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  1. Hello tulpa community. I am not new to this subject, although it still interests me greatly. When I was browsing 4chan maybe about two years ago, I stumbled upon a thread explaining the concept of what a tulpa was. After chatting with a few of my friends who were already well versed in the subject, I decided that the concept might be something interesting to divulge into. However, I always really put it off because I never found enough time to sit down with my tulpa and begin forcing. However, now that I have this summer off with little to do, I figured it would be a good time to hop into this. I used to lurk around this community in 2012 and honestly I learned a lot from it. Everyone seemed to have very rich and diverse experiences with their tulpas that were both inspirational and educational. I know there is a lot of conflict between the new and old community, but from the perspective of a new member, it seems as though the old era was more worth talking on than this egotistical one. Sorry if I am stepping on any toes by saying this, but I felt like it had to be said just in case anyone wonders why I won't be partaking in any other discussions on this website other than my own thread here. I hope that my progress report can inspire people the same way ones in the past inspired me. When I first educated myself on this, I was presented with two guides, Dane's and Irish_'s. I feel as though Irish_'s concept of a wonderland is interesting and will do well to be mixed with Dane's general creation guide. So, for my process, I will be using a mix of both of their guides. I digress, so far I only have a few ideas as to how I want my tulpa to be but hopefully I can get some more ideas down on paper in the future. So far this is what I have. Her name is Memo. I don't really have a form planned out yet, so hopefully I can think of one soon. Her personality will be friendly and insightful. I am looking for companionship in having a tulpa, but also looking for a different perspective on things as I can be quite narrowminded at times. Hopefully she can be a good influence on me. I will try my best to force everyday as to not disappoint her or myself, for that matter. I will log any progress I have here so that hopefully one day in the future I can look back on this. Thank you for taking the time to read this.