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  1. WE seem to have a lot of issues when it comes to guides dealing with symbolism, so perhaps they deserve something of their own section. That said I'd disapprove by current standards for the aforementioned possibly jarringness of this technique, and the possibility that this could backfire via intrusive thoughts.
  2. using it's imagination -> its approved for tips; I've seen this sort of thing before but I dont know if it was typed out even as "fully" as this one is so this probably deserves a spot there.
  3. Jared from subway approves for tips
  4. Approved. Looks professional, has minimal if any spelling/grammar issues and is presented pretty well, though I don't know about it being put in guides as it really isn't written like one. I'd Definitely like to see it in resources or tips and tricks, as it is quite good for what it is.
  5. its interesting how misleading the typesetting can be - the last part literally begins with "WHY YOU SHOULDNT CREATE A TULPA" in bold. Short and nothing too new, but doesnt add enough content to stand alone as a guide so I'll say its tipoworthy for now.
  6. I don't really know where I'd put this... It originally seemed like something that could be at home in resources, but upon inspection it wouldn't really fit in. I'll go with the majority so far here and relegate it to tips and tricks for lack of a more specific area that it would fit better into.
  7. >>and to respect each other's wishes and limits. Wow, great advice. >>Worrying and doubting is cancerous to the learning process, so try to stay observant and optimistic. Could be frontloading and is a bit hostile considering the connotations of the word cancerous. Encouraging belief is fine but persecuting (for lack of a better word) nonbelief isn't >>If you're bothered by doubts or worry during the process, belief implanting might be helpful. It can help you get rid of the doubts that are limiting you, and make the process easier through positive reaffirmation.
  8. Was what I was after Approved For Resources
  9. -Force More is legitimate advice. Force More. -Perhaps provide a link or explanation on colored noise. -You talk about the "state" but don't necessarily say what it is -Intrusive thoughts can be a major issue that you seem to gloss over (in the original paragraph), simply asking the tulpa if it was them can produce their response in tandem with a respones that says the opposite: i.e. "Was that you?" "Yes, No." -Part of the assumption of parroting seems to be the fact that tulpic speech (especially early on) has to do with what the host is consciously thinking about at the time which se
  10. -You needn't sell yourself short in your introduction, it may frontload people into not taking your guide seriously -The first paragraph seems unnecessary -Second Paragraph seems grammatically awkward -"The body must be in alignment" What? -"Zafu Meditation Cushion" -"Directly onto the floor" Should be "Directly on the floor" or even just "on the floor." -"Visualize Stronger" -> "Visualize Better" -"Personally I always think their descriptions missing something and so have decided it's a very personal experience. " Do you feel you have overcome the apparent feeling of missing somethi
  11. I'll add a +1 vote for joshua, and a slight note about the quote above "from" me differs from my actual votes on the last page, I don't know what exactly happened there.
  12. Quilten +1 Quora -1 sushi +1 Dog -1 Swashy +1 Fennec -1 Kronkle +1 My experiences with Quora and her system suggest that they are in this for political reasons rather than actual concern or interest, so I cannot in good conscience vote them up. This is putting how I feel about their participation lightly. Similarly, I cannot vote Dog in because the few interactions I've had with him suggest he can be immature at times and has been known to be a bit of a troll. I feel that the Guide approval team should have a constituency of members that have had more positive experi
  13. The majority of Gat discussions take place outside of irc.tulpa.info, so in their context the server does not default to it when bringing up "The IRC."
  14. I'll change my nomination from Joshua (Who can't do it due to his home situation) to Kronkleberry; They also come from the reddit part of the community and have been with it since the very beginning, and seem to have a good reputation throughout various parts of the community.
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