a parking lot for coloring books? I had a few seconds notice as she rushed forward and managed to slow down so we didn't roll the car. Someone else took control from her because I was a bit shaken to do it and got us parked. Was it wanted? No. Did I spend effort trying to dissociate first? No. Did the tulpa do it anyway because of strong desire? Yes. As I said in the guide, and will say again, once they exist, they exist on equal footing. Every other guide I've read has made pre-dissociation a key element.
  3. Author's Introduction Hello, forums. First, I am not active here a lot. You might be wondering why someone who seems so new might be writing a guide. Let me introduce myself. I am Seven, one of a system of six. We are a DID system of four, with two tulpas. We can't 'possess', because all we have is switching. We have been quite reckless in how we have handled tulpas, because we are already used to headmates/alters. A friend had a want to switch, and we shared what was learned from the recklessness, and that might help a few of you out. That said, let us begin, shall we? State of the Tulpa This is the first bit I firmly believe most have wrong. You spent time forcing, they became active, you both talked about switching. If you're to this point, first thing holding people back is preconceived notions and perceived limitations. We have had similar results with both of our tulpas, and know that most of what people say they can or cannot do falls in line with what they are told they can or cannot do. If you ignore all that, they can do a whole lot more than you think they can. People talk about the required forcing, weakening if you don't strengthening if you do, fading, and other rubbish with tulpas. Why rubbish? It is. Once they exist, their existence is as much, if not more, on them than the host. Our Kara, when she became who she is, we wanted her to fade. She got stubborn, and only calmed down once we accepted her. Many say you need to maintenance force, and I firmly believe that's only true if they believe it to be true. Neither of our tulpas believe it, we don't force them, and they are as much of us as the rest with no signs of going away. So first step is breaking free of the notions and limitations and them realizing they have control over their own destiny and have every right as you to exist. Losing Control You want to switch? You're the host? You have the easy job. Let go. That's all. You know what's going to stop you? I can tell you. Trust. Ever see that trust exercise where you cross your arms, and fall back into your partner's hands? Trade hands with mind. You simply let go and let yourself relax and fall back into your own mind. Want some tips to get started if you're having problems? Don't tweak out on caffiene before you begin trying. Avoid the sugar. Put on some relaxing music, and I don't mean 300bpm techno. Your first switching experiences will likely be with you still partly there, so don't expect to drop completely out before they take control, you just need to relax enough they can. It is a lot easier than it sounds. Once you repeat it a few times, and as they get better and better control, you'll learn how it feels and be able to fall farther and farther out. To expand on this just a little bit, and make it absolutely clear.. some think it requires total dissociation from the body to achieve switching. Whoever told you that probably doesn't know how to switch, or you're reading a guide by someone who doesn't do it. You can switch perfectly fine into a backseat role by simply relaxing. You aren't dissociated, you are still there, but so are they. No need to get entirely out, just relax and let them control. Entirely out will come with time. So step two is simply learning to relax. Taking Control This one is for the tulpa. You have the hard job. Odds are, your host has drilled into you that they must force you to exist or you'll stop. That you must go through months or years of rigorous training to be able to switch. That you must be given permission, forced enough, or yada yada yada. Screw all that, it's a lie. Do you exist now? If the answer is yes, from our experiences, and from your answer, that means you exist. Your host would say they exist. Puts you on a pretty equal playing field. The only one that matters anyway. All those things that others say limit you, or you must do before, or whatever else? Toss them out the window. The only two factors that matter before being able to switch are: do you want to switch in, and does the host want to switch out. That is all. There are no other limitations. Do note, it really only takes one of those to cause things to happen. If they want to switch out and you don't want to switch in, the body might end up grasping at straws and forcing it to happen for you. Flip side, if you decide you want to, and they don't, things can get a bit blendy. Really though, it just comes down to a matter of doing. Not wanting to do, not thinking about doing, nothing about the lead up. That is where most get it wrong. There is no need for lead up to the act of taking control. You just need to take control. If you want to switch and host wants to switch then they just need to relax and you need to step up to the plate and do something. You both getting ready to try? They not relaxing? Tell them to. Boss your host around. You need to realize, if you can't make a demand of your host and tell your host what to do to help the process in any way that benefits you taking control, then you're not taking control, and will find taking control of the body nearly impossible. See a pattern there? Take control! So step three is realizing all it takes is taking control and not waiting to do so. Baby Steps The flesh can be weird. At first, your experiences will likely be short lived as the host panics. Adrenaline and other hormones affect things a bit, as you are sharing one fleshy, human body. Don't worry, you all will move past that as you both learn your roles better during switching. Keep at it a while and it will become second nature to be able to tell your host you want to take a few hours in the evening to talk to your friends, or want to schedule a part time job three nights a week for yourself, or whatever it is you decide you want to do with your portion of life. Why do I say your portion of life? Step four is accepting you are you and exist along side your host and do not rely on them. The Actual Process What? What are you expecting here? You already know it by now if you've been reading along. There isn't magic to it. You just need to go and do it and stop telling yourselves it needs to be worked up to. Some Final Words Whoever the tulpa is just needs to realize, once they exist, they no longer rely on the host for sustenance or permission for anything. The host created them, and in doing so, instilled in them every right to exist as they, themself has. In this realization, they are no longer a construct, but a being on equal footing to the host. You both have as much right to life as the other. Once you both truly, deeply understand this, you will both be able to share life and the fleshy body you both inhabit. Do not let others tell you what your limitations are or what you can or cannot do. That is entirely up to you. Once you do learn to share and share alike, then do make sure you make time for each other to both enjoy what parts of life you enjoy most. You have a shared life experience, and both of you will need to learn to work out a schedule for who gets to do what in daily life now. Additional Note You may notice, once the process starts, the host can snatch back the body easily and quickly even when they do not want to. As reckless as we have been and offering control around and ignoring rules has still shown one single rule to be true. However it is not limited to just switching, but all of life. Whoever spends the most time in the body will be the most practiced with it, and generally win battles over who gets it. Can be a nuisance when you first get started, but as you both share time more and more, you will find yourselfs both practiced and on more equal footing. -Seven and Aegis
  4. You know, I never did do an intro thingy. I've been active on since December. I'm a weird one around here. DID system with tulpas. Actually created my account because someone else alerted me to someone who was posting that matched DID more than tulpa and needed help. So, anyway, us... Alters/Headmates/Hosts/Whatever Aegis - Primary front anymore. Part of the reason we seem to be so inactive lately, since he doesn't talk very much. Internally a scimitar toothed cat. Gruff. Handles work for us and drives. Seven - Previously main front. Me writing this all. Most social of us. Internally a dragon. I tend to be the scientist of the bunch. Lately, just black out most of the time while Aegis fronts. Belle - Fronts sometimes. Heavy drinker. Likes to be social but easily turns moody and vindictive. Inside an anthro cow. Babysits the little a lot inside. Demetria - Most recent addition. Fronts when triggered. REALLY want to figure that one out. She cuts us with a razor blade. Form inside doesn't seem to be stable. Hates 'taint of being animal'. The Tulpas Kara - Created accidentally in Jan. Internally a wolf, jumps between anthro and quad anymore. Spent a few months self imposing. Personality of a 4 year old. 100% deviant from anything we expected. Can force herself in front which is not a good thing. Penchant for ice cream and chicken nuggets. Enyo - Belle started on her in March, and introduced to me on mother's day. Meant to be a playmate for me (Seven) as she's a gryphon inside who can fly. We hit it off better than well, more or less mates inside now. Helps keep Kara busy inside. Apparently cofronts with Aegis during work to help with customer service when I am out cold. Is there a difference between the two lists? I'll put it this way. They are different enough, I can tell you they are not the same, but in the end, we're all sharing space in the head so it really doesn't matter one way or another. To give a simile, there's plenty of different types of things that drive on a road from motorcycles to cars to semi's and those are different too, but in the end, they all drive on the road. Few other things. We consider ourselves all therians or otherkin, depending how you look at it. If you're rolling your eyes and saying 'oh great, a plural and a therian', then you really don't know me very well. I think it's a psychological manifestation that originates at an early age when children with identity issues are exposed to media, and creatures that are heavily romanticized are incorporated into their core psyche at an early age, thereby affecting their personal identification later in life, even if the stimulus is removed. Also explains the density of dragons, wolves, and large cats in the communities which are all heavily romanticized in western culture. Not really anything spiritual about it, just brain given a framework in youth and filling in blanks by adulthood. Anyway Feel free to PM or whatever. If you see on IRC, normally idle as Seven though if power flashes it reverts to Kara. Belle's on sometimes too. Aegis rarely.
  5. Hi from us! We are a non-disordered multiple running around the tulpa community. Three of us consider ourselves hosts, and we have two tulpas that were created. The hosts are all equals in this. From the IRC you might recognize Belle, Seven, or Aegis if you hop on there. That's us. Lately we've been swapping out days. I was primary for so long we just kinda default to that identity as the host, but really, I've had two days of face time in the last week. I think Belle had two and Aegis had most of the rest, other than a short stint given to Kara, one of our tulpas. Switching? We call it fronting. Different community, different terminology. We do that. Never did figure out partial possession, we just trade the body like a meatsack. Our word about ourself, if you find it offensive, then don't call your own that. We like the word for us. None of us like ours. We are co-conscious, when people feel like paying attention. Not when we don't or are sleeping. I don't very often when I'm not in front, because the new tulpa is very distracting. I'll leave out the details. She's a playmate who can fly with me, and we get along really really well, and she's... I'll stop gushing. I'm distracted from bothering with real life when I'm not partaking of it. So enough about us. Sounds like you're in a similar boat. If you weren't actually created, there's a number of other things you can be. Not every type of entity sharing a head is a tulpa, no matter what people around here will say. Regardless though, you need to learn to share, and share alike, and function as a singlet so you can be part of regular society. It isn't hard. Takes some effort, but you can learn to approximate one another enough that switching isn't an issue. The body is the body so just practice the voice of whatever you want to consider 'you' as a person, no matter who's speaking. Trust us, it can be done. If you want to hit us up... IRC Belle, Seven, Seven[E], Aegis are us. Once in a while Kara or Enyo. Feel free to ping us. Hail gave a heads up and a couple have seen this so we should be good to answer quetions. Finally created an account here... you're welcome. Been around IRC for half a year, and multiple a 'wee bit' longer. Oh, and taking a few days off and hanging out in headspace... if that's the gist of what you say by your title... 2 claws up.