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  1. I don't know, Brassow. I don't think there's nearly enough Mistgod.
  2. Have you ever read The Coronation of Mr. Thomas Shap?
  3. After much thought and careful planning, I've drafted up a new design for the forums that I believe better reflects the direction the majority of the people here would like to see the community move. Here it is! I believe this would solve many of the problems that plague us today.
  4. About five pages of posts deleted because the thread got completely derailed.
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    Ask Yuki

    Three posts removed for harassment and discussion of harassment.
  6. More staff would be nice, but yeah, I don't think it will really solve anything. Old members are bored because they've completed the process to their satisfaction and answered all the newbie questions. Newbies are driven away by hostility to more friendly communities like, and just come back here for the guides. Nobody posts anything new or interesting. PETT is a step in the right direction, but I think it's only really addressing one of those three problems.
  7. If I could step down from being a mod for a minute here, I think there's a big difference between having an unpopular opinion, and seeing that over a hundred people are dead and deciding that's prime time to be an asshole on the internet. I have a good friend in France right now, and if I hadn't been talking to him at the time that I heard about the attacks, I certainly would have been a lot more pissed off about the disrespectful defacing of Brassow's thread. Just because you aren't affected by these attacks doesn't mean that none of us are. And it's telling that we're discussing this in the "Mistgod problem" thread. Maybe the Mistgod problem is that Mistgod is the only vocal member here who isn't an asshole. Mistgod, start telling people who does and does not belong here, and then make light of the deaths of dozens of innocent people. You'll fit right in.
  8. I thought it was a little disappointing that gets fewer people into it than MLP or Youtube.
  9. I actually did that with a subject. In between Alice and Betty, there was a third subject that I had a few sessions with. She said that hallucination was very difficult for her, so I tried giving her a hallucination on a screen, which worked very well. Then I suggested to her that a mirror was a screen, and that also worked very well. Then I suggested that her glasses were virtual reality glasses. She said that the things she saw looked like they would in a film. Not exactly sure what she meant by that. She said it was 3D, but still didn't look real in some way. After that, I had her believe that her glasses were magic, and that they would allow her to see anything invisible. That worked very well, except that she still couldn't see things around the lenses, only through them. Thought it was neat though that it was easier for her to believe in magic and invisibility than that she could see things that weren't there.
  10. I've been hypnotizing people since February 9th -- always with their consent, of course. There are two subjects I've found very interesting for the insights they gave me into imposition. They're also the subjects I worked with the longest. The first, we'll call Alice, I worked with from the end of April up until some point in August. The second, I'll call Betty, I've worked with from October 24th to the present. Alice has a hard time with visual hallucination. She had no trouble feeling things that weren't really there, but when I would suggest a visual hallucination to her, she wouldn't even seem to notice it. When I called her attention to it, she'd say something like "I imagined something there for a moment." Because of Alice's difficulties, I developed a new technique for her: I'd suggest she hallucinate things on screens. As long as the hallucination was on a computer screen or a TV screen, she could see it just fine. I've found this has worked well with many other subjects who have difficulty visualizing. My experiences with Alice suggest to me that visualization ability isn't really very important to imposition. We can all see things very easily in dreams, so why not in the waking state? I think the only thing holding us back is belief. In Alice's case, she had a firm view of reality: things don't just pop in and out of existence. However, on a screen, things can do just that. On a TV or a computer screen, it happens all the time. And that's why it was so easy for Alice to see things like that -- her problem wasn't a lack of visualization ability, but a conflict of belief. Betty also has a very firm view of reality, but it's a little different. Whereas Alice's views could be summed up as "Nothing real will suddenly pop into existence", Betty's views are more like "Only crazy people hallucinate." Now you might think that would make it even harder for Betty to hallucinate, but it's actually exactly the opposite. Any time that I suggest that she sees something, she believes it completely down to the deepest level of her mind, because she knows she's not crazy, and therefore everything she can see is real. To be perfectly accurate, I don't think there are such things as a "conscious mind" and an "unconscious mind". However, they're easy terms to use to describe hypnotic phenomena, so I'm going to use them here. With most subjects, when you suggest a hallucination to them, their conscious mind believes in it, but their unconscious mind does not. If you suggest to them that a bottle of ink is a stain remover, and tell them to pour it all over their favorite sweater, they'll come up with excuses for why they shouldn't do it: "Oh, the sweater isn't that stained", or "I'm not sure if this product is so good for this material", or "I'm too tired to do that now". If you keep insisting, they'll eventually come out of trance very angry at you. That's because although to their conscious mind, it's a bottle of stain remover, their unconscious mind still knows what it really is, and is trying to keep them from doing something they'll regret. With Betty, even her unconscious mind believes fully in the hallucination. I have to be very careful what I suggest to her, because it will become her reality. I'm not playing with anything as dangerous, but anything can be dangerous in the wrong context -- what happens when a hypnotic subject sees a hallucination of a child in the road when they're driving? They might very well swerve to miss the child and drive off the road killing themselves and others. Betty was interested in having a tulpa at one point. She has since changed her mind, which is a relief to me, as I was worried that believing in the tulpa might in some way be harmful to her. She might talk out loud to her tulpa in public and convince all of her friends and family that she's crazy, which I certainly don't want to see. She's not crazy, she's gifted -- but of course the average person isn't going to see that. Anyway, I think that hypnotic hallucination can give us a lot of insight into imposition. As an example, I've seen a question asked here before: can a host see a photograph of an imposed tulpa? Thanks to Betty, I believe that I have an answer: yes, but it requires additional work. I've had Betty take pictures of her hallucinations, and she definitely does not see the hallucination in the picture, which is very upsetting to her because it shows her that she's hallucinating, which makes her think that she's crazy. However, I can suggest that she does see the hallucination in the picture, and then she sees it just fine, and it doesn't upset her at all. It also seems that an imposed fire will make you feel warmer (though I'm sure you can still freeze to death in front of it) and an imposed light will light up a dark room (provided that the room is familiar to you). Maybe soon I'll have answers to a few other imposition puzzlers.
  11. Here it is. There have been similar projects proposed in the past, but I believe this is the only one we saw software for.
  12. According to the ancient Tibetans, a tulpa was a being created and made objectively real through mental or psychic powers. When I first came here, I had only read about the Tibetan practices, and I thought of imposition as the only requirement for a tulpa. That's not how any of us use the term these days though. A tulpa is created and autonomous. Melian is not a tulpa, because she is neither. I have a number of characters in my writing who are created, but not autonomous. For contrast, the Fall Family has several members who are autonomous but not created. I think I would exclude any thoughtform that the host has no memory of consciously creating -- I would exclude them from my definition, but not the site. I don't think that should be only about tulpas. But here's a question for you: can someone other than the host create a tulpa? Specifically, someone recently asked me if I could hypnotize her to have a tulpa, and I think I could. But would it really be a tulpa?
  13. As I recall, he said that he had lost the source, but the program itself is still around somewhere, maybe in guide submissions?
  14. I believe he's still quite active on
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    Chat Thread

    Never tried actual ghost peppers, but Wikipedia says they're over a million SHU. I think the hottest thing I've ever tried was about a fourth or a fifth of that. One of the Blair's sauces, I believe -- either that, or Dave's Insanity. This guy brought his sauce into work one day, and I brought mine, and we all tried a little of both on chicken wings. One of the other guys ran to the back of the store, crawled under the sink, and cried. I like to think that my response to ghost peppers would be a little more dignified, but I can't be sure.
  16. So for everyone wondering where the mods are, I'm here. I view every reported post, and take some action in every case, except in the instances where another mod gets there first. I do not read anywhere near every post on this forum, so if a rule is being broken, I'm relying on people like you to notify me of it. As far as I can see though, the "Mistgod Problem" is that nobody but Mistgod is really posting. He's our top poster every single day, he's encouraging discussion, and if not for him, the forum would be pretty much dead. Do I want to ban him for being the only one who dares to post? No. People have other issues with Mistgod. The drama, the attention-seeking, the non-tulpa thoughtform. Ok, fine. That's all true. He's even been banned in the past for it. But we're developing quite a reputation for being the least welcoming tulpa community on the internet, and that's a bigger concern to me.
  17. I'm behind on the podcasts. Using tonight to catch up a bit. Interesting to hear from glitchthe3rd. Like you, jean-luc, his PR was one of the first things I read here.
  18. Yeah, several people that I used to talk to have vanished without a trace in recent weeks. I can only really speak for myself. I met a girl. I haven't given up on Fenchurch or on this forum. I'm still here every day. But most of my attention is somewhere else right now.
  19. This represents virtually all the information I have.
  20. Try Drop Dead Fred and Harvey. I think you'll like them. Also, look into the roleplaying game Changeling: The Dreaming. (Not Changeling: The Lost -- that's a completely different game.)
  21. Off topic posts deleted. Q&A is meant to remain on topic. If you want to discuss Mistgod's attention seeking, I believe he's created several threads specifically for that purpose.
  22. Well that's a shame. You should tell her to read Jung. Or look into subselves. Or the Hearing Voices Movement. Honestly, I think a mental health professional reacting in this way just shows ignorance. I'd expect it from friends or family, but she should know better.
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    Mass Leaving Thread

    Kiahdaj has retired from staff. Linkzelda is still around, I think, but posting much less frequently than before.