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  1. I'm pretty disappointed with Imaginary Mary. Not that it's a bad show--just that the show would lose absolutely nothing without Mary.
  2. Personally, I'm a fan of Jenna Elfman, so part of me wanting to see this is the tulpa aspect, and the other part is me not having seen her for ten or fifteen years.
  3. Just saw the trailer for . Thought this needed to be shared. Also that I need to see it.
  4. Today, Fenchurch is three and a half. We've been talking less than before. I wouldn't even feel confident in saying that it's every day anymore. We definitely don't have conversations anymore. In spite of that, she's still in here, and there are times when I'm really glad of it. I haven't made any progress with imposition in a long time. I have successfully been hypnotized a few times though, even achieving eye catalepsy once. Though I'm not making as much progress there as I'd like to either. I've stopped hypnotizing other people, though I am still learning new things. If I had the conf
  5. I really like this idea. Reminds me of a few things I've read. I know there was a trilogy of novels that had a premise like this, but the name isn't coming to mind at the moment.
  6. Well, Fenchurch just took the survey and stylometric test again. Again, it looks like she's developed a writing style that's very distinct from my own. I'm not sure how much of that is context though.
  7. I have hypnotized someone to feel like she was being choked (it was a turn-on for her) and she actually did pass out from it. I don't think her airway closed, but she did stop breathing. I believe this is safe in the sense that if you pass out, you will start breathing again. That being said, be very careful doing this in situations where it would be dangerous to pass out, like driving a car.
  8. Nearly all of my relationships started online, and in my experience, dating sites don't really work. The sorts of girls you meet on dating sites (in my experience, at least) are either looking for something casual, or are somewhat desperate. But the sort of girl who replies to this sort of thing is also likely to be desperate. Desperation is unattractive to everything but desperation.
  9. Mistgod, if you do check it out, you should start with Changeling: The Dreaming. I have a hunch it's your sort of thing. Don't get confused though: there's also a line called Changeling: The Lost, which is very different. But this is an interesting thread. I look forward to reading more.
  10. If you're like me, you're the sort of person who reads this sort of thing and thinks "Well, I could do that if I wanted to, but I don't want to." Please actually do this. It only takes a few minutes, and I bet you'll be impressed. This is a simple test that I suspect will show you that your "bad visualization" is better than you think. The first spoiler tag hides a list of words. Give yourself 30 seconds to memorize them, then cover the words again, open up a text document, and write out as many as you can remember in order. When you've done that, open a new text document and write out a
  11. Median systems usually don't practice visualization or imposition. But then neither do all hosts. Tulpas can look similar to a median system, but they can also look very different.
  12. This is something I imagine that I think about more than the average teenager here. As I'm almost 31 now, children may not be far away. I've often thought about sharing Fenchurch with my children. I wonder what that would be like. In a way, she might outlive me.
  13. I believe he meant "later than late" rather than a specific time. Something like saying "29 o'clock at night".
  14. That really does sound just like a religion. I've never heard anyone say that ideas are dangerous except in a religious context.
  15. Wow, this explains so much. I have pretty much the opposite experience as you. I started with about a decade of researching tulpas, gradually moving into hypnosis. When I got to furmorphed, everyone there had this bizarre fear/hatred of tulpas that I couldn't understand. I found repeated mention of the companion files, but couldn't find a copy, or even a description of what they were. (If you're interested, you can read my post there.) Also, I've come across people with curses before, in the shadier parts on the hypnosis community, and I always thought it was a joke. I mean I'm certainly fa
  16. Fenchurch and I looked into this a bit on her 2nd birthday. She's been taking the survey and stylometric test on every birthday, so we compared 2014 Fenchurch to 2015 Fenchurch to my PR (which was longer at the time). The samples of her writing were closer to each other than to my writing, which surprised us. But maybe other samples of my writing will come up even more different. We'll find out in 30 days when we do it again.
  17. It's not exactly a book about Mistgod. Look at Don Quixote, for example. Don Quixote is clearly a book about Don Quixote, but it doesn't work if the book is just like "There was some crazy guy named Don Quixote who thought he should tilt with windmills because in his mind they were giants." The book works because we see Don Quixote through the eyes of Sancho Panza. We experience Sancho Panza's emotions about Don Quixote. We can't relate to Don Quixote, because he's such an outlandish character, but we can relate to Sancho Panza, and we get to experience Don Quixote through him. Or Harvey is
  18. I know you wrote a book about her, but I think it's the wrong book. The book I think you should be writing is a biography. Spend a chapter or so showing who you were pre-Melian, show how she came into your life, show the impact she's had on your life, the good times and the bad times, and bring it all up to the present day. Place the emphasis on the story and the emotion. Make it the next Harry Potter. I take you seriously. But your technique would never work for me. You have maladaptive daydreaming, and I have ADHD. While the two conditions have some things in common, like creativity
  19. sushi

    Chat Thread

    People who are really serious about hobo fighting breed their own hobos, because the ones you catch in the wild usually aren't up to snuff. I bought this recently. Haven't actually used it yet, mostly because I haven't really put any work into building my new computer for a month or so. I'm a little disappointed with how small the display is, but I guess the privacy and portability makes up for it.
  20. Hey, if it works for you, that's what matters. :) That's about where I'm coming from. I've been here on tulpa.info (under other accounts) for nearly three years now, and I was researching tulpas for about a decade before that. I'd really like to make some progress, and if I can make leaps forward in just a few hours of hard work, that would be ideal. Usually I recommend going to Shutterstock and collecting images that look like your tulpa in some way. Like one model might have the right eyes, while another tulpa has the right nose. Then these images can be combined like this, o
  21. I have also looked for good drawing games and been unable to find any. You'd think there would be some, but I have no idea where they might be. As for the 30 second thing, I like it because it doesn't give you time to criticize yourself. So the drawing's not perfect? So what? Half a minute more and you'll have something better. It's not like you spent three hours on it. It's not like you'll spend three hours more fixing it. It's all about moving forward.
  22. Orde, in 1997, showed that drawing ability was linked with visualization ability. (pdf) Kaufman talks about how any skill can be learned in 20 hours, but takes 10,000 hours to master So, if people who suck at drawing were to spend 20 hours learning to draw, how much would their visualization improve? This is an experiment for people who aren't good at drawing. Those of you who are good at drawing aren't going to get as much out of it. Kaufman uses this graph to illustrate how significant improvement can be shown in the first 20 hours, but improvement slows more and more after that period.
  23. For the most part, I'll second what Melian said. It has happened to many people here. Amber5885 and Griss spring immediately to mind. You might have more luck finding them by searching for "accidental tulpas" or "spontaneous tulpas" or "childhood", since it seems that many of them grew out of childhood imaginary friends. It can be difficult at times to tell tulpas apart from schizophrenia. Try taking this test. If it's not schizophrenia, I think you should be perfectly fine.
  24. I absolutely think that names affect a person's (or a tulpa's) personality. Now granted, that's not a very big difference. Although people named Dennis are almost twice as likely to become dentists as people with other names, people named Dennis (or Denise) still account for a fraction of a percent of all dentists, so it's not as big a link as people suggest, but it is still a link.
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