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  1. Jeeze, I leave for several months, and you people are still messing around on this thread? Ya'll gotta come to conclusions some time.
  2. Me helping? Preposterous! That's way too out of character for me. I blame a variety of minorities and immigrants for this transgression!
  3. Thanks guys. Your help has been inspiring. /sarcasm I did have one person in the IRC try to help. Sorry, whoever that is. I can't quite remember your name, but you did help. Basically, whoever it was advised me that I may have been stuck in a creative rut; that I should try something new. Did that, and what do you know! It worked! I tried forcing with some background light (before I'd darken the room so that there was almost no light), left some music on, and perhaps most importantly, sat in a chair instead of lying in bed. It worked, and I could focus much better than before. I think wh
  4. Oh boy! 4 days since an update! Here's why: my sessions have been absolute shite. I've only been able to stay around Pez for very short times in wonderland. My visualizations have been disturbingly nill, and it's very difficult to hear her voice now. Frankly, I'm a bit lost on what to do. I believe I'm having trouble settling my thoughts, but I have no idea how to do that better. Any help would be much appreciated. And Fede, I'm completely serious when I say don't mention your tones. They don't work for me.
  5. I've noticed a disturbing trend. Tulpa life-coaches, yo.
  6. Next step, compile tones. /sarcasm In seriousness, I like these guides.
  7. Haven't you already recommended those in this thread?
  8. 2 missed sessions. I'm still having great trouble narrating during the day. Today was a special exception. Some new OTC's I used for my allergies knocked me right the fuck out. I couldn't focus on a God damned thing. But Thursday as well, I couldn't think to narrate. I just couldn't remember to, for some reason. If I don't remember to narrate, I'm not listening, so Pez can't just pop up and ask, "Hey, what's up?" unfortunately. If she could, it'd be much easier. Alas, I am stupid, so she can't. Good news: The "tattoo" I talked about a while ago is almost fully subconscious. I always see
  9. Fools! Here's the news: updates might get a little flaky or they might suddenly stop being flaky. Depends whether school starting up puts me into a schedule or just takes up my time. Anyway, I guess I'll go ahead and report even the mildly boring stuff, mainly because none of it SHOULD be boring. I'm making a separate person inside my head. Really, I could hate myself for finding any part of this process boring if I stopped to think. Luckily, I won't stop to think. Instead, I'll type. Mmmk, so Pez is displaying her sentience in nice, easily identifiable ways. A few days ago, I told her t
  10. Backtracking is pretty neat. Talked with Pez, and she said I didn't focus enough on personality with her. I couldn't really disagree, since I'd only done it for about an hour, so we sat and talked about her personality, and what it means in regards to how she treats people. Turns out, she's pretty nice, and she likes to be around people. Go figure, a polar opposite of me (according to here, that's not uncommon). More personality work to come, though, so we'll see how opposite she turns out. Other than that, continuing learning how to listen to her better. The ear-twitching I described ea
  11. Good luck with those NW winters and windstorms. They're fun times.
  12. I'd kill people. /sarcasm Ontopic: I'd get off my ass and do stuff other than sit around on tulpa.info.
  13. I update, finally. So here's the thing. I've been holding off on updating because not a whole lot has happened. I'm still working on listening to Pez. Other than that, blah. Stuff happened, blah blah walks on the beach. Narration, blah blah. Stuff. Anyway, one neat thing did happen, actually. Last night she started arguing with me that I didn't like her form. I admit it, I wasn't a huge fan of chubbified Pez. At least, not next to the hotty she was, for a while. I know, I know, I'm vain. Get over it. Either way, I kept denying that I didn't like her form. Pretty stupid, since Pez c
  14. What the hell are you talking about, Fourfiction?
  15. !) ERR MA GERRD @) ERR MA GERRD #) ERR MA GERRD $) ERR MA GERRD %) ERR MA GERRD Nah, but seriously. Lurk better. Most yo shit's been answered a million and a half times.
  16. Delusions? Tulpa? Same difference, bro. Let the rage begin!
  17. I refuse. I will continue clubbing seals until December 31, 2215.
  18. I have returned from the flat lands of Kansas with an intense sunburn and a message: Unlike Denver, KC is pretty neat. Also, "Have a Schlitterrific day!" is the worst way to say goodbye I've ever seen. 3 missed sessions or so. I'm afraid I don't have much to report. I've been working on focusing on Pez, which is the problem I've been having with vocalization. She wants to talk, and does so quite easily. I don't always listen, though. One exercise she actually thought of was to put a "tattoo" on the palm of my hand. The idea is that even though I'm not focusing on it actively most of the
  19. Pffffft. You just jelly of his superior forcing method.
  20. I am INTJ with VERY strong inclinations towards thinking and introversion (100% introverted. Yeah, I'm not a people person). I have moderate intuition and fairly strong judging. It's amazing how stable that score has stayed the 5 times I've taken a typology test. Pez wants to do this as well, but not right now. Maybe tomorrow, she says.
  21. You said it. You just had to say it. Although it would be highly amusing if she had chosen the form of a PEZ dispenser.
  22. There is a difference between cancer and overzealous patriotism. Although they do both seem to happen in old people a lot...
  23. Let the long walks on the beach, BEGIN! No seriously, that's been the past 2 sessions. We walked on the beach, I told Pez about stuff, and she got a form. Mmmk, so first session after my wonderful bout of RP, I asked Pez what her form was going to be. She said she'd decide while I slept. That's was Friday night. Unfortunately, on Saturday, many things had to happen. Family visiting, photos, watching the Olympics (go women's swim team! U-S-A, U-S-A!), etc. I didn't get a chance to force until night. When I did, Pez warned me I'd be surprised. I got into wonderland facing the beach. When I
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