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  1. I'll add a +1 vote for joshua, and a slight note about the quote above "from" me differs from my actual votes on the last page, I don't know what exactly happened there.
  2. Quilten +1 Quora -1 sushi +1 Dog -1 Swashy +1 Fennec -1 Kronkle +1 My experiences with Quora and her system suggest that they are in this for political reasons rather than actual concern or interest, so I cannot in good conscience vote them up. This is putting how I feel about their participation lightly. Similarly, I cannot vote Dog in because the few interactions I've had with him suggest he can be immature at times and has been known to be a bit of a troll. I feel that the Guide approval team should have a constituency of members that have had more positive experiences with tulpas; for this reason I feel fennecgirl would not make a good candidate, especially because of the recency of certain negative events in her tulpamancy experience. I've upvoted all others, but have no experience with Sushi or Quilten. I do seem to remember that Kronkleberry can be angered a tad more easily than would be optimal, but I do not feel that that should disqualify them from this because of the mostly nonconfrontational work done in the GAT.
  3. The majority of Gat discussions take place outside of irc.tulpa.info, so in their context the server does not default to it when bringing up "The IRC."
  4. I'll change my nomination from Joshua (Who can't do it due to his home situation) to Kronkleberry; They also come from the reddit part of the community and have been with it since the very beginning, and seem to have a good reputation throughout various parts of the community.
  5. I'm withdrawing the joshua nomination, he's out of commission for a while (and was active in the reddit part of the community for what it's worth.)
  6. I'd like to nominate Joshua, He's from the redditulpas part of the community and seems to be on the level. I talked to him and he seemed like he'd be alright with it. Please add a reason to your nomination Quora.
  7. schlondark


    I honestly feel that new blood is not what the GAT needs due to the influx of misinformation involving vocabulary and the constant drive the community seems to have to redefine solid terminology. It may not be the worst Idea but after the previously-submitted guides were taken care of the amount of activity required has decreased significantly. Symbolism is a powerful tool, but it is generally meant for only one mind to make use of, its creators. Giving a writer or an artist a sculptor’s toolset and expecting them to be able to extrapolate the information they need from it is pointless, it literally is not meant for them. Symbolism in and of itself is not detrimental to a guide’s content, but symbolism is by no means universal and is something that often lacks any semblance of substance to it, despite it working for a select few. Tl, dr; Symbolism is often used as a substitute for substance and this is not something the GAT approves of. The GAT should have the ability to disapprove of any guide it so chooses without being constantly criticized for doing so, the very point of the organization is to separate the guides that are not fit to be publically recognized – even if the guide’s purveyor is of high standing within the community. Authority is no excuse for the creation of a poor guide or the spreading of misinformed ideologies; neither for that matter is the self-declared expertise that seems to riddle some of the guide-making populace, which is a large part of why some within the community are at odds with the GAT.
  8. THey're there forever, them loving you or vise versa probably won't hurt much. Animals can't see tulpas but they can read your body language; they can simply be reacting to the fact that you feel something is there.
  9. It is quite possible that it is a second tulpa, but the choice as whether or not to accept it is up to you. The heart tingle could easily be a "mainfested" emotion, but its up to you t o make of it what you will.
  10. A spontaneous movement can be taken as a sign of sentience and would be positively reinforced by doing so. Feel free to accept it and take it at face value, there is only gain to be had, as mistaking it for sentience would in no way set you back.
  11. Agree with recommendation to move to general discussion
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