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  1. Thank you for the replies, very helpful! ((And good to know that I am likely not completely crazy)). Warm regards, Perocore
  2. Alright, so I ended up here not because I had any desire to create a tulpa, but that the general definition of a tulpa is what met up best with the entity that I "met" in my own brain. It was simply what happened when I was experimenting with lucid dreaming. Peculiar things started happening within my dream (it was raining kittens), and I ended up "pausing" my dream to converse with (or complain to) what I referred to as my subconsciousness. So, I suppose I'm curious as to whether or not anyone has ended up with a tulpa without intending to? And can he be classified as a tulpa, even though I've made no effort to create him? Nor can I edit/manipulate his actions, or personality, or general appearance. It seems that once I ask something like; "Well, what do you look like?" he answers it, though words are usually only reserved when I visit him in "wonderland" during my lucid dreaming adventures. The only vocalization I can "hear" when conscious is his occasional laughter or other not-word-noises. Sorry if the questions don't make any sense! Warm regards, Perocore Edit; Just read another thread in regards to this that confused me, so I'm just going to explain it a bit more. It seemed that I felt some sort of not-me thing in my lucid-dreaming, and kind of latched onto it. I don't know if it counts as a tulpa though. I had no visual of him until I demanded a visual representation of him. He also didn't have a "voice" until I started attempting to converse with him. So I didn't create the initial...beginning of an entity, but once I noticed it I started forcing or encouraging development. I think a more appropriate general question would be if he counts as a tulpa, or not. And, if not, then what the heck is he?
  3. Howdy, all. Name's Perocore, I usually go by Pero. I stumbled upon the concept of tulpae after I described a curious thought I'd had for a few years. Someone directed me to this site, and I was shocked and pleased to find that tulpae are exactly what I'd been wondering about. I have never actually put forth an effort to create a tulpa...but I think I have one..? I'll refrain from dropping multiple paragraphs here. So, ah, hi, nice to meet you all.